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How to get started..MUCH HELP NEEDED!!!

Hello my fellow WL&D members i came here once upon a time when this community first opened encouraging members that they can do this and one day i stopped coming now i need the help.

First of all im not in to the calorie counting thing or the dieting thing  however i will and want to cut back on the junk food and soda etc..

To be honest i love food i really do especially candy sweets cak ice cream stuff like that i know its not good for you what so ever but i just cant seem to stop. I tell myself tomorrow ill stop eating this and drinking that but i say the same thing the next day.i tend to over eat most days ohk everyday. i dont drink water too often which is a no no

my boyfriend loves me the way i am..but i do make comments about myself which he does not like i want to stop saying them. Hes skinny i eat more then him it really does bother me.maybe a tad jealous he can eat and eat and not gain a thing :)

Im 5ft 6 weigh about 180 to 185 lbs not sure i dont like the scale to disappointing to me soo i dont use it plus the one i have is off by 15lbs yikes its a lot. I do not think im Huge but i feel like it sometimes. i feel the scale would hinder my progress.

where do i start how do i start????

I know of great excersises i was in the army but got a medical discharge for a pelvis stress fracture.

I love running i feel free etc.. but now im just worried what others will think of me running down the street.

My problem areas are ...

1. my stomache has major chubbage do not like it it bothers me alot/ love handles not my fortay

2. my thighs are getting strech marks on them..thigh rub not soo great on my pants

3. arms there starting to get marks as well and more fattier

4.my face needs work. im attractive i think it just has that extra chubb in my chin area

5. my chest area is rather large it dont bother me just the sagging part of it.

6. My lower legs are toned but are starting to get the marks as well its the most toned part on my body.

I will admit i have low self esteem and insecurities and i belive my weight loss journey will really help i want to do this i want to start my weight loss journey to a happier healthier new me i know i can just stuck i guess.

I want to help you help me :)

i would like to begin the journey with all of you

it took alot for me to come here and ask for help but if i dont then where would that leave me stuck forever now is the time to do something about it :)
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Sorry its a lil long but i needed you to have all the info that way u can help me in all the places i mentioned above thank you in advance :)
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Why not start by reading through some of the previous posts on how to get started.  Then make small changes only - like maybe exchanging one soda per day with a glass of water or unsweetened tea.  Trade one candy bar for a banana.  Exchange your white bread for whole grain breads.  Gradually increase the changes until you no longer crave sodas or sweets.  

Eat small meals often throughout the day in order to keep your blood sugar at an even keel, that way you shouldn't feel hungry all the time.  Try to consume fiber and protein with every meal as they will fill you up quicker and keep you feeling fuller longer.  

Make small changes that you can live with because this is something that you will need to stay with for the rest of your life in order to keep off the weight you lose.  

Don't worry what you look like when you are running!!  The important thing will be that YOU are the one getting the exercise and that's good for you.  

I know it's hard to be around some people that seemingly can eat whatever they want and not gain weight, but try to go ahead and do what you need to do for YOU.  I can't eat as much as I like either or I blow up like a balloon - so I just deal with it.  And look at it this way - the candies, cakes, ice cream, etc is not only damaging for your weight, it's also not good for your blood sugar, etc.  

It would be a good idea to start a food journal to keep track of what you eat and the nutritional values.  There are several web sites where you can do this - spark people is one and living strong is another.  And by all means set up your weight and exercise trackers here on MH - to keep track of your progress.  

Of course, come back often and read the posts - there are always some really good ideas.  Good luck and hope to see you around.  
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I started by cleaning out the cupboards and the fridge. I stopped buying junk and tried to only buy fruits and veggies (I have to buy a lot frozen because sometimes the raw stuff just doesn't get eaten in time- just make sure they don't have added sugar/salt).

Next, you might need to chart your calorie intake for at least a week or two. Just chart your food and see what you're taking in. This was a step that I refused to do for a year. I finally did it last month and WOW! I realized I was actually not getting enough calories, which is just as detrimental to weight loss as eating too much.

You don't have to get obsessive with it, but just so you know where you're at. I stopped charting mine once I saw what my favorite meals were like in regards to fat/carbs/calories.

There are healthy alternative snacks- 100 Calorie Snacks, popcorn without butter, fruits with low fat dip, veggies with those Salad Spritzer dressings, etc.

You'll cut out a ton of calories when you drop the pop, too. But you'll probably need to wean yourself off pop. When you cut it out you may get headaches or feel sluggish because your body isn't used to working without the caffeine. Not to mention pop dehyrates you.

