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Don't Be Shy To Introduce Yourself!

Hi! I'm Ranae and I am afforded the unique privilege of being the Community Leader (CL) here in the Weight Loss & Dieting Community.  We’re thrilled to have you here and hope you will tell us a little bit about yourself and let the group members welcome you.

To date, I’ve lost 154 pounds and am still working toward achieving my ultimate weight loss goal.  Soon I will be half of the person I was.  There is nothing magical about my success and it can be your success as well.  It just takes a new “can do” attitude, staying involved in the group through good days and bad (we all have them), forgiving yourself, holding yourself accountable through the trackers .. oh … and eating healthier and moving (exercise).  I lovingly refer to them as “Baby steps” … making small changes that you can keep for a lifetime … and then making a few more.  

I love MedHelp and all the information that is shared in this friendly and supportive atmosphere.  We host periodic challenges to help us stay motivated and set achievable small goals and I am blessed to help pay it forward in honor of those who have helped me.

Personally, I was raised on a farm, love horses, and am the oldest of three children (now two, my brother died 12 years ago). I am fairly resourceful and have found you can do and learn whatever you allow your mind to think and your hands to try. I sew, can food, make candles, macrame (that dates me .. lol), garden, exercise, constantly look for new food items that fit my healthy eating plan, like to cook, do accounting, write (novice), love music and theater, play the piano and the french horn, remodel, build, do electrical work, scrapbooking and other crafts.  

OK .. your turn ... next???? Many hugs and sunshine wishes always .. Ranae
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Hi!  I am Skailark and been a member of Medhelp for a while.
Have bunch of wonderful friends here and i love this community!

I have struggled with my weight loss issues in the past and have fought my way up
to a healthy lifestyle.

Am deeply passionate about helping others and see them succeed in their own
weight loss journeys.  Like to provide motivation and support and a hug or two
along the way  in the community : )

I participate in weightloss challenges and can be your cheerleader if you let me!

I love sports and love cricket! Love wildlife and my computer.  You keep me away from my PC and I will have withdrawal! lol...

People usually like me and I think you wouldn’t have any problems getting know me...
I don’t write much and guess you lot are lucky to hear this much.yikes!

Tell me about yourself and why you are here...Promise I will keep it a secret between the both of us..LOL!
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I am still unfamiliar with how to communicate with people around here, but I am going to introduce myself by making a comment on another introduction.  I recently joined Medhelp by accident while doing some research for a paper.  I happened across the site and liked the idea of the trackers.  So...on that note, I thought I oughta give it a full out try to see if I gain regain some sense of self in my life!  

I have two beautiful boys ages 3 and 4 (soon to be 4 and 5) and am married.  However, I live mostly the life of a single mom as my husband spends 8 months of the year away (now in Africa :( ).  

I am a full time student about to complete a five year Bac. Degree in social work and thought I should start practicing what I preach and apply it to my weight loss goals...here to take advantage of whatever support I can muster!  I have always been somewhat overweight or briefly an ideal weight but have ballooned to an excess 70lbs since the birth of my first son.  Since it is nearly five years after the fact...it's time to start doing something about it.

In realization that I am apparently 75lbs overweight, this seems an enormous task to undertake with such limited time.  I did however start doing something today.  I walked to a friends house (one hour's walk).  Gotta start somewhere right??!  I'm kind of excited to watch the tracker now!  Weigh in day is Tuesdays for me.

Aside from weight loss goals, I have many interests that have fallen to the wayside since I've had the kids and been back in school.  I hope to take up many of them again once my degree is complete!  Some of them are; playing guitar (since I was 12), reading (recreationally and not journal articles for research), anything creative (i.e. decorating my house), gardening, decorating cakes, I love cats, warm fall days and kind people!

