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I can't keep food down? What can I do ?

I'm a 17 year old female and recently just got out of a really bad relationship I suffer very bad anxiety and I've had a loss of appetite completely. I've lost 15 pounds in the past 2 weeks and it's really starting to hurt my body. Everytime I do Eat a small amount of anything my body rejects it and I end up throwing up... I'm 5'0 and now 110 pounds. What should I do ?
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You need to see a doctor if you've lost that much weight so quickly because of persistent nausea.
As for the anxiety, you need to see a psychologist to start to treat that, it will take work.  Keep in mind that everyone who feels sadness or a separation feels bad and grieves in their own way.  Grief isn't a mental illness, but you say you're an anxiety sufferer and the extreme loss of weight means you're also losing nutrients.  Assuming this is truly grief or sadness or anxiety at being alone, it will pass in time, but the reason I recommend seeing a doctor is you're losing weight really fast.  I mean, if this is truly you feeling this terrible about a broken relationship that you're risking your health, that requires immediate help, but it's also a physical problem in that you're losing nutrients you need for not just short term but also long-term health.  Persistent nausea causes problems.  Therapy takes time, so in the meantime you need to get nutrients into you and if you're not willing or able to pull yourself together enough to feed yourself you will need a nutritional feeding program in the meantime.  The alternative is to pull yourself together enough to eat.  One way or the other this cannot last.  You know that, right?  And you know better than we do if this might be something physiological or if this is the way you react to stress.
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