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How do you MEASURE up?

So I noticed there are lots of "weigh in" posts, which there is nothing wrong with. I just don't have a scale so here I am with my measuring tape, checking my fluctuation. That and I find the scale changes throughout the day making you extremely happy in the morning, then if you weigh in at night, you bummed.

Anyways, Lets start measuring!

I am currently at:

Height: 5'2''
HIPS: 41 inches
Waist: 31 inches
Chest: 37 inches

Im hoping to go to 39/29/37 (or bigger, fingers crossed) by my wedding in August.

Good luck to all!
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Weighing more than once/day is NOT a good idea, because your weight will fluctuate due to fluid retention, undigested food, etc.

I haven't been measuring, so can't post mine.  My scale says I'm down 4 pounds from last week, but it's hard to say if that's a permanent FAT loss or just a fluke, since I've been gaining and losing the same 10 pounds for over a year....... I'm aiming to lose at least 30 - too bad it's NOT working............

Keep on with your tape measure - as long as the measurements are getting smaller, you are making headway......
Good luck
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I weigh EVERY day, ONCE/day-----first thing in the AM *only*.  I have been doing this for 3 years.  I lost 70 lbs by doing this....at the moment, I am 6 lbs OVER my goal weight.  OOPS.  But, by keeping close tabs, I stay a LOT closer to my goal than when I just "ignored it."  Yeah, I tried that!  

I *DO* measure myself on the 1st of EVERY month.  Measuring is a WONDERFUL way to encourage yourself, esp. during those times if the scale isn't moving (or, as in your case, if you don't have a scale).
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I don't weigh in everyday either. I also don't measure either. I normally weigh in every Sunday in the AM either in the same pjs I wear every Sunday or nothing at all. I don't weigh at night because I know that our weight changes from hour to hour and sometimes after I eat a heavy or salty meal it goes up too.

I know I've lost inches because I wear a smaller size now. i use to wear a size 26 in pants and now I wear a size 18 or 20 depending on the material and brand. I think maybe once I start getting closer to be ideal weight (still a long time from now) then I will start measuring. But I still have about another atleast 70lbs to go.
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Well, I LoVe your  Spunk!!!  I weigh daily, same time each am and same outfit (none) in order to accurately reflect my weight.  It has helped me stay accountable.  If I have eaten correctly and gain a pound or two .. no worries.  If I have strayed a little, it is my "reality" to get back on track and take ownership for my decisions.

Haven't measured for a long time and have been meaning to .. so thank YOU for the prompt I needed to do so.  I started out in a size 30/32 and now am in a 14/16 (top and pants) and a 12/14 dress .. so am literally half the person I was.  Still have about 45 pounds to go so expect my numbers will change.

Here goes ...

Bust 44"
Waist 37"
Hips 48"

What can I say, I'm curvy and I'm glad of that.  ;)  Now I'm going to go put these measurements on my weight tracker!  

This is a GREAT idea for us to do individually and as a community!  We can watch those change as well and have a history of it!  I've go to look up my old ones (numbers) and will come back and repost .. because I'm anxious to see the number difference!
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Hey .. I added my BMI as well to the weight tracker.  Just go the right side column in the community and find Community Calculators.  Click on "Body Mass Index".  Fill in your height and weight and have it calculate.  Take that number and post it in your weight tracker!  

We should watch this number fall as well!!!  Great JOB!  

Lucey - Perhaps you can do a similar "measure" and "BMI" post every so often so we all remember to record this regularly!  ;)
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Just wanted to stop and wish every1 good luck!! I still hang around im just in maintenance mode but i still have to kick my behind off the PC everyday to get some exercise in!! I lost a total of 17lbs which was my goal i feel SO much better now! Here's my starting and now


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Everyone is making so much prgress.
I know what you mean about the same 10 pounds. Im doing the same.

My progress is...not so much with the progressing but I'm trying. Ive had the same measurements since April!. Im changing it now though. Im only aiming to loose a couple inches and that is because I have  always been so greedy and wasnt happy with every pound that came off.

My idea of measure started when my family would comment on how good I looked and Im getting so thin, but the scale wouldn't move. And of course it was right there, the first thing you see when you walk in the bathrooms so I was always tempted just to "check up on it" My Granny weighs in weekly, and though Im jealous of her aqua sizing at 6 am every morning at her youngness of 79, she does count every 1/4 of a pound and beets her self up over it. Shes on the big side but is in great shape.

So I originally came on here to tell you about my terrible shopping trip. I wanted a dress.
My legs, I have noticed, are looking nice. As I tried on the first short skirt, I realized, I havnt been looking at them naked in a full length mirror. Only when Im sitting with them bent. Short dresses are OUT! (for now)
But I found a nice full length one that doesnt emphasize  the muffin top! So Im happy! (though hubby wont when he sees how much I paid for it. hehe)

Oh, before I go, I found another way to keep exercising. I was baby sitting my friends 8 ear old and we went for a walk. Half way through she asked to go to the park. We were both told specifically that if she asks, we dont go. Only if it was my idea do we go. So for the rest of the walk she WHINED. I had already had her for 3 hours and he whining was getting to me. So I told her if she whined again, we were going to run, every time. We ran the rest of the way. She surprisingly said it was fun after, but didnt want to go on another walk when In asked!

Keep up the good work!
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