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Is Fasting Safe?

I am on my tenth day of a thirty day fast and I have lost 14 pounds. I am in good health except for a mild mitral valve prolapse. I only drink coffee and water during my fast and so far I have had no adverse side effects besides being tired and feeling somewhat lousy on the third and fourth day. Everything I've read about fasting seems to indicate that this is a safe way to flush toxins out of your system and increase your overall health as long as you break the fast correctly. I was seeking an expert opinion however before I continue to go the whole thirty days. Can someone help me?  
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We are not medical professionals on this forum, so you'll have to look on the "expert" side to find someone who might be able to answer your question from a medical standpoint.  

I would NEVER recommend that anyone fast for 30 days and I don't think you will find a credible doctor to recommend that either -- you have to provide your body with food to provide nutrients and energy.......

Your body is designed to flush toxins via the kidneys and liver -- if you take care of yourself and eat right, you should not have to do anything so drastic as fasting for 30 days........that's just plain starvation and I can't imagine that it will do you any good at all.......and even if you don't see "immediate" harm to your body, I truly think you will later on...........

You can't live for 30 days on nothing but coffee and water, without suffering adverse effects...........

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I have to agree with Barb 135, there is no long term benifits from fasting for so long,
You say that you have lost 14lbs already if you do the 30 days you will lose a lot more, BUT when you start eating again you WILL gain it back again. It is much better to lose weight through a sensible diet/exercise program,
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It is so tempting to think a fast will get unwanted weight off and all will be well.
Hope you can keep weight off,and not suffer any side effects from your fasting.

In my case, my body is damaged by anal cancer treatment...radiation...so even if I want to fast, I can't ...my colon needs fiber or stops functioning...then it's a trip to ER.

I have been slender all my life, and believe I would be lots happier if I could lose at least 20 lbs....so have cut way back.

Best luck....maybe taking a vitamin supplement will help keep body balanced.
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Welcome to our community.  

I'm sorry to hear that you've had colon cancer.  

Fasting may get rid of a few pounds, but it will only be temporary and in my opinion is not a safe way to lose weight.  

You don't mention if you exercise or not.  You might also try adding extra protein with that fiber, since both tend to  help you feel fuller longer.

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