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Fast weight liss

I'm leaving for vacation in a week and I need a quick fix! Anyone know any good ways to lose a lot of weight fast?
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How much is a lot? One week isn't much time, but it is long enough to start weight loss. The first week is usually the biggest drop in weight. Watch your calories, get in some extra cardio, & eat your greens. Good luck!
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Just remember anything that comes off quickly comes back on just as quick. There really isn't any good way to loose a lot of weight quickly but you can start a good regimen and you will feel better about yourself soon.

Good luck!
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Very well said, kittengamer and Lonelymom........I agree wholeheartedly.
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I am 5'5 and weigh 130 I am not fat but I feel fat I guess I'm just flabby an need to tone up but I hate doin anything but running. I think part of my problem is I never poop! And by never I mean I'm lucky if I go 3 times a week
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Why don't you try some yoga or something to tone up.  There are some excellent videos that you can watch online to learn the moves; or you can buy some neat dvd's.  Yoga is great for toning up.  Even walking will help you tone up.  

Well, it's not really necessary to have a BM every day; a lot of people don't.  The problem comes in when it's too hard, etc.  Make sure you drink plenty of water, eat lots of fiber filled foods, especially veggies and whole grains.  And then, there are those times, when you just have to get a little "help" in the form of a laxative or something.  
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