Increase your water intake significantly! All I drink is water, all the day long. It gives me a ton of energy.
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oh yeah i just wanted to add. never weigh yourself every day!!!! i use to do that and i got discouraged because my weight would go up and down. so stick to 1 day a week in the morning time and weigh yourself. and yes the 100 cal snack packs are great. they come in so many different kinds, from savory to sweet. they even make 100 cal candy, like m&m's or twix. so u dont have to give up everything, its just to limit the amount you eat.

you like ice cream, so you can get something like Edy's or Friendly's (i got chocolate chip cookie dough) slow churned ice cream. Great flavors and half the fat and sugar. Also for cake lovers (like myself) Little Debbie makes 100 cal snack cakes, in chocolate and vanilla...which are so yummy (found them in target for 1.61) plus mashmallow treats.

And i found that walking everyday for about 30 mins makes easy weight loss. I started doing that about a month or so after i started my diet.

Good luck!!! Im always around if you need a friend!!!
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Hi msgorgeous, welcome back to the community! Glad you're back because this is a great community where you'll definitely get lots of support and helpful advice. I also suggest going back and reading through some past posts because theres a lot of great information in them.

I've learned that it's really important to be honest with myself and to hold myself accountable for any mistakes when trying to lose weight. Just because I don't want to admit I ate that big brownie all by myself, doesnt mean it didnt happen!  That means you have to go out of your comfort zone a bit and push yourself to do things you arent used to doing or just flat out don't want to do, and also to face your fears.

Ok so first things first. It's important for you to face the scale. It's good to know what your exact starting point is and to guage your progress as you go along. It can be scary and even upsetting in the beginning, but the scale is a great tool to keep track of your progress. Avoiding the number isnt going to make your weight any different, it's just keeping the truth from yourself so it's best to face it and then make a plan to change it. It's not always the most accurate way to measure your progress because of daily normal weight fluctuations (hormones, retaining water from excess sodium consumption or exercise etc) which is why you shouldnt weigh in any more than once a week, and definitely not multiple times throughout the day. Pick the same day of the week to have your weekly weigh-in, weigh yourself in the morning, after you use the bathroom and before you eat and drink anything. If your scale is off by about 15 lbs you can get an inexpensive one from Walmart or Target. Doesnt even have to be digital or have any kind of fancy features! Just something basic that will help you keep track.

You don't have to consider weight loss "dieting" Diets are restricting and usually don't work out in the long term anyway. Try viewing this as a lifestyle change and make little changes here and there to help you get healthier. You don't have to cut out any food groups, but try substituting healthier varieties. Examples, switch from dark meat poultry and red meat to lean poultry and fish. Switch from whole milk dairy products to lowfat or fat free. Switch the "white stuff (white rice, sugary processed cereals, semolina pasta, white breads) to whole wheat and whole grain varieties. Opt to grill, bake or lightly sautee dishes instead of breading and frying. Incorporate more fruits and vegetables into your diet and start cutting back on prepacked foods and super calorie dense snacks. Stuff like that.  I will say though, in my personal opinion I feel like calorie counting IS the way to go. It's what's worked for me. I used to be 300 lbs and so far I've lost about 155 lbs by counting calories. I know it's not fun and sometimes inconvienient, but weight loss really comes down to a basic math equation: Calories in vs. calories out. Cutting back on junk food is of course a great approach, but ultimately even if you're consuming too many calories worth of whole grains, minimally processed foods and organic foods, you'll still gain weight. I know when I try to roughly estimate my portions or keep track of the food I eat in my head, I still end up underestimating what I actually ate by a lot. I agree with everyone here who has suggested keeping track of your foods in an online journal. I do it every day and it really helps me stay accountable. If you are on the go a lot and don't think that an online food journal would be the best option, you could also just do it the old fashioned way and write it down by hand in a food journal. There are a lot of free websites that can help set up a basic meal plan and daily calorie range to stick to based on your specific needs. I used *********** ******* to figure out mine and that's what has worked for me. Also websites like calorieking.com and thedailyplate.com have a very large calorie and nutrition database so you can look up just about any kind of food you can think of.  All you need are some basic measuring cups and spoons and an inexpensive kitchen scale. And rather than eating on the go (drive-thru's and take out places) prepare your food the night before and take it with your in portable tupperware containers. And always keep healthy snacks with you. I always have a granola bar, packet of nuts and raisins or some kind of fruit in my bag in case I get hungry throughout the day to avoid stopping into starbucks for a 500 calorie muffin. Bringing healthy snacks and meals with you will keep you on track throughout the day. It's just about planning ahead.

And as far as specific problem areas go, unfortunately we can't spot reduce where our weight goes because that's just based on our genetic makeup. There are exercises that can help tone and strengthen your muscles, but ultimately the only way to slim down your arms, face, legs, tummy etc is to lose weight overall. And the way to do that is to burn calories by doing aerobic exercises and to cut your calories back. If you love running, then that's great! I understand being self conscious because I've dealt with low self esteem just about my whole life. But you're doing this for you and you alone and if there's a type of activity you love doing, then go for it! No one is going to be watching or judging you.

Best of luck to you and please come back often and let us know how you're doing!
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That was awesome StarryNight23.  You've made a huge accomplishment in your own life and it's great that you are willing to share your experiences.  
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