So....give me a hand folks...I need the cheer leading team....really bad!  I recognize that my former weight loss has been by accident so apparently only extrinsic motivation works well for me! ha ha.  Oh, I am in St. John's Newfoundland for anyone who wants to join me on a hike sometime, and I will be moving to Cornerbrook by the end of the summer or perhaps at the beginning!

Good luck to you all in your goals whatever they are,
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Hey! welocme to the community! Sure you will find all the support and motivation you need here. We post motivational stuffs , exercsies and other weight related issues here.So feel free to ask any questions and we will be more than happy to answer them for you! And wow! Great job on the walk! That's a great way to start your journey!
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Hi!  I'm Trudie and have been a member of Med Help since April of this year when I was diagnosed with ovarian cysts.  I am now the co-community leader of the ovarian cyst forum.  I live in a small town about an hour southwest of Toronto in Canada.

I am the oldest of 7 children but only had one child myself due to ectopic pregnancy issues.  He is now almost 23 and living on his own.  I suffered from ulcerative colitis for 10 years and then had surgery to remove my colon and then to create a J-Pouch.  This cured me and gave me back my life.  All the steroids did play havoc with my metabolism and weight.  I am hypothyroid and that has also affected my weight.  Feels very strange after being under weight and sick and not being able to put on weight for so many years before.

I am in a very happy 2nd marriage and enjoy renovating our old house with my husband.  I used to be an accountant but made a move to what my friends call "the dark side" and got involved in sales of software to large companies across North America.  I live on my computer.  

Cooking is my passion and I enjoy finding healthy but very tasty recipes that help me to feel like I'm not losing out during my weight loss.  I've managed to eliminate all processed foods from our diet and enjoy making things from scratch.  With my husband we can many foods each fall.  I am a TV junky (but trying to break that habit so I will exercise more), do stained glass, and scrapbook.  I have two cats and a blond golden retreiver.

I've lost 18 pounds since the beginning of June and need to put another push on another 30 to get to my target of 150.  I look forward to your support and to supporting you in your efforts.
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Ranaesheart - Thanks for supporting us and sharing your personal experinces in your weight loss journey with us! You are such an inspiration to all of us!

Angiemca - Welocme to the community! I am sure you are going to get addicted to this community! And welldone on the 1hr walk! way to go!

Trudie C - You are such an asset to this community! At times of hardship you have shown immense courage! You are a remarkable woman!
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Hi, I'm Barb.

I joined this community just a couple of weeks ago in order to get ideas and support for losing approx 30 pounds that I put on due to thyroid problem - only it took over a year for drs to believe that there was really something wrong because I quit smoking shortly after I began gaining so they all thought that's why I was gaining.  Finally in June 08, I got the diagnosis of hypothyroidism and am currently on med for that.  I have also been on shots for vitamin B12 deficiency since Aug 07.

I was raised on a farm in SD, married with 2 grown children and 3 grandchildren.  My husband and I currently live in FL and I work in the field of potable water quality.  I
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hi i am new in this community i started my new journey to loose weight in 1 november but i have difficult problem i feel very hungry at night inspie of being on my diet plan all the day .what can i do?i decided to lose weight 4 month ago and i list 10 kg only but this is without exercise and i was interrupting my plan alo please be with me and tell me how can i go on without feeling depressed and i started little exercise yesteday i wish i could continue
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Hi, I've been a member of MedHelp for 2yrs .. the day I was told I had a thyroid nodule that was found on a routine physical ... then an ultrasound, biopsy, and 9 week wait for surgery .. during which time I don't know what I would have done w/o my friends on MedHelp's Thyroid community.  Today I help others and have gained some weight now that I'm on Synthroid for two reasons .. Had a partial thryoidectomy and the other side stopped working so there is no choice and also because they found 2 very small papillary microcarcinomas so the med supresses any future cancer activity.

Thus, I have added quite a few pounds since the Synthroid regime and I'm honored to be a member of this WL&D community and continue to help others as co-community leader of the thyroid community.

Together .. we WILL make a difference!

