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Do You Have a Weight Loss Goal?

We haven't talked about our goals for a long time, so I thought it would be good to go back and see where we are all at.  Some of us have been around for a long time, some are newer and it's always nice to "update" our information and reestablish our goals.

I'm curious as to whether or not everyone HAS a weight loss goal (i.e. what weight are you striving for?); and do you have a specific date by which you would like to reach this goal?  What are you doing to achieve your goal?  Do you find yourself sabotaging your weight loss efforts?  Do you have medical issues that may hinder or prevent you from reaching your goal?  You aren't limited to answering these questions...........

Since I asked all the questions, I'll go first:  I'll answer my last question first, so you'll know where I'm coming from here.  I had always maintained a weight between 100 - 115 (even pregnant), and all of a sudden in early 2008 (age 59), I gained about 30 pounds within a period of 3 months -- wow, was that a shocker for me!!!  I had a lot of other symptoms as well, that over the years, my doctors had put down to getting older and/or being menopausal, since I had a hysterectomy at age 46.  

I had even joined Curves in an effort to get rid of the weight and I only kept gaining.

At that time, I was visiting my doctor's office every couple of weeks anyway for vitamin B12 shots (pernicious anemia), so I talked to the nurse and she suggested that I make an appointment to get my thyroid tested, so I did.  At first, my symptoms were blown off, once again, as age and/or menopause.  I pointed out that I wasn't THAT old and that I know menopause doesn't last for 13 yrs...........lol    I was finally allowed to get the necessary blood tests and of course, they came back showing that I had extreme hypothyroidism, which really slows the metabolism and causes weight gain, plus it had my resting heart rate down in the mid 30 bpm, as well as other things.  I was put on thyroid replacement hormones and as I began feeling better, I just knew that 30 pounds was going to fall right off.  It's a long story that isn't relative here, but that goes in "spurts" and I still struggle with symptoms, specifically fatigue, weight issues, muscle/joint issues.  I have a sister who is also hypothyroid and SHE lost all her weight within a few weeks (of course, she was over medicated for a while too....lol), so you can imagine my disappointment when my weight didn't budge!!  

I think I can safely say I have lost and gained the same 5-10 pounds at least monthly, for the past 2 yrs.  While my weight is no longer going up (not higher than my high of 150), I haven't been able to make it go down for any length of time either.

So, as of this morning, my weight was 146.2 and I've no doubt that if I stepped on the scale now, it would be close to 150, just because of my day's eating/activities (or lack of), fluid retention, etc.

My ultimate goal is 115 pounds, so you can see I have a long way to go.  I would like to get there by New Year's, but that might be a bit ambitious, since I've had a hard time committing to a specific plan.  

About the only thing I'm doing consistently right now, is trying to eat well; however, all too often, I end up running through the fast food drive through between destinations, which is pretty much a "no no" for weight loss.  I have figured out that there are some places to go, at which I can get by without a lot of high fat food but one can't live on Wendy's small chili and side salad........  lol           I do try to make breakfast my main meal of the day and the evening meal, the lightest........

My exercise is very sporadic.  I have a treadmill and health rider (now being used as a clothes rack), along with Wii Fit and Wii Fit Plus, exercise dvd's, etc and I simply don't use them.  My day starts at 3:30 am and by the time I get home from work around 3:00 pm, I'm tired and there's always a ton of other things to do, such as house cleaning, laundry, etc; and weekends are taken up with making the trip to care for my elderly aunt, mowing lawn, and doing other things I don't do during the week.  

I do feel fortunate that I have managed to stay within a "range" and not keep going higher. I find myself resolving to get back into the routine of exercising and healthy eating; then I find myself coming home from work and sitting down in front of the computer; once I do that, I'm done!!  I also find it hard to keep up an exercise routine when my husband is home/in the house.  He always wants to visit with me and is easily offended if I don't stop what I'm doing to talk to him, yet, he "says" he understands my need for that 30 minutes of exercise.  I resent his not leaving me alone for 30 minutes to get through an exercise routine and it's easier to just not try to exercise than it is to have to deal with the "attitude".  

I know I'm sabotaging my efforts by eating fast food, not exercising, etc and my reasons for doing so are not  acceptable.  The only "valid" reason I have for not losing weight, is when my thyroid levels got off and my metabolism slows down to nothing.

I'm trying to find that one "motivator" that will get me going and keep me going, no matter what comes up, including keeping up with posts here on WL&D or the other forums I belong to on MH.  This can be an addiction, I think.............lol

My goal:  115 pounds - 31 pound loss by New Year's Day 2011...............

Okay - now it's your turn.  What's your goal (weight and time frame)? What are you doing to achieve it?  What keeps you from achieving it? How will you overcome the stumbling blocks?  Do you sabotage your own efforts, and if so, why do you think you do it?  Is emotional eating an issue for you? Medical issues that may be valid (thyroid, PCOS, insulin resistance, etc).  

I'll gladly accept suggestions to get around my own stumbling block....which is me..............

Remember: there are no failures, only set backs....

