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Dream Believe Achieve Challenge 2009

Bring On The New Year! It's Going To Be A Fantastic 2009 for All of us thanks to the
Year Long Weight loss Challenge at MedHelp! Fun, Friendship, Learning and Support are hallmarks of our weight loss community so let's rally together to make the year ahead a memorable one!

Let me remind you that losing weight is no walk in the park; yes there will be difficult times but you are not going to be alone in this venture.  It's going to be a team effort where you will find courage and hope even when are ready to give up. This community will be here to uphold you and we’ll share laughter and tears along the way.  

Realizing your dreams is always a magical moment and a wonderful fulfillment when you reach first one goal and then another.  We want you to be a part of our community success, so join us and let's fight and win the battles together.

At MedHelp we realize the importance of team work and that's why we’ll be hosting a variety of events throughout the year .. and these are some of the things you can look forward to in the new year.

Motivational Mondays
Success Stories
Sunday Weigh-ins
Live Chats
Special Events
Health Pages
And More!

We've prepared some Challenge Information located at http://www.medhelp.org/health_pages/Weight-Loss/Dream-Believe-Achieve-Challenge-Information/show/543?cid=129 that will hopefully answer most of the questions you have.  It will also provide you with some instructions regarding communication, live chats, trackers, weight loss & nutrition myths, etc.  If you have any additional questions, please start a post in the community and we'll be glad to provide you with further information.

We want to hear from you and keep you engaged .. whether you’re succeeding or
failing .. as this community can help you overcome the obstacles and lose weight in a
healthy and successful manner.  It is not done overnight; it takes time.  So .. shout out either way .. with success and with struggles .. and together we’ll do this together!

This year we will see who wins the battle and I can promise, there will be no half measures!

Sign up below .. and let us welcome you!
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I'm definitely struggling, but I will be along with you for 2009.  I'm the eternal optimist and I know it's just gotta get better!!  Happy New Year to all.  
193609 tn?1292183893
I have lost 25 pounds in 6 months, and wanna hit it that much harder in 2009! I am with ya!
390388 tn?1279639813
I am usually the silent reader that keeps to herself.  A little shy sometimes sort of and other times out spoken.  LOL  My husband and I have made a pack to work out together this year.  He has many health issues and with me I think it is thyroid related and possible Fibro (pain) issues.  I one of us happens to fail I'm hoping that the other one will stay strong until the other is ready to step back up to the plate.  If that makes any since.  LOL

Two years ago I took phentermine (spell check) and within 3 months lost 50 pounds.  I was tickled pink. ;-)   Within 6 months I gained it all back.  :-(  I was so very down.....
....This year I'm not even going to try to loose pounds.  If I can just turn the fat into muscle and go down a size or two I will be happy.  

Best wishes to everyone on whatever their goal may be in putting one step in front of the other threw out the many new years to come.  
Jan. 1st is great for setting new goals; but, I've found that sometimes it's easier to make a new goal every couple of weeks instead due to some health issues.   It also helps with getting too down on yourself when walking upstairs is hard.

I decided this year I'm going to get the big boots out though to give my self a good kick in the rear every time I slack.  LOL  

Thanks for the invite....Amy.
483733 tn?1326802046
I will be along for the ride!  I've lost 17 pounds over the last 6 months and am determined to lose another 25 by healthy eating and exercise.  Thank you to everyone here for your friendship and support!
566175 tn?1278434072
Hi!  I have gained so much weight this year ~ and have been actively trying to get preggers but not successful yet.  (I have stopped exercising much, and taking all these fertility meds have caused me to blow up like a balloon.)  After the first of the year I hope to start excercising more and hopefully lose 15 pounds or so.  Hopefully i will find some motivation from this site.  I hear losing weight works wonders for fertility.
362249 tn?1441318618
I am here and on board!! im struggling too but the weight has started to shed and my body is really look great!!
35mom...-I am in the same boat i was on the fertility forum and was forced to stop TTC when i got some bad test results so i stopped trying and started exercising and i feel lots better!! i was taking fertility vitamins vitex,damiana,and siberian ginseng all to no avail of course but i sure gained an extra 10 lbs in one year trying so now im trying to get that weight off!! GL 2 U! U can do it!!
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I'm in...Challenge Time!  ; )  
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Ranae, glad to see that you are back. You can count me in though I'm getting a bit frustrated because I am not doing so well with my weight loss.  Just can't seem to lose anymore. I have been stuck at the a182 mark go quite some time. I have tried counting calories, different diets, excecise and who knows what else I'll be trying.                                                                                                                                                                                  
168348 tn?1379360675
I'm in ... didn't gain, but the little I lost I gained back .. so I'm in for 2009!
579258 tn?1250652943
Barb - Love your eternal optimist attitude and team spirit!  You've been a strong community supporter and we appreciate another year with you!

Cheyenne - Very well done and many congratulations; we look forward to your tips and participation.

Me967 - What a thrill it was to see you post and have you join us!!!  Many here are struggling with other health issues that make our progress a little slower than normal, but it CAN be done and we'll all work together in 2009.  Glad to see your determination and we alternate between swift kicks and many hugs .. ;)  (Sometimes it takes both.)

Trudie - You're a steadfast teammate and this is the year we will both realize our goal weights .. your friendship and support has been most helpful and your advice sound.  What a calm and knowledgeable voice you are.

35MomofBoys - Welcome; it is a pleasure and honor to have you join us!  I, too, stopped exercising and it is going to be a top priority for me this year.  Perhaps we can help monitor or exercise trackers.  Losing weight can definitely help with higher chances of getting pregnant .. so perhaps your year will end with a new life .. for you and a new little one.  A friend of mine in Washington did this last year and is due to deliver soon.

gokuangel - You are one of the cheerleaders here and am so pleased you are seeing the physical changes that come with weight loss.  We looking forward to your participation again this year.

lucinda - Welcome and thank you for joining us!!!  It is with great anticipation that we enter 2009 ... another year of fun, friendship and weight loss.  May even try a 5K with you .. if you think you can teach me.

bet - Plateaus are absolutely no fun and I'm willing to work with you to decipher why you are remaining at the same weight and how to get past it.  Lucinda is another one who can help in that area as I've seen her do this with great success.  If we need to look at each thing you eat and each activity, I pledge to do so ... you can get beyond that point.  Thanks for hanging in there .. and I know the other members of the community will help and support you as well.

ChitChat - 2009 is going to be our banner year and we look forward to your continued involvement and spirit!  

Look, everyone, you all make up a wonderful community of friends who are interested in healthier living and supporting each other.  Your participation and willingness to share your own struggles and help others is what makes us strong and gives us the support community we are.  Thank you for picking up the challenge and agreeing to be here in the new year.  Let's make a promise to each other .. through ups and downs .. let's hang in there, be honest and get the help we need when we need it.  That is what community is all about.

Please help us enlarge our circle of friends and invite a few others to come join us.  All of us can benefit from this and/or know someone who can.  Very best wishes .. Dream .. Believe .. Achieve !!!

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I am definitely in.  Lost 11.2 pounds so far got a lot more to go and need the support.  I love this website and forum so a huge thanks to everyone.  Here's to a fantastic 2009 filled with many of us reaching goals.
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LOL!  Ranae....5Ks are easy...you just keep putting one foot in front of the other until you cross the finish line.  No sweat!  (Well...actually lots of sweat!)  It's actually easier for me to finish the 5K when everyone is watching...much harder to do on the treadmill when no one really cares.  ; )  Of course....the treadmill training is far more important to be ready...but the masses at the races don't see that preparation portion.  
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