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Help I need to lose weight before becoming pregnant!!!!!

I am a 28 year old obese female. I am wanting kids soon but am in no way in healthy enough shape to risk not only mine but any future child i may concieve. Diabetes runs in my family and i do not have it yet but do have some of the complications of dibetes. I need to figure out a way to lose the weight and get on a straighter path to being more healthy. I cut all the sodas, and I have gotten to where i am not hungry all day long. I walk a mile every morning and a mile every evening and still nothing about my weight has changed!!! Please help I am not sure what to do next?????????
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Hi there,

I am in the same vote as you. I had a baby 5 years ago and gained about 80 pounds. I was already 50 pounds overweight. I told myself I would not try and get pregnant until I reach the weight I was when I concieved my son. Well.... 5 years later I have only lost 35. I still need 50 to go to be at that weight.

All my doctors say dont worry, you'll be fine, go ahead and get pregnant but I dont think that is good advice. I had gestational diabetes and had to give myself insulin 3 times a day because of my weight. My son was 10 lbs! I truly belive that was because I was overwieght to begin with.

Pregnancy is hard alone, we shouldnt want to throw in the mix all the problems with being overweight.

Just keep trying. I am doing weight watchers. I am not going to the meetings. dont care for them and have no time. I went to a couple just to get all the information and learn how to do it. So I cut my calories and fat intake. Everything is low fat. Also, I know its not much but I do the eliptical machine every night for 35-40 minutes while watching my taped soap opera! I have been loosing about 1-2 pounds a week. I went from 258 to 243 in about 3 months.

Another thing, get checked out by your doctor and make sure you dont have a thyroid problem or any else that may be hindering you from loosing weight. I had all that checked out and nothing wrong. He pretty much told me to stop eating **** and excerise! I wanted to do the liquid diet but i would miss food too much.

Good luck! You can do it!
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I have not had any previous prgnancys, and am worried about having a first child already having these health problems.
I also know my children are going to be big because my hubby wieghted 9lbs 7oz at birth and my father weighted 10lbs 9 oz at birth even though i was only a 7 pounder.
My brother n laws kids were 10lbs and 9 lbs so i am expecting big babies.
I just want a healthy start for me and my future babies.
I cut sodas all together and cut my portions in half, but no results yet.
I am going to join the gym monday.
how does the liquid diet work???
by the way thanks for the advise.
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Hey Storidi,

Why don't you share what you eat with us? Perhaps we can help you modify your eating habits a little bit see if you can have results. I mentioned this before but I'll just say it again. I am a strong believer that the high-protein, low-carb diet can really give you results fast. Stay under 20 grams of carbs daily and eat all the protein and green veggies you want. Drink a gallon of water and yes, join the gym...GOOD IDEA sweetheart. If you do this you'll see results very fast and I'm sure your baby will be healthy so do not sweat it. Go little by little at the gym and don't give up. Try to always motive yourself and think of why you're doing this. Most failures have been due to lack of will power because we have to admit it's very hard to be on a diet and get used to it. So try to look for some motivation, for instance, your baby, and trust me you'll lose weight. Have a great day!
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I usually eat a bowl of oatmeal and a glass of milk for breakfast,
I usually dont get hungry till late afternoon, so eat a medium sized meal of like a sandwich and cut up fruit or vegi's.
Dinner I usually eat at work and its usually one of those microwave lean cuisines.
Sometimes I get so caught up in the day that I skip meals which i know is bad.
I am a very active person, seems like my day never ends.
I work from 4- midnight and all i drink at work is h2o.
I am not pregnant yet but i want to be healthy for when i do get pregnant.
Thank for the help and advise..
are there any free sites that offer help with motivation and to keep track of my progress.
I have trouble keeping up with a notebook on my own. I figured if i had somewhere to check in with ( and be able to physically see my progress) it will help me stay on track.
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Why don't you increase your exercise routine dear? If you usually walk a mile then start going a little farther..say two miles? Try to jog and then little by little try running but do it moderately first.

Regarding your meals...I'd say you need to eat more protein and less carbs and you need to eat more often. Even though you do not go hungry during the day you should still try to snack something light. It's good that you drink plenty of water. However, if you do not change your eating habits then the water will offer you help with little results. Everything should be balanced: water intake, meals and exercise. Those microwave lean cuisines are usually very very high in sodium and carbs. Too much sodium is not good for weight loss since it doesn't let your body eliminate water weight, so you're basically retaining lots of water weight.

Look, what has helped me lose weight is a low-carb diet. You may eat fish, fowl, shelfish, meat, eggs on great variety until you are completely satisfied. Read about ketosis. Once you've reached that stage then you'll see the fat out of your body and you'll definitely see results. Perhaps some will disagree with me but I honestly feel energetic and happy. The first week I lost 6 pounds and I would never dream of getting these results due to my slow metabolism. I lost weight without even working out..imagine that! You may google ketosis. I have a friend who bought one of the books from Atkins. I read it everyday to make sure I don't mistakenly do something wrong. The book teaches you how the body works and reacts when certain nutrients are incorporated and so and so. You said you were obese so I figure you may obtain results even faster than I did with this diet. The first two weeks stay under 20 grams of carbs most of which must come from vegetables such as lettuce, pepper, celery, fennel, chicory, arugula, mushrooms, radish and cucumber. After these two weeks (induction) you may incorporate 5 more grams of carbohydrate and then you can add 10 more grams and so on and so forth. Keep me posted....Good luck
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