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Healthy foods

Any tips on cheap, healthy foods that I can add to my daily diet? I need more nutrition and calories but am on a tight budget.
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Hi Scarlett,  I think pound for pound fresh vegetables are the ticket. Broccoli can be parboiled for less than 1 min. Drench in an I've cold bath. Cut up & put in bags for the fridge. Buy yogurt & take the two for lunches & snacks.
Cut up celery & carrot sticks in water are a good idea for the fridge.
Buy peppers & cut in half & stuff with whole grain rice & onions. Bake in oven. Make a tray, to have ready made suppers & extra lunches.
All foods you premake ahead of time will cost less & be healthier for you than deli foods & TV dinners.          Good luck.    Pamela
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Agree with CRSeaside about vegetables, but consider frozen in addition to fresh.  Sometimes frozen vegetables are cheaper, more available, and faster to prepare (they're already cut up).  In many cases they're just as nutritious, and sometimes they can be darn near as appetizing as fresh.  I like PictSweet brand.  Whatever brand I buy, I look for a product without any sauce or seasonings.  A lot of them come with cheese sauce, but it's generally not real cheese, and the sauce will tend to have a lot of chemical additives in it.  If I'm going to put anything on my vegetables, I prefer for it to be something that I prepared myself, like a simple vinaigrette or some real butter or real cheese.  I do eat a lot of vegetables raw, like carrots and celery, and of course, those have to be fresh.  CRSeaside gave you a lot of good suggestions, and sometimes fresh vegetables are the best in all ways, but don't rule out certain types of frozen veggies.  
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