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Is eating before or after exercising best??

I have been keeping a pretty set routine of going to the gym in the evening. I was wondering when the best time for eating dinner would be?? Before or after??? So far I have been eating a decent size meal before working out and having a piece of fruit for a snack afterward. About a half hour after my work out my stomach demands food with lots of grumbling.... It's quite annoying! Is this good or not so much?

Any advise???  Thanks
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Completely normal. Your body's asking for nourishment to repair the muscles you used during your workout and restore the nutrients it needs to keep you in top form.
It is great to have a pre-and-post-workout snack and your choices are great, so keep it up. When you start feeling the grumblies again, don't hesitate to reach for another. It is commonly believed that eating late at night is detrimental for weight loss. But the truth is as long as you are active on a regular basis, there is nothing wrong with having a snack before you hit the sheets. Just be sure to keep it light, like a spoonful of peanutbutter on an apple, some yogurt, or a lean source of protein like scrambled egg whites or a few slices of turkey breast. The fibre and protein should keep you satisfied until the morning.
Keep up the good work!
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ok thanks! :)
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Yes that sounds good. Tip: if you can do a quick 15 min cardio before you even eat breakfast. Bcuz you haven't eaten anything you'll body will have to use the stored energy, therefor burning fat. Juts make sure you eat a healthy breakfast afterwards. :)
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I always eat one of those fiber bars, with 35% of your fiber, first. It keeps you full and has nutrients to help you workout. I also drink a full bottle of water first as well. Afterwards, I have some proteins (usually eggs, or peanut butter toast) and a fruit for sugars.
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Great advise :) thanks everyone!!
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