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How can i go from eating one meal a day to eating three meals and snacks between

I am a 30 year old nurse I am always on the road! I go see clients on the road I do not eat all my meals sometimes I do jot eat at all! My kids or in a lot of activities so I am always on the road with bringing them where they have to go  and not including with helping with homework. By the time I have time to myself it is 11 or 12 at night. I need help!
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To me, this is a health issue and a scheduling problem.  Most people need three meals a day, especially breakfast.  By going without one or more meals, you are jeopardizing your health along with the well-being of your family.  If your health goes down because of not eating, you will not be able to take care of your family, nor bring in money.  You need to adjust your activities to allow for the necessary meals.    
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I agree that this is a scheduling issue, but it's not necessarily a health issue, except when you aren't eating at all... that's not good.  Studies show that intermittent fasting is not harmful as long as you're eating healthy food when you do eat.  Some studies show that limiting your food intake to certain hours of the day is actually better for you.  

If you can't adjust your schedule so you can eat your meals, you should carry healthy snacks/meals with you in a lunch pack.  Make breakfast and dinner family time so instead of waiting for time to yourself to eat, you're sharing healthy meals with the family.  Try making lunch your largest meal of the day, so your aren't eating a large meal shortly before bed.
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I can sympathize because I am a nurse/mother of three.Its hard to find time to eat- especially healthy.My patients are alway bring "thank you" baskets....(Im an L&D nurse).  I find planning meals works. Also bringing an apple and little snack bags with you to your kids events too.
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I have the same problem so what i have stated doing is cooking my meals on sunday and wed with satutday being my cheat day. This way you always know what and when you are going to eat. Also protein shakes or snack bars are always great to have around. One last thing is to have nutrition fact sheet for all rhe fast food restaurants and highlight your best options and keep them on you. Hope this jelps
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I am a busy nurse as well and found myself only eating one meal a day and that meal usually was something from a fast food joint!
So, when i decided to get it together, i made a snack bag to take everywhere with me: 100 calorie almond packs, v8 fusions, nature valley bars, soup "on the go". For breakfast, yogurt, Jimmy Dean delights breakfast sandwichs, oatmeal. All can be prepared and eaten quickly. One big meal in the morning, good healthy snacks the rest of the day!
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