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I am interested in taking the HCG injections or drops.  Could someone please let me know if some of the websites that sell the drops is the "real deal' or not.  Also, I have heard there is a strict diet and phases to go through; could someone please tell me if this can be done without having to go to a clinic or not.  If you don't have to go to a clinic, how do you find out about the 'strick' diet to follow?  Do you have to take any other pills along with the hcg, and if so, like (B 12), how much do you take?

I really cannot afford what some of these clinics are starting with, and God knows how much more they charge after you start the program.  So far, the clinic wants to start with $550.00.    Just need to know how the whole process works.  Nobody seems to be telling it all.  One is only getting the jest of it.  Guess you have to pay for it if you want to know.
Frustrated.  Thanks.
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I am currently taking the HCG drops and I am on day 6 of phase two.  I have already lost 9 pounds.  I do believe it is working!  The diet is strict, and if you aren't going to put your whole heart into it, I would say this diet is NOT for you.  But, if you can stick with it for the 24 or so days in phase two, it will get easier!
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Thanks for my first comment back.  I am impressed with so many people here on this program that are on their way with this program; I am still trying to find out if it is safe to do this program without going to a clinic/supervised, which costs an arm and a leg.  Are you going to a clinic, and do they give you the strict 500 calorie diet by Dr. Simeons.  Also, may I ask how much it is costing you for the shots and other stuff they recommend.
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Since you have already had the one side advocated, let me play advocate for the other side. ^_^

1. The HCG diet is accompanied by a 500 calorie a day limit. This subjects the body to starvation!
2. Among the side effects for low calorie diets is: prolonged hunger, depression, fatigue, irritability, fainting, muscle atrophy, acidosis, gallbladder disease, seizures, malnutrition with possible DEATH, constipation, dehydration, lowered metabolism, risk of developing eating disorders, subsequent weight re-gain, gout, & muscle loss.
3. Rapid weight loss can lead to lots of loose flabby skin left when you are done losing. Some of this can only be removed through surgery.
4. Weight lost quickly on a crash diet is more likely to come back than weight lost over time through exercise & healthy nutrition.

So if you care about your health in the long run, I would say this is not the diet for you. If you do choose this diet, please do not do it without clinical supervision! I know how great the temptation is to lose the weight quick, but is it worth the risks I listed above?

Here is a really easy to understand article of the hCG diet including how the treatments work:


I hope that helps! Good luck with whatever path you choose for yourself. ^_^
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Thanks for your input.  I will check out the website you mentioned.  I honestly know that a healthy eating lifestyle and exercise is really the only true way to go in the over long haul of maintaining a non yo-yo weight, but was really wanting to get rid of the extra 25 pounds in less than say maybe 3 or 4 months that would ususally take it off if I would just eat right.

Thanks for being so honest.

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You are welcome. Sorry If I seemed a little agressive in my viewpoint. ^_^

You know though, it is possible to lose 25 in 12 weeks off of just diet & exercise alone. I've gone 3 1/2 weeks so far & I have lost 12lbs total. I plan to have lost another 8 punds at least by the end of June. That's 20 pounds minimum in 3 month. That's not so bad. Sorry If I am pushing my point too much. I'll leave it at that.

Seriously though, good luck!
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Well, I think Kittengamer pretty much said it all.  We don't advocate the hcg diet on this forum because it's not a healthy way to lose weight.  Everything Kittengamer said about this diet is true.

A loss of 1-2 pounds/week is considered safe, however, there are some people who can manage to lose more, which is fine if it's being done via sensible diet and exercise.

The worst thing about a drastic plan such as the hcg diet, is that you will most likely gain back all of the lost weight as soon as you go off the diet; possibly even gaining more yet.  Weight loss through a good diet and exercise program is the healthiest way to go and making life style changes that you can live with from now will help guarantee continued success.  Best of luck to you.
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hello! i am in az...i currently started taking releana...which is the liquid form of hcg.  I was skeptical at first because why not just do the 500 calories and keep working out? thatll make me lose weight right?! sure! youre right, bnut...it will make your body store the fat and then in turn your muscles will be attacked, not the fat...they will break down and you will be unhealthy.  With the releana, it attacks the fat only, which is why it is a strict diet....it is putting your body into a starvation mode...however, you are not going to get sick from it at all!!!!! that is why you have the two load up days in the beginning...it takes the energy from that! when you are done, the dr. will take you through and gradually add more calories, helping you make better choices and this will help you to keep the weight off!!! i have tried everything and gotten results pretty much every time..but gained it back!!!! I have now lost 14 pounds and it is only the 10th day on releana! i feel great, energetic due to my b12 pills, and potassium.  I am following the diet strictly and some days i want to scream because i really want that chocolate! but skinny tastes so much better!...i have not only lost pounds but inches so this is really great! the first few days, it was hard, but knowing how much money you put into it, you dont want to mess it up so its not as bad as you would think.....also, after the first few days, your body adjusts! this is really great, i recommend it to anyone!
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hello! it costed me 375 to start, that included everything at red mountain med spa.....then it will be 250 there after i believe...if you have any questions feel free to ask;)
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also!!! i do p90x....which has been amazing, tomorrow i will post photos!;)
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What happens after you go off this diet?  Chances are, you will regain everything you lost and then some.  

This is not a good diet to go on.  Starving yourself is never a good idea; that's where eating disorders are born; and you will spend many years yo-yoing up and down.

I know a quick loss is encouraging, but it's not good for you; please rethink your options.
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Hello! I appreciate your concern; however, i have done my research and out of everything I have read on it...its true! I am retraining my body to use the fat it needs and get rid of the excess it does not....i workout every day so it is unlikely i will gain it back, also I am learning to eat the right kind of foods that my body needs to survive...i now have learned to eat to live not live to eat! and it is amazing.  I think that a lot of ppl have no idea what they are talking about, really! if they did they would back this up 100%...now, if people on this are getting negative comments, ignore it! its most likely jelousy because they dont look like that! ;) i look great, i feel great, i am very healthy...and I will continue to keep you posted JUST to prove you are completely wrong, thanks!
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