I'm a mom raising 4 kids ages 17, 15, 11 and almost 10 ... it's busy here, but never too busy to stop by WL&D to find the encouragement I need to keep my weight loss on track!

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Hi, I've only been a member of MedHelp for a few weeks, but already I look forward every day to the encouragement I receive here. I've struggled with my weight since before I was born (I've been gaining steadily since then!!!).

In July of 06 after the 4th scope of my left knee (I've since had my 5th scope), when the doc turned me loose from physical therapy and I was no where near rehabilitated, I knew it was because I appeared to be a middle-aged, over-weight woman and why waste any more insurance $$$ on me? I left the appointment that day and started walking and walked the next and the next.

Before I knew it, I was losing weight. Then, I started eating healthier and caring more about my overall health. I live near Green Bay, WI, and knew I wasn't going to be able to walk outdoors year-round and I asked God one day on my walk along the Lake Michigan shoreline what I was going to do when it was too icy to walk safely outdoors. I felt certain I was not to worry. Sure enough, by the time I was no longer able to walk outside, I had landed a job at the YMCA as a fitness instructor (in Dec. of 06). I was hired to teach step aerobics, but was forced to quit after about 6 months because of my knee. I then began teaching seniors - I had found my nitch!!! But, this past Sept., I had to quit that, too because of my main job.

Eventually, I lost 70 lbs., but last Dec./Jan., I began gaining weight again. At one point I had gained 31 lbs back. Now, it's about 22 lbs.

I find I need the help and support that the good people of MH are willing to offer. Also, the trackers are great. They are helping me.
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Hi, my name is Julie

I am a mother of two, 10yrs and 4yrs. Married to my sweetheart for 11yrs now.

I am a nurse, work in pain management.

I had gastric bypass surgery six years ago and had lost 125lbs. Last November I was dx with hypothyroidism and gained twenty back.  It has been a constant battle for a year now with my weight. I was so fixated on numbers for such a long time, till about four months ago when I realized that I was so chemically imbalanced that it needed to be addressed first (multiple vitamin deficent, hypothyroidism,thyroiditis,malabsorbtion problems) So now I am on a journey to change my attitude about eating and weight

I joined the community just a few months ago and have found such wonderful supportive people. It often is my first stop of the day.
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So very glad you stumbled upon MedHelp in your research .. sooooo glad you are here ... perhaps not by accident?  ;)  The trackers here are wonderful and MedHelp constantly makes and enhances our tools to assist us on our journey to health and fitness.  They are in the process of making some new weight loss tools and a food journal!!!

Sorry your husband is away, know that can be especially difficult with two small children and going to school.  You can find friendship and support here .. and ((Hugs)) along the way.

Congratulations on your school; five years is an amazing commitment to you and your family.  Losing weight and becoming healthy is a similar commitment.  If you look at it in the same manner, it will help you realize it's not overwhelming.  Just like you read a chapter or two in your studies .. that's how you lose weight .. target 1-2 pounds ... reach that and then target 1-2 more.  Do this only after you've accomplished the first 1-2 pounds.  

Can you imagine if we approached our studies in the same way as we sometimes think of weight loss?  What if we looked at all the books you've read in your 5 years of schooling and had them stacked in front of you.  Do you suppose it would seem overwhelming?  

We get to our goals by baby steps.  And, by the way, your walk more than qualifies for a wonderful effort!  You've made many, actually .. signing up for MedHelp, making a post, implementing tools, introducing yourself.  Way to go!!!!

Hope you'll check in here regularly and please let us know how the weigh-ins go; we're here to support you.  The members here are quite knowledgeable and willing to share ... ask any questions you'd like.  We'll also be having another challenge starting soon, which keeps us targeted and moving forward .. would love to have you join us.

Thanks for introducing yourself and welcome aboard!!!  ((Hugs)) Ranae
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Thank you sincerely for posting .. have to run to work but will respond upon my return .. have a lovely day ..
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