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Hate my figure and scared to be a diabetic

Im 24 yrs old and 175 lbs 5'1... Im scared to be a diabetic... When i was pregnant i developed a gestational diabetes... Need to lose weight so badly... Any one have a effective diet and no supplements? Thank you.
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There's really no magic diet.  It's all about math: calories in versus calories out.  Joining a site like Spark People or My Fitness Pal can help you stay on track, identify good and bad patterns in your diet, log fitness, and find support with others who have similar goals.  Have you ever considered hula hooping?  It's a really fun way to get fit, and it burns 400-600 calories/hour.
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MedHelp has an excellent food diary that you could/should try out.  Many find that tracking the food they eat, is a huge help, because it lets you see, at a glance, how many calories you are consuming, and whether or not you might need to cut back in one area or increase in another.  

Opt for low glycemic foods - those that won't spike the blood sugar, such as whole grains, veggies, etc. Stay away from anything with processed sugar, white flour, white rice, etc.

Think about yoga for a starting exercise.  It's low impact and will help you tone muscle and lose weight. Exercise doesn't have to be "painful" to work.
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Thank you guys for great ideas... Im a plain simple housewife ang has no time to go to the gym or fitness class so hula hooping will be great for me... And my waist line is 41 inches... Omg!!! Its hard to say that... Even my hubby dont know that... My self confidence is poor... I cant even interact or socialize with other. Im just staying at home with my baby and do the household choir im from a poor country philippines.. So poverty is one factor on my weight... Cant eat variety of food... Sorry about that... Cant help but to self pity..
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You don't have to go to a gym or fitness class.  You can walk, do yoga, hula hoop or whatever will get you moving.

I understand that poverty might play a role, however, many times, if you shop carefully, buying fresh veggies/fruit is less expensive than buying boxed or processed foods.  The bottom line, really is to watch portion sizes.  If a container has more than one serving, make sure you eat only one, not the entire container.
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Tnx barb135... Veggies is ok... But fruits is not. Because its too expensive to buy... The only food that can easily found here is white rice which i think is the reason why i came to this situation... I do walk 20 mins/day, sweeping backyard, pumping water and carry pale with full of water 30 mins/day... I do also some dancing but not everyday and if i did it only takes 10 mins... I also do laundry manually with my hands b/c we dnt have washing machine so i think thats way enough to my daily activities to burn cal.. The only prob is my daily cal intake, what food can replace to white rice? Thanks a lot for your time reading my post and advice me as well.
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Yes, your housework counts as exercise and it does sound like you stay busy.  Is there a chance you could up the 20 minutes walking to 30 minutes? Or make sure you dance (excellent exercise) every day; even if it only takes 10 minutes, it'll burn calories.

Do you have access to brown rice?  It's a whole grain, so takes a lot longer to break down in your system, than white rice does, so you stay fuller longer. Brown rice is much healthier and can be used in any recipe that white rice can be used in.  

I think in your country, rice is pretty much like white potatoes where I come from. I've had to learn to limit the amount of white potatoes I eat, even though I love them and they've been a staple all my life. When I eat potatoes, I have to keep the portion small.  I might add, that I'm also a great fan of rice, but I've switched from white rice to brown.  I find very little difference in the cost, here.

I'm sorry, but I'm not real familiar with your culture, so I don't know what veggies you have available there.  It's okay that you don't buy a lot of fruit, because fruit has a lot of sugar that's not good for losing weight, though it does have a lot of necessary vitamins/minerals.

I also don't know what availability you have for meats.  Rice can be cooked in a beef or chicken dish, which adds a lot of nutrients. It can be used as a side dish for fish.  It can be added to vegetable dishes, etc.  Just eat smaller portions of the rice, than you do the meat and/or veggies.

When you fix your plate, 1/2 of it should contain vegetables, 1/4 should contain the protein (meat), the other 1/4 should contain your starch (rice).  Veggies can be fixed with herbs, spices, etc....... just stay away from the cream sauces, cheese, and oils.

Do  you have access to nuts and seeds?  Both of those have a lot of nutrients and "good" fats.  Beans are excellent sources of protein and fiber, and if you have access to them, could replace some of the rice.

High protein (meat, eggs, dairy) and fiber (veggies and whole grains) will fill you up faster and keep you feeling fuller longer, so you won't need so much food, so often.

Make sure you stay away from all junk food, like cookies, cakes, pastries, candy, sodas, chips, etc.
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