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i started my weight loss july 09. i weighed 311 lbs. i wanted to get to 250 by xmas 09. but i fell short and off track and weighed 285 at xmas. not bad. then i started spending time with a girl and everything was off. i still lost 20 lbs and got to 262. may 15th i moved and started another goal of hitting 220 by my bday - Sept 21st. im at 221 right now and have 8 days to weigh under there and stay at it. my next goal is going to hit 211 by october 24th. that would make a 100 lbs in 15 months. after that i dont know what it will be due to that im going to start some strong weight training. i would really like to see the scale under 200 tho.
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Wow, you have done an awesome job.  Have you been doing something special to achieve your goal?  
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My ultimate goal is 110-120. Im curently 149. Started at 163. Took a week off from my diet plan for school. Back to the gym tomorrow though!
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well when i worked out the first time i had goten down to about 125 from 138 which is HUGE for me i was always 100-105 in my teens and early 20s! I stopped working out for about 8 months which just sky rocketed me right bk to that 138 i hit the gym again in April i lost 10 inches overall in the first 6 wks! the poundage howevever this time has been slow and painful the eating has KILLED me!! im down now to 129 so eh about 8-9 lbs from what i was weighing at the start! Im bk at work so thats helping but hindering me im active so im not gaining but i am struggling with gym time and with being bloated which happens when im not doing alot of exercise! im just hoping to making it bk to around 124-125 and i will bk happy! my clothes however do fit so thats making it easier i love fitting bk in my size 3s & 5s i was a 9 when i started!Sabotaging yes i am AWFUL i am addicted to fast food and some of work hasnt help they have like no diet drinks in the bk i have got to get my 12 pks again and take them so i can get bk on track!
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goku - you always did a good job of losing. Are you eating well, on top of exercising?  

That fast food will get you eventually.  That's part of my problem - running through the drive through for lunch because I don't have time to stop and get a proper meal.  I stocked my fridge yesterday with good lettuce, tomatoes, sweet peppers, cuke, etc and I plan to boil some eggs today; I'll put together a salad tonight before I go to bed and it will be ready to grab and go in the morning.  I don't drink much in the way of sodas, so that's not an issue for me.

Best of luck to you.  Keep working at it and keep posting.

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my eating is HORRIBLE!! i hate veggies and im addicted to fast food AND we only get 30 mins to eat at work!! i already got my Powerade Zero but i need try not to eat any fast food this week its super hard! i can usually do good and not have fried food and eat chicken no sweets and no regular soda but i have been awful lately i need work on that! Candy is making me sick so i dont want anymore i ate some on my break once and i felt lethargic afterwards i was dragging butt so NO MORE! i got fruit snacks the next time! but seriously food wise i need to plan better and get bk on track!
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I am new here. I started at 153.6 after a 20 lb weight gain over a four year period.  I had gained and lost and finally, over the past year gained 13 lbs and that has all gone to my waist.  At 52, I suppose that is to be expected, but my waist, when I am not sucking it in is pretty hefty at about 39". I have high blood pressure and cholesterol.  My cloths do not fit.  I had to get an entirely new wardrobe for the fall.

I am committing myself to losing this weight, even if it is not to the "recommended" 117.

So SW 153.6
GW 117
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Oh BTW, I also have PCOS
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Are you being treated for your PCOS?  

I know they say we "automatically" gain weight as we age; however, I can't go along with that.

Are you doing anything special at this point to lose the weight?  If so, what?  

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I was the Director of Chaper Relations for the Polycistic Ovarian Syndrome Associate and was a member of the Bd. of Directors.  

While we clearly do not "automatically" gain weight, not only do we have a propensity to gain weight, but the various factors, including the insulin resistance, make it more difficult to lose weight.  Diet and exercise are the only solutions; however, metformin can also help to some extent.  Studies have also been done that show that women with PCOS can be eating less than a women a normal metabolisim and still gain weight.  The fact is that we need to eat less than the normal person and get exercise. Carbohydrates also need to be controlled to some extent and the bulk of them should come from veggies, some fruit (not too much as it tends to spike glucose and insulin levels) and some whole grains. Carbs should be combined with a fat, a protein or both to slow their effect on the glucose and insuling response.

Currently, I am keeping calories low and trying to get exercise.  The aerobic component of that has been a problem because I keep getting shin splints.  I am going away for a week and things will be pretty fast paced, so there will be no time for exercise.  There will be at least one day of heavy duty walking :).  I have also worked with a dietician who is an expert in PCOS nutrition and diet.

Thanks for asking!
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There are quite a few of us here who have various medical issues that cause weight gain and/or inability to lose.  In my case, it's the Hashimoto's/hypothyroidism and I'm not so sure there isn't a bit of insulin resistance there too, but my latest A1c came back "high normal", so I couldn't get my doctor to look at the blood sugar readings I kept, which showed that my fasting blood sugar was over 100 many mornings.  

Yes, most of us are aware of the things you mentioned that we need to do in order to lose weight; however, those things are often easier said than done, which is why we have so much trouble getting the weight off.  

In my case, the exercise is the hardest because my day starts at 3:30 am when I have to get ready for work and by the time my work day is done, I'm too tired to do much of anything.

It sounds like you pretty much have your plan down pat; I wish you the best of luck.

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Hi, I am new here and this is actually my first post. I was always around 110-115 in high school, and ate whatever i wanted, i was very active, in the color guard and my dad was a marine and had to keep in shape for PT so i would go running with him every morning also. after graduating i gradually gained weight over the years, then having 2 kids along the way just made things worse. i'm at an all time high of 242.5 that was as of Friday, i got tired of spending my 20's as a fat person, but more importantly i'm worried about health issues from my heavy weight. so i went to a weight loss clinic and now i'm down to 236 as of yesterday. my goal is to get down between 130-140 over the next year or 2. i have been eating a lot healthier, no fast food (my addiction), no soda (very big addiction) and no sweets and my only carbs i eat are the healthy ones. i have been trying to get more exercise in during my day, but i start my day around 5:30 and when i get home i have a 4 year old and a 4 month old baby so i'm pretty busy once i get home too.
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