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How to gain weight?

Dear Sir or Madam,
I am a 25 year old woman that has always been underweight and has struggled (and still does) to gain weight. I currently weigh 55kg, which is the highest weight I have ever been. Since I do look very skinny, having nearly no chest and a very scrawny upper body (waist about 64 cm), people accuse me of having an eating disorder, which is an illness to be taken seriously, however I luckily don't suffer from. I have never been on a diet to loose weight, rather the opposite. I always try to eat as much as I can to gain weight. 5 years ago I started to work out once, sometimes twice a week, mostly weight training and only very little cardio, in order to gain muscle mass.
My sister currently weighs about 53 kg after having a baby boy and has always weighed less than me, but looked more curvier and healthier. When she got pregnant, her starting weight was 50kg. She does not eat well, only little portions and only twice a day (an estimated calorie intake of 1500). If I ate as little as her, I would probably drop down to 45 kg in the blink of an eye. I do eat 3 times a day, mostly double the amount, sometimes even triple, and also snack, but to no effect... And still feel hungry after 2 hours.
Why is that? And what can I do to make myself look a little more like the 25 year old woman that I am? Thank you very much for dealing with my question!
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I forgot to add that my height is 169 cm.
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Herbalife has a delicious protein shake that is good for gaining weight
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You said that you feel hungry very soon, so why not try to eat some high calorie and fat content food, because this kind of food can provide you enough calorie and fat that your body needed. Though you`re really slim, I still suggest that you should have some sport. Sport or exercise can help you to gain the musle. Of course that must take you such long time to see the feedback. The TCM has the nature cured about many problem.
Massage and acupuncture can get through the meridians, promote the blood circulation,Chinese traditional medicine treatment or natural therapy, this method is safe and effective,without any side effects.
Hope that l help.
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