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Don't Be a Ghost .. Shout Out if You're Here!

Come out of the shadows and let's share where we are.  How's it going?  Need help?  Having successes?  Let's share, answer some questions and build this team spirit!  It's just as important to stay engaged between challenges and you may start thinking about anything special you'd like to see in the upcoming ones?

MedHelp is developing a food journal for us and some new tools .. are you excited????  Polls are coming that will allow any of us to ask questions in "poll" fashion!  It's going to be fun and educational!

Question of the Day .. Do you gain weight if you eat after a certain time in the evening?  Should you avoid eating late in the evening?  

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The way I figure it, you can only gain weight if you take in the excess calories, whether it's first thing in the morning or late at night.  Sure, I think you are more likely to burn 'em off if you eat earlier in the day, but I think conservation of matter holds up no matter what time it is!

Glad to hear MedHelp is going to roll out even more tools for us.  I think they are helpful.  I'm not a calorie counter, but I'll be sure to keep an eye out and an open mind.

I still need to work on balancing my portions/exercise when I'm not feeling well enough to work out optimally.  I may resume step counting (which I did earlier this summer for awhile) to make sure I am getting enough activity in...

I also got some inexpensive resistance bands that I can use even on the couch, and am thinking of starting up daily stomach crunches.  

Happy Mid Week, Everyone!
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I am doing well.  This past week I am seeing my weight come down a little more each day and I am so happy that I am now entrenched in the 170's and out of the 180's.  I am not hungry and some days am finding it hard to get to 1200 calories.  I do need to increase my exercise levels.  

I weigh myself first thing in the morning in my birthday suit so I have a common comparison.  I try to ensure I am done dinner by 7:00 in the evening and the only snack I will allow myself is a small container of yogurt or a handful of popcorn after that.  I know that our bodies digest the food the same no matter when we eat, but I don't want the timing to impact my morning weigh in so I prefer to not eat late.

Nice seeing some new people joining.  Let's all support each other!
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I work all kinds of different shifts , so sometimes my supper is at 5 am in the morning :) but then 2 days from then it could be at 5pm...and it doesn't seem to make any difference in the long run to my weightloss.  
Having a food journal on here would be excellent!!
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Although I've managed to drop a pound, I have not achieved my exercise goals.  I have been pretty bummed out because of the death of a good friend and just can't get motivated.  My goal was to work out for 1 hour/day and walk the dogs for at least 20 min/day and was hoping to lose a couple of pounds.  I have managed to walk the dogs for the 20 min (some days more) and have tried to be active at work but have not done my daily workouts.  I've done my best to eat right, so that probably why the loss of the pound.  Hoping to get motivated again real soon.  

I don't know that you would gain weight if you eat after a certain time, but I weigh myself in the morning so no need to take chances.  In addition, I suffer from extreme acid reflux and am not supposed to eat anything within 2-3 hours before going to bed, so rarely eat much after 5:30 pm.  
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I agree with what others have said: balance calories in with calories burned IN THEORY. BUT, if I eat late at night (after dinner time), I DO seem to weigh heavier. Especially if I do this consistently. If I am going to have dessert, I find that the best time to do it is right after dinner, so there is still time to take a walk. Plus, by having it right away I'm not obsessing about it and am usually satisfied with a very small portion.

Last week, I lost 4 lbs, but my goal is 1-2 lbs/week. I was happy, of course, but expect that I will maintain this week.
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All really great resources to look forward to!

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Boo .. still here!
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Still hanging in there. I have noticed that I had a weight loss, but I have not been as active as I usually am due to my tendon? ankle injury earlier this week.

I weight myself first thing in the am before I do anything.

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Hey Red! Hope you are recovering well and cant get to see you hopping around! You are doing wonderfully well with your weight loss.So proud of you!
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Ahhh!  You keep scaring me!!!  I wish you'd scare my butt off!  
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Thanks for the well wishes. Hope to be back to "normal" (or as normal as I get) soon.
: P
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Skailark is here! Who else is on and ready to rock?
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