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HELP - - - What to do????

Seems those that have been posting are committed to losing weight and continuing their journeys .. however .. it also feels as though we are all struggling!  BELIEVE we are truly better together than apart and wonder if we can't be brutally honest and post what it is we need help with.  What do we need to do as a community effort to support each other???

There is much information to be shared .. but need to know what you want and need.  Food?  Exercise?  Motivation?  Nutrition?  Shopping Tips?  Games?  Facts?  Information?  Positive Thinking?  Challenges?  

Anxiously and expectantly awaiting your response.  Very best wishes .. and we'll start posting a few of these so you can see what we're talking about.
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Positive thinking is what I need.  

I know my problems aren't the biggest in the world, but I'm having trouble carrying them all.  I need to learn to not hold on to guilt and negative feelings about myself.  I want to be optimistic, but also realistic and nice to myself.

I'm exciting to see how others respond and what Ranae has in store!
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My problem is that I get so sick of eating veggies. I don't and won't eat tomatos  because I can't stand eating them. Cannot eat peppers or onion because of my stomach problems. I hate mushrooms with a passion! So I'm stuck with carrots, cucumbers, yams, brocoli etc...But being on the cabbage soup diet off and on for 5 months, just makes me want to hurl at the sight of a vegetable. I am also allergic to shell fish and  strawberry's.  I don't eat much red meat, so I am bored with eating chicken. I hate cooking two different meals everyday. My husband won't eat what I eat. He loves all the steak, potatoes and gravy .Plus on my house hunting, it has caused us to eat out while on the road, so that was no help at all. I get bored too quickly when it comes to food. I would rather eat 5 apples for dinner than to eat 1 veggie and some chicken. What do you suggest? Plus the only way I could lose a pound, is to go on a 1000 calorie or less diet. I am really craving a chilie dog right now, but I don't dare. Will reach for the Kashi heart to heart cereal instead. So what do you think?
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My challenge is dealing with people (relatives, friends, significant others and co-workers) who keep trying to sabotage my dieting efforts and, constantly attempt to entice me into eating foods that are wrong for me.
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The stress eating and the sugar is killing me. I need help with self control.

I feel like I am sabotaging myself. I don't understand it. So I guess it is motivation and the ability to see myself successful, happy, and cute again.
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My difficulty is portion sizes, especially when its something i really enjoy like roast dinners on a sunday, or spaghetti bolognese,i do tend to eat to much when we have these meals, I have been told that a fist size is right but that seems very small to me, also i have been told by my diabetic nurse to eat carbohydrates with every meal i dont know why, but im sick of bread and potatoes and pasta,
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I have totally been slacking lately and i can already feel the changes in my body for it!
I been getting lazy on my exercise i either dont feel like or it seems we have something to wake up and do and then i wind up not exercising at all!
My eating has been bad cus with the recession im eating what i can afford not whats good for me!
So I need motivation,correct mind set like not eating as much watch how much im eating and self confidence also!
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