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I'm just STUCK

I worked incredibly hard this week... and I went from 180 lbs back up to 184 lbs and then today down to 181 lbs. Yo-yo yo-yo yo-yo......... arg!!!!!! It's like my body REFUSES to dip below into the 170's.

I have to keep telling myself THIS week is the week I reach at LEAST 178. PLEASE!!! I feel myself getting desperate, which is probably stressing me out, which is probably increasing belly fat (reminds me of that Relacore commercial). We live in a generation that is gimme and gimme NOW. I'm trying to be more patient (hubby says I'm very impatient).

I don't know- I just feel my motivation and resolve slipping away. When the scale doesn't move I'm so discouraged because I'm trying so hard whereas it just melts off everyone else around me (no, no thyroid problems, either).

Okay, that was a rant and it felt good. On a positive note my size 14 jeans are about 2-3 inches LOOSE but size 12 is still a little too tight. I always have to add a positive note, LOL! My name is JOY afterall.
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Oh and I do have a question- my scale is 4 lbs off but I just go by what it reads because it is a constant. I know it is 4 lbs off because my SIL went to her doctor and was weighed, then came over and used my scale. So I tested it out- went to my doctor and got weighed, came home and weighed. Yup, 4 lbs off.

So... if it really is 4 lbs off that would mean I do weigh 177 lbs in reality, right? I just plain hate scales. Why can't they all be calibrated the SAME? BTW, mine is digital and measures BMI as well, so it's a nice one.

Basically- do I automatically deduct 4 lbs each time I weigh? Or should I stick to what I see? The reason it bothers me is because the whole time I've been weighing in I've always written down exactly what I see. It's not that hard to go through and deduct 4 lbs from all of that. But just wondering what you would do?
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Honey, Child, I'll start with your second post first - it's the easiest one to answer!  Since you sound confident in the 4lbs, I'D GO WITH THAT!  It doesn't sound like you'd be kidding yourself, so why not?

Okay, the tougher one - your first rant, er, post!  Since you had not weight tracker for me to look at how long you've been stuck - how long have you been stuck???  Remember, patience is a virtue!  LOL!  

Suggestion #1:  are you doing the same old workouts all the time?  Like, are Mondays always the same, Tuesdays, etc.?  Mix it up.  And, *gasp* even skip a day or two.  That's right, I said SKIP A DAY!!!  Remember, be very careful what you eat that day (calories in/calories burned still matter!).  I hate to tell this in public, but I missed workouts for 2 weeks over Christmas when I went to FL.  I gained 0.0 lbs, plus coming back and getting back into the routine jumped started my weight-loss again.  I am NOT advocating a 2-week hiatus - VERY DANGEROUS unless necessary - but a short one is sometimes a real plateau-breaker.

Suggestion #2:  Ranae has an invaluable post about breaking a plateau IF YOU ARE ONE WHO EATS ACCORDING TO A CERTAIN CALORIE COUNT.  It's fantastic!!!  You could look through the archives for it - definitely worth looking for.  Breaking a plateau and posted by Ranaesheart would be what you are looking for (that is, if she doesn't come across this post first and hyper-link it for you!).

Let me do just a little bit of double-talk.  Instead of a total exercise sabbatical, why not just COMPLETE change it up.  Like if you're ONLY doing exercise DVD's (yoga, pilates, shred, etc.) why not take one 10-minute walk in the a.m. and another 10-minute walk in the p.m.?  Do this for a week - and eat lighter for a week.  Then, go back to your heavier workout routine.  

Maybe this will put things in perspective for you:  my dad was a letter-carrier before he retired.  His was a walking route.  He walked between 4-5 miles/day.  His doctor said this was NOT exercise for him because it was *just* his job and he was used to it.  He HAD to find a way to fit in regular exercise outside of his job!

You don't wanna know how I motivate people who begin losing their resolve...but you may suspect!  I'm kidding.  You're not losing - but unwanted weight, girl!!!
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I had that response all written and you took it right off my screen - shame on you!!  lol

JoyRenee - be careful - twehner likes to make people do crunches; she'll have you at it before you know it.  JK!  

I agree with the idea of changing things around.  Your body becomes accustomed to the same routine all the time and after a while, no longer responds.  

I also agree to go ahead and take off the 4 pounds. I wouldn't want to make mine match my doctor's because theirs is about 5 pounds more than mine, but then my weight fluctuates a lot in a short time so I don't think I'd really be able to do a comparison unless I took my scale to the doctor's with me.  Also, I usually go to the doctor's in the afternoon, after I've retained fluid all day.  

Anyway, hang in there - you'll get the scale moving again.  
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I always weight more at my doctor's office, too.  Somehow, I don't think they want me to take off all my clothes in order to match my scale to theirs, do you?  Now, THERE'S A PICTURE FOR YA!!!

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Thank you! I never do the same thing every day and I was actually just looking up a different workout on s p a r k p e o p l e before I read this. I didn't ride the stationary bike today either, which I usually do. Yesterday I took my kids to the park and played all over the playground with them.

And I stopped counting calories for a week, too, because I wanted to see what would happen. I do think I eat more when I don't see how much fat/calories are going down the trap.

Oh, Barb, that's funny! Thankfully I do quite a few crunches every day... I'm more worried about twehner making me do MORE than I already do!!! AHHH! Now THAT would be a challenge.
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It's hard to say but definetly try something totally different! I swear this just happens when you are crossing from one set of #'s to the next, my body fought me too when i was crossing from the 130's bk over to the 120's but once i fought bk and showed it who was the boss i got that scale moving again lol!! and so can you!! I was only doing wii fit and the 10 min jump start from SP at first then when i got stuck is when i started The Shred!!
You were asking for videos ideas well i do have The Jari Love's Slim and Lean its really good and from what i hear ALL of her videos are!! its alot of reps and stuff but you will feel it!!
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