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Game plan

How do you all plan for sucess?  

Do you have a formal plan of attack?  I use my tracker, and have found it very helpful.  Every morning, I think about what activity I can do that day, something that sounds fun and mixes things up a bit.  I mark it down, and I stick to it.  

Do you plan what you eat for each day?  When I was strictly following WW, every morning I planned out what I would eat during the day, snacks and all.  And probably 80% of the time, I would stick to it.  I think that's why maintenence is so much harder--the planning aspect of eating is looser.  

How do you approach your weight loss, and has it been sucessful for you?  
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I always had a plan for both exercise and meals. Without it, I always seemed to not follow through with my intentions.

Example: Wogging every morning was a must and then I would make sure I went swimming every 3rd day and aerobics every Friday. If there was time for extra, then that would be great.

I noticed I would be more successful with weight loss when I pre planned my meals. Breakfast and lunch are pretty much the same for me, so having to plan dinner was not a problem at all.

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Get those hand weights, girl!  Buff up those arms!

My legs are so sore I want to die.  Is this normal for beginning runners?  I'm not doing much at all, lots of wogging! And I'm used to using the stairclimber, treadmill, treadclimber, elliptical, etc etc so I thought my legs were pretty good.

But I can barely walk!  I did run a little today, but now I'm so sore I can hardly move around.

Am I doing something wrong?
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No, you aren't doing anything wrong, believe it or not, you are just using different muscles.

The same thing happened to me. I was use to doing the elliptical and treadmill and when I started wogging, I couldn't believe how sore I was. It lasted about 2 weeks and then I was fine. Just don't over do it, slowly increase your wogging time.
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I plan my weeks menu on a Sunday -  and then just plan to do my 10,000 steps a day -  yesterday I made myself an abdominal and biceps exercise plan for alternate days starting Monday.... plan plan plan thats me lol
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*moans pitifully, clutches legs*
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I really like the tracker.  It helps keep things in perspective, and filling in activities makes me feel accomplished.  

A big part of my plan is that I don't view my approach as a diet, it is just a new way of eating.  If I eat well, and exercise, eventually my body will come into balance with that lifestyle.  I have completely (as of around April) changed how I grocery shop, cook, and order out.  I'm into the "perimeter" approach at the store, staying out of the middle aisles of snacks and expensive convenience foods.  I spend most of my time in the produce section.  I don't plan too much in advance, since I like to see what is fresh at the store to decide what to get.  If I go out, I overpay for a simple green salad, and that is OK!  I used to feel like that was silly:  If you go out, you should get a big fancy dish that you can't make at home, but now, I go out for a change in scenery, not as an excuse to eat badly.  I didn't think it was possible, but it is possible to go to a Mexican place and NOT eat any chips!  I was really proud of that move :-)

It takes longer to cook from whole ingredients, but that helps satisfy me actually.  I get to spend more time with my food, but now in preparation, not in eating extra helpings.  Plus I fill up better with less salt and sugar.  Sugar is a big one for me:  If I eat one cookie, than I must have more!  But if I just stay away, I feel in control.  My partner is more of a salt junkie, but cooking fresh lets you control that much better, too.  

For the first couple of months, I was an elliptical junkie, and I do think that was a good way to start, as I was very sedentary before.  But now I am trying to expand by doing more cardio and sculpting from DVDs.  I noticed immediately that I can get a better whole body workout that way.  The elliptical is a good calorie burner, but I didn't feel it was getting me as fit as exercising with my whole body.  I mostly workout at home, and have a whole room devoted to it.  It is slowly growing.  Started with an elliptical, now a large floor mat, sets of weights, balance ball, and next I want to get a medicine ball.  My DVD collection is growing too, I really like ones that you can "customize" and mix up routines.  Since I am still very big, high impact is mostly out of my range, so I also look for workouts that have different levels, so I can work up the intensity as I get better, without needing to buy all new DVDs.

For now, I take my laptop in to my exercise space to play DVDs, but I want to buy a permanent player and screen.  Since I am nearsighted, I want a large enough screen that I don't need my glasses, and am waiting to spot a deal.  Investing, but not splurging, in my workout equipment makes me feel very good about myself.  

And I love the message I've read here, that every week, day, or heck, even MEAL is a chance to start over.  Keep looking ahead, don't beat yourself up for a bad patch, look at a plateau as a challenge, not a block, and use whatever cliche or quote or mantra that helps to keep you going.  And  use the trackers and journals!  It feels great when an online friend, new or old, comes along and passes on a good word of encouragement!

(Ha!  I need to build myself back up after a rough week, so sorry to go on!  But I do feel better already, thanks for letting me share!)

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