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How did you get motivated? Kinda long..sorry.

I really want to lose about 25 pounds before trying to have another baby. I'm currently 5'4" and 170-175 pounds. I have had a horrible time trying to lose weight since I had my son just over a year ago. I had issues with back pain from my spinal and had a c-section, which took a while to recover from. I tried Hydroxycut and lost 3 pounds in 11 days without exercise but stopped taking it because I thought I was pregnant (we are not currently trying). Now that I know for sure I'm not, I want to start taking it again, but not sure about it. I've heard people say that when they stopped taking it they gained weight. I'd like to make more changes to my diet, but my husband works shifts and I cook for him and myself and when he's on nights I usually make the box meals. (the meals that have everything in the box, or just need meat added and you throw them in the oven for half an hour) It's just so much easier to do a quick meal. Plus my son eats adult food now, so I usually make him pancakes or eggs for breakfast, hotdogs/chicken nuggets for lunch, and whatever we eat for dinner, and I usually eat what he eats because the wonderful army doesn't pay enough to pick and choose. I have exercise videos right on the very same computer I'm using but I haven't touched them much. They're so boring. I really need something that I can do that is fun that I will keep wanting to do. I don't get time to go to the gym due to my husband's work, and I live in S Korea right now, so I can't really ask the neighbors to watch my son because they don't speak English...I'm lacking in motivation and soaring in laziness by the end of the day. I clean all day, and run after my son who's always into something. By the time he's down for a nap I barely get time to get what I need to do done before he's up and he only takes one nap a day. By the end of the day I just want to go to sleep I'm so tired. So my question is...any advice?  
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Don't bother with Hydroxycut. It's not good for you and in the long run you will not keep the weight off.

I make a list of 7 meals on a paper. I then write down all the ingredients I'm going to need to make all the meals. I only shop once a week. I usually have two or three easy meals for busy days and four or five bigger meals for regular days. It's not hard to cook healthy and it doesn't take any longer than a boxed meal.

Soup and sandwiches - make sure you use whole wheat bread, lean meat and lots of veggies, also pick a soup with lower sodium and calories

Breakfast for supper - Eggs, turkey sausage, whole wheat english muffins and fresh fruit

Chicken stir fry - with bonless skinless chicken breast, stir fry sauce, instant brown rice and a bag of frozen veggies of your choice

Turkey chili - ground turkey breast, tom. sauce, diced tom., beans x2 and seasoning. I add shredded cheese and chopped onion.You can also have it with a serving of all natural corn chips, there better for you than crackers

Meatloaf - Use lean ground beef, add your own seasoning (less sodium), baked pot and salad

Homemade beef stew - Do it in the crock pot. It takes 30 min to get it ready. You can do it while your baby chases his cheerios around on the high chair.

Limit your extra bread. I used to have biscuits or crackers with every meal on top of the rice or noodles. I don't have any of the extra bread anymore. I also keep all of my fresh veggie cut up in the fridge ready to go. If you put it in the bottom of the fridge in a bag you'll never see them again. I do this on grocery day or the day after. As for lunch, you can eat soup and fresh veggies while he eats chicken nuggets. My kids get special stuff for lunch like cheese and crackers, frozen pizza, chocolate milk. I get soup, sandwich, leftovers or a frozen dinner (Lean Cuisine or Smart Ones). You save money by being prepared so you can spend a little more on specials.

You need to take a nap while he does. He can watch you fold clothes after. He's not going to be deprived if you can't sit on the floor with him 24/7. Trust me. You need some down time too.

Are you homesick? This could be part of your problem. I'm sure it's hard to be away from home. You need to have a go to person or people you can count on for support. MH just might be the place.

The only thing I can say about exercise is you just have to do it! There is no getting around it. It's a must. I would go for a walk outside, weather permitting, every day with your baby. It doesn't have to be fast or that far. Once you start feeling better you'll want to go farther and do more and you'll have the energy for it.

I have three kids and my husband works night shift. I can relate to some of what your going through. When my kids were babies my husband not only worked on call but on the road. I was miserable. Over the last few years things have gotten easier and I'm finally feeling like I have my own life again. Hang in there! Things will come around for you. You'll do it when your ready. Someone told me that a long time ago. I thought she was full of it. She wasn't.

Good Luck!!! You Can Do It!!!

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Hi there,

I am a certified personal trainer at a very well known gym.  I have a B.S. in Wellness, Health Promotion, and Injury Prevention with a minor in Exercise Science.  First things first, don't take hydroxycut (or anything else of that nature) it is ****.  It will mess up your metabolism, and yes, most likely, you will gain weight once you stop taking it.  Also, since it sounds like you've had some musculoskeltal issues, I would consult with your dr. first and get cleared for exercise.

As far as exercise goes, the first step is always the hardest.  Making yourself go to the gym/starting your at home workout is probably more difficult than the actual workout for most people.  Heck, I personal train for a living and I have days where I just really do not want to exercise.  My best advice is to find something that you enjoy and then just do it (I know it *****), but I have found that once I get started, I feel a lot better.  

Sounds like yoga and/or pilates may be a good fit for you (they can be more fun than a traditional workout for some people, plus especially in yoga you have the added benefit of stress relief).  There's also Zumba if you're at all into dancing, or (this may sound funny) but have you ever thought about something like Carmen Electra's "strippercise"?  

Anyone else who speaks english in your area that needs a workout partner?  I workout with one of my girlfriends and we help keep each other motivated.  How is your insurance?  I know some insurance policies cover things like dietitian/nutritionist visits and/or things like weight watchers, etc., might be worth looking into.  Also, I know a lot of gyms have child care, maybe look into any within your area?  I know where I work, child care is included in your monthly membership dues.  Just a thought...

Hopefully that helps a little!

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Tigerlilly had some great ideas for meals.  Learn to cook.  You can eat food that is much better for you nutritionally, tastes better, and doesn't have to take a lot of time. There are lots of videos on the internet and look for easy recipes.  Why not feed the healthier food to your little guy too.  Start him off right and then it is only one meal at a time you are cooking and you know it will be healthy.  

I imagine you have a stroller.  Put the baby in it and get out and walk.  Find some videos for Mom and baby exercises.  Make it fun for the both of you.  You can do this!
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Oh, and try taking a look at some of the recipes on the healthy cooking forum - a great place to start.
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