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I've tried every diet on this planet and alwayscan never stay on my goal. I hear so many people take Hch but I've never heard anything about it really. Who has tried it and lost at least 15lbs?
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I took the hcg shots for 7 weeks and lost 25 lbs. It does work but ur also on a 500 calorie diet so I'm sure that played a big part of it
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There is no scientific evidence that HCG actually causes weight loss; it's the starvation diet that goes with it, that causes the loss.  Save your money and implement a healthy diet/exercise plan, instead....  
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Have you ever had your thyroid levels tested?  Thyroid controls metabolism; at the very least get tested for Free T3, Free T4, and TSH..
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thyroid level is normal.
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"Normal" for thyroid levels is not rarely sufficient, because your body might need them to be relatively high in the range. Most of us feel best with Free T4 at or near, mid range, with Free  T3 in the upper 1/3 of its range.
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