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Going to the gym

So, I just joined a gym a few days ago in my pursuit of a sexier skinnier healthier me => Well.. My grandpa, who's under 60, also goes to the gym, so does my grandma (when shes up to it cus she hates goin in with all the skinny people) and my aunt (my grandmas sister). We're all part of the same gym, not the same location. Well... Yeah it's great to go with my gramps, but I need something else... Someone, like a friend, preferably someone thats not already 130 lbs and doesnt break a sweat, but I'm new to this area and don't really know a lot of people. So here's where you guys come in, lets be online gym pals?! Maybe talk about what you do at the gym, your favorite machines or your favorite classes. Even if you're not a gym person, what do you do at home to get the results you want, what have you found that works really well for you. How long do you usually work out for and how many times a week? It's hard doin this alone so lets all be online GYM pals! Good luck to everyone, keep at it!!
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i will be heading to the gym early tomarrow morning. i have a plan of action written out by my wonderful husband who is perfectly fit and studies fitness and weight training. we happen to be complete oppisits in that department.anyway i will be running intervels for 30 min. the walking at an incline for 30 min. then on tuesday i will be trading the incline walk for weights. i dont have any results.tomarrow'smy first attempt since my last daughter was born. but i am full of enthusiasm. i also want to say my husband is great but it is a beautiful thing to have nonbaisis support.
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That's a really good idea! And yeah it is hard to do this alone! For me, so far I have been working out on my ab lounge 3 times a day.. I do 200 crunches on it, in intervals of 50 and a tiny break in between. I also have something called "The Firm". I did a workout with that today for about 20 minutes and I was BEAT! lol. It's exhausting.. I also go walking when I can.. and do little things here and there.. Like i have an exercise ball that I like to use when I can.. and my mom has some things at her house I use sometimes, such as a stepper, and pilates dvd's, a bun and thigh rocker.. but I do plan on signing up for a gym membership when I am able.. What about you? What's your plan for when you go?
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I've been tossing idea's around on what to do.. The gym I joined gives u a free hour with a personal trainer and he told me to do 10 mins of warm up 20-30 mins of weights and the 10-15 mins of cardio... but I'm almost thinking... that I want to do somethin like ... on monday and wednesday do upper body and tuesday and thursday do lower body... since I'm only going to defin go 4 days a week ill plan it, if i go in additional days its like free day to do what I want I guess... Or I was thinking of doing Monday/Wednesday doing cardio and Tuesday/Thursday doing weights and then switchin it the next week... I don't know, I have OCD about patterns so I have to come up with something.. AHHH I DONT KNOW!!! Any tips or ideas?
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I have OCD about having patterns.. and other things.. like I HAVE to make a to do list for every day.. lol.. It helps keep me organized.. and I HAVE to make lists when I go to the store.. I make lists for my bills.. lol.. I guess you could say I'm a list/plan-aholic! lol!!

But as far as your plan for the gym.. I would start out with what the trainer suggested. That sounds very reasonable and doable.. also he knows what he is talking about I would assume.. Then if you don't start to see results, try to switch it up a bit.  

That's one of the MAIN reasons I want to sign up at our gym/Life Center.. Because they give you that one on one  time with a fitness trainer and they help you figure out a plan for exercising and dieting that fits you and your goals.  I need that badly.. one on one time and advice from a specialist lol. Our local gym also has TONS of classes.. Like pilattes, yoga, self defense, and tons of others.. They also have a court to play basketball and a pool to swim and do water aerobics.. I LOVE it there..  

But anyways.. sorry I got a little side tracked there, lol! But I would try what the trainer suggested and see if it helps.. If not you can make the proper adjustments. GOOD LUCK!!!! =]
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