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How can i cut out my soda?

i am addicted to soda... i drink at least 4 to 5 cans ( if not more) of it every single day and i know this is the reason i am not loosing weight.. today i bought diet coke instead of regular coke.. is this really better for me?  i am also going to drink crystal light....
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soda is my fav drink so cutting it out is very hard to do. i drink about a 1 liter a day. Ive quit drinking soo many times it finds its way back into mylife each and every time lol. i would not stop drinking cold turkey, it just wouldnt work out the way u wanted so i would cut out 2 for the first week then the next week cut out anoother one.im no expert on dieting soo u know but heck it works for me. i would buy those packs of water bottles and crystal light and drink those peach is my favorite. replace that with a soda :) good luck i know giving up soda will be hard to do but u can do it believe me. it will take time. oh and in my opinion i dont think diets any better LOL just my opinion tho. if you have to have soda i would drink caffene free ones intill you can cut all soda out
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Hi! I know what your going through.. I myself just quit drinking soda all together about 4 days ago and haven't looked back since!  I started drinking water and sometimes I add those flavor packs like the crystal light you mentioned. Alot of the flavor packs actually come as appetite suppressants so that helps too. I like the Kellogs Kiwi/Strawberry flavor for that but they also have pink lemonade. I did a search for your question on line and here is a quote from the web site I found. ( I also included the link to the site at the bottom):

"Most diet soda drinkers are diet soda drinkers because they have moved on from regular (and highly caloric) sodas to diet. The idea behind this is that diet soda as few or no calories and the real deal has hundreds. It is true that you are saving a lot of empty calories, but between the reaction of the body, the negative ingredients, and the dangers of aspartame it just doesn't seem likely that diet soda can be claimed as better then regular soda."

Here is the link so you can check out all the information on the site if you want to:

My advice for cutting back on soda though would be if you think you can.. just quit drinking it.. when ever you crave it.. substitute it for something else.. I found that when I wanted soda if I would drink one of the Kellogg appetite suppressant  packs in my water it REALLY helped. Not only did it taste good, but it helped control my hunger and the craving for the soda.. After a couple days, I didn't find myself really craving the soda any longer, but rather just wanting more and more water. If you don't think you can quit all together, then just gradually cut back each week. Drink fewer cans a day, and then the next week, drink even less. You CAN do it, you just have to believe in yourself!  I wish you the best of luck! =]
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val riggs is the kellogg appetite suppressant costly??? just wondering sounds like it would work wonders for me :)
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If you are the "cold turkey" type, go for it.  If not, like msgorgeous said, cut out soda slowly.  DO set a goal, though, and stick to it.  Don't just "kind of" cut down a little at a time.  Have a plan.  Definitely replace it with something, or you'll go right back to it.

And, don't forget water at least sometimes.  I NEVER thought I'd ever drink the stuff, but now I love it.  I can't believe it, either...

Calculate how many calories you're just DRINKING per day!!!  I've always said I won't DRINK calories - I just won't.  I'd rather eat 1 candy bar per day than to drink 4-5 cans of soda - and I'D NEVER EAT 1 CANDY BAR PER DAY!!!!!  Think about how many calories you're taking in JUST IN DRINKS ALONE!

If you drink that many, and if they do contain caffeine, you probably need a diet version WITH caffeine to begin with - but I'm only guessing.  I'd get one wicked headache if I quit that much caffeine...

Good luck.  You can do anything you really WANT to do!!!  Go small at first.
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I'm a soda drinker also.  I switched to diet sodas made with splenda to cut down on aspartame.  

I also crave sweet things so I mix v8 fusion light (50cal/80z) with diet Ocean Spray (5cal/8oz).  I satisfies the need for sweets and fills me up.
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Oh, you came in while I was typing.  Great info!!!  Super post!
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I don't believe they are too expensive.. Under $5 I know that for sure and you get 10 of them to a box.. Here is a link to show you what to look for and it also has a ton of information about them on it! =]


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Thank you valriggs :) i shall have to try it out very excited ive seen the commercial for it and always wondered is it for real.

I dont mean to take over your post pinkbelle but i was wondering about coffee i drink coffee regulaly as well as soda and i would love to cut both out completly. any substitutes fo coffee???

i get caffinee withdrawl headaches as well not fun..pinkbelle sounds to me like you might get them as well cuz of how much soda you drink a day soo be prepared but then again i could be wrong

I can go days with out drinking coffee as well as soda but i keep going back. I have a love hate realationship with water. i rarely drink water which is soo not good for you to doo
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Hey! I'm not so much a coffee drinker myself, but I did a search for this as well.. and it seems that Chai Tea is a good substitute.. I also looked on Wal Marts web site and they seem to sell it there.. Here are a couple links to check out if you want:



They have several different flavors and they come in different varieties such as sugar free, caffeine free, etc. The Chai Tea Latte/Vanilla Latta flavors sound good! I'm not sure if this will be any help, but I wish you the best of luck!
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Hi! I'm addicted to sodas too and I have tried everything to stop.  This week someone suggested that I try alternating between soda and water so over the past few days everytime I drink a soda I drink the same size amount of water instead of reaching for another can.  I have noticed that I am drinking half of the sodas that I did last week and am starting to see my stomach go down... My plan is to try this for a week and next week try drinking two glasses of water between each soda until I eventually fade out sodas altogether.  
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