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Fitness Help After Baby

Before my daughter, I was fit. I have been a dancer my whole life and had a great fit and toned body. Three years ago I became pregnanct. I was fit throughout my pregnancy, but after delivery, became comfortable and kept some unwanted weight on.

It's been a while, but I feel Im ready to start making changes to my health and body and getting that unwanted belly fat off! I went for a 2.5 mile run tonight...took me 20 minutes but this is also my first time running in 3 years. I didn't think it was a horrible time. I dance once a week still (I am an instructor) and I love healthy options. I plan on continuing to run 5 nights a week and add some abs and bum workouts to this slowly...

Any craving tips, workout ideas, playlist recommendations, recipes, and anything FUN you can add to this as motivation anyone? Im ready to make this change, and I want some positive feedback on how fit young moms get rid of the belly and keep it off!!! POSITIVE FEEDBACK ONLY PLEASE!
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Hi there.  I don't know why you think you'd get any negative feedback hon, it isn't that kind of question.  :>)  ALL moms want that body back before baby . . .  

I would say one thing about getting back into it, that I'd start slow and build up.  I used to be a work out nut myself and got away from it when my kiddos were tiny (I have two that are 15 months apart and I was exhausted) and then had to get back into it.  My body and brain would start right back at level 8,9, or 10 like I'd been doing the work outs all along . . . and I'd hurt myself.  Now, I'm sure I'm older than you as I was a late first time mom but still, be careful with that.  I had to force myself to build up slowly to prevent injury even though my mind and body remembered how to work out and wanted to go hard right away.  One pulled hammy later . . . and one regrets that.  

I like smoothies.  Fruit smoothies made at home are a sweet treat but also good for you and you can give them to your three year old as well.  

Do you belong to a gym??  I found that group fitness works for me and one thing that is really popular now is 'boot camp'.  Finding a friend to do a class with me is great . . .  motivates you to meet someone at a class.  Our park district is doing them and they are outside.  It also helps to find someone in your neighborhood that wants to work out as well . . .  and to go super early before anyone in your house is even up (like 5 am).  You don't need to worry about child care because your hubby is still home and then you have your work out done for the day.  This does NOT work for me though as I am not a morning person.  That was torture.  I did try it and have several friends that do this with a neighborhood buddy.  They interval train with power walk, light jog, sprint (which interval training is the best fat burning activity or at least a really really good one).  

Do you belong to a gym?  We have a family membership to a Y in our area.  The facility is less that beautiful or fancy, but it works and is cheap.  An activity that I think is really excellent for your core is swimming.  This tones like nothing else as there the element of physical exurtion along with the water resistance . . .  fat burning and toning at the same time.  I swim laps but am going to try to do a water aerobics class in the near future.  Gyms usually have child care facilities as well.  

Do you have a Wii or X box?  They make kinnect zumba for the X box and zumba for wii too.  In fact, there are lots of exercise games you can use with these electronics that you can have fun and do at home.

Sometimes getting involved in a training for a race situation helps.  Leukemia Society has races that people partner up to train for.  Motivating to meet others out again with the idea of a marathon at the end.  Push your little one in a running stroller if you need to (double the work out).  

good luck
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