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I am seeing weight-loss/diet professional help

I weigh 200 lbs, 5ft4, 41 year old woman.
I am looking for a specialist who deals with obesity/weight-loss. My family doctor has not been much of a help.
For the past year on and off he prescribed Benzphetamine (sp?) but it is not helpng me.

What is the professional dealing with obesity/weight-loss called? I need to find a specialist who treats that.
I know about bariatric doctors, but I am not seeking surgery at this point, only diet and weight loss.

Please advise .. I need help
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hiya, i cant be too much help but i believe you might want a referrel to a dietician.  Also have you tried looking for support in weight loss groups such as weight watchers, slimming world etc??
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A dietician or nutritionist should be able to help you; or you can check your local yellow pages for weight loss specialists, but be careful - you don't want to get someone using such things as hcg, etc because those don't work.
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OK, my fault, I should have mentioned it in my post.
I am trying to seek a physician's help instead of dietitican/nutrition because insurance COVERS medical doctors, it wont cover nutritionist.

I guess my question should have been: would bariatric doctors be able to help me?

and what is HCG ?

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Yes, I'm sure a bariatric doctor would be able to help you, but might be more likely to push for surgery, since that's their specialty.

Actually, a good primary care physician could most likely help you, as well. Plus there are a lot of different weight loss clinics around, most run by doctors, though I don't know if your insurance covers that type of doctor.  

HCG is a hormone produced by pregnant women that many weight loss doctors are providing to their patients, mostly in shot form, for weight loss. The HCG program includes a diet that consists of only 500 calories/day, so it's not really the HCG that causes the weight loss, it's the drastic cut in calories, which is very bad for you.

What have you tried so far, to lose weight?  Maybe if you stick around, we can help you.
Have you had your thyroid tested to make sure you aren't hypothyroid, which causes weight gain/inability to lose.  In addition, insulin resistance and PCOS, both make it very difficult to lose weight.  
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Barb, thanks so much, it helps to have these imputs.
I am going to see my primary care physician tomorrow.
I had tests done: I dont have thryoid problems nor anything such as diabetes/triglicerides .. but what is PCOS ??

I am trying to get a doctor's help for weight loss, because its the least expensive way for me. Insuracne covers doctors, but I doubt it will cover weight loss clinics. Certoanly wont conver nutritionist/dietician.
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I'm happy to know that you've had blood work done for thyroid, but in case you don't  know, there can still be thyroid problems, even when the usual blood work shows normal on the tests.  I wasn't specifically referring to diabetes, I was suggesting insulin resistance, which is actually a "forerunner" to full blown diabetes.  

PCOS is Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome.  You might want to research that a bit.

Yes, I understand that a doctor is covered by insurance, while other professionals are not; shame isn't it?  

What have you tried, so far, for losing weight?  In terms of diet, exercise, etc?  
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Thank you Barb ! your input was helpful and it encourages me .. I will defintiely keep in touch with you about the weight issue ..
I have no history whatsoever of ovarian diseases. It was never an issue.
My weight gain is due to my anxiety leading to emotional eating, and binging in the evenings and nights. I went to see my family Doc the other day, he put me back on Wellbutrin XL .. and I beleive that particular depressant in the past has helped me lose weight and feel better by lowering my anxiety level .
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CORRECTION:  Wellbutrin XL .. and I beleive that particular anti-depressant ...
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