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I want to reduce my wait.

currently m having 76kg and my hight is 5'7" and I am also doing regular exercise, going gym but I want proper dite chart from morning breakfast to dinner.
Kindly assist..
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Your weight depends on your exercise and diet.
1:exercise- maintain a regular exercise which should include jogging atleast 2 within 20-25 mins.
2:diet- eat more breakfast, moderate amount of lunch, light dinner
Avoid fatty foods such as egg yolks, butter, cashew or even rice.
Switch to wheat instead of rice. Take in more fibres, proteins, carbohydrates and electrolytes
Drink plenty of water at regular intervals. It should reach around a minimum of 2L a day in a moderate weather.

Breakfast should include proteins with at least egg whites ,pulses or beans ,fibres such as oatmeal, a two bananas.
Lunch can include fibres and vegetables-half boiled like broccoli and green leafy vegetables.
Dinner: it should be light with fruits like apples, avocados, boiled vegetables and two tablespoon of pure honey.

Be regular with exercises and this diet and a confirm result awaits you within two months.

You may increase the amount of protein diet if you are planning for a body buildup with this.
Sorry- 2kms* in 20-25 mins
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I think the recommendations above have some mistakes in them, at least in my humble opinion.  Cashews and other nuts do have lots of fat but are excellent sources of protein and fiber and are recommended for heart health.  They are excellent as replacements for eating too much animal protein.  Almonds and walnuts are probably better as they have less fat, but cashews are still a great food.  Wheat instead of rice?  Most people are either allergic to wheat, have an intolerance to it, or can't handle the gluten in it.  The reason is it's a human invented food hybridized from natural grains.  Rice, on the other hand, especially brown rice, is one of the highest energy sources you can eat and almost nobody has a problem with it.  The two tablespoons of honey I don't understand at all.  While some people are champions of raw honey for certain purposes, honey is sugar.  Save it for dessert.  Jogging isn't recommended for anyone.  While it is loved by many, it is extremely hard on the knees and other joints.  Do it if you love it, but nobody has to do it to lose weight or to be fit.  Bicycles and elliptical machines and walking and swimming are all much better for you and just as effective, so only do it if you love it.  Vegetables don't have to be boiled -- they can also be grilled and have the same value.  Some can be eaten raw, such as carrots, and some can't.  By the way, avocados, while having many healthy qualities, contain as much fat probably as a cashew or nearly as much, so fat isn't the reason not to eat a food -- wild fish is fatty too but it's healthy fat and won't make you fat.  So what's the proper diet?  There isn't really one that fits everyone.  The one that has held up best over time is the good old well-balanced diet, sometimes called the Mediterranean Diet, but that isn't just one diet.  It's basically a balance of lots of vegetables, especially green leafy ones, whole grains, though the people studied in fact mostly eat highly processed grains and lots of bread, beneficial oils such as olive oil, lots of seafood, very moderate amounts of meat.  Pretty standard stuff.  But as said above, if you're trying to build muscle, higher levels of protein are usually necessary, but high protein diets, quite a fad these days, have never held up long-term for either health or weight loss and can have hazardous consequences for some people.  But they are good for weight loss and muscle building short-term so, like jogging, if you love it, that might be more important to you than other things.  
By the way, those eating the Mediterranean way eat a lot of rice.
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