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Encouragement needed

I'm beginning a new lifestyle today - eating healthy foods and exercising. I'm 60, 5'8" tall and weigh 209. I want to lose 40 lbs. I've decided to go Paleo because it seems easy and the food is satisfying. I'm going to walk more -- take the stairs at work and use weight machines at the gym. I work 12.5 hours a day at 2 jobs, (both sedentary), so working out is a challenge.

I'd like to have someone to talk with along my journey.
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If you have time to go to the gym to do weights, throw in some cardio -- something you can handle, don't start at too high a level.  Paleo is fine for some people, but it isn't really one diet -- there are many forms of the so-called Paleo diet and it isn't really Paleo -- nobody ever ate this way.  Most high protein diets work for awhile, but then stop working because you hit a wall -- unless you come from a culture that has long adapted to eating a high protein diet, it's not a natural way to eat.  If you find you do hit that wall, look into something more balanced and long-term that will be your diet forever, not just a "diet."  Paleo probably isn't that kind of diet, but some do believe in it.  I won't be on this journey with you because I don't eat that way, but just wanted you not to get discouraged if you find this doesn't work for you -- there are many ways to get to your destination.  Good luck.
Thanks for the reply. I am 5 lbs lighter this morning -- I know it's water weight loss, but I'm still excited! I am going to join a gym so that I can strengthen muscles and maybe tighten the flab that's going to result from losing weight.

I find the Paleo plans offer food that are satisfying to me personally and I like the idea of not strictly counting calories.

Anyway, maybe we can chat as I go along. Thanks again.
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You should join my FITNESS pal. Get the app its awesome
I am eager to get exercise but my left foot is suffering a stress fracture. I am hoping for a fast recovery, but will probably take several weeks.

Anyway, I've lost 8.4 lbs in four days on the Paleo diet! I'm really excited and hoping to keep motivated!

I'm enjoying researching and planning food I can eat -- lots of great recipes.
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