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I need help creating an exercise routine

At the moment i am pregnant and i am doing very light exercises, mainly just walking for 15-20 minutes every other day but once i have the baby me and my fiance are going to start exercising to get in healthy shape for ourselves and our baby boy. I do not want a 6 pack and muscles, neither does my fiance. We just want to tone our arms and have flat stomachs. About a month after i give birth is when i plan to start getting real serious about getting in shape, right now im just trying to come up with a plan while i have the extra time to do so.
I have found some exercises and have some ideas and i need opinions on if it will work or if i should alter it and if so how.
So i figured 4 days a week we would jog for 30-40minutes each day and 3 days a week we would do ab, tricep and bicep exercises for 30ish minutes each day. We would also go to drinking mainly water and change our eatting habits more aswell by then (which we are working on changing our eatting habits now so we wont have to struggle later)

Does this sound like a good exercise plan?
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Why not try yoga?  It would be wonderful for you during your pregnancy, because it stresses balance, breathing, etc.  Amazon.com has quite a few dvd's specifically for pregnancy.  Also see a few for post pregnancy. You can find them at the following link:


Once your pregnancy is over, and it's safe for you to do more strenuous exercise, you and your fiance might try "Biggest Loser, Yoga for Weight Loss" to get those toned arms and flat tummies.

Of course, no matter what else you undertake, a good brisk walk is always good.
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