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This morning we're opening this thread up for a 2 hours LIVE CHAT.  Just make a "comment" post and say hello, ask a question, share some information and let's all get to know each other and share in our weight loss journeys.  

Be sure to keep refreshing your screen as that is the way you will see other members entries .. and then jump in and comment again!

Looking forward to "chatting" ...
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Good Morning!!!  Anyone out there this morning!  Sorry to be a tad bit late getting this started .. how's everybody doing?

What do you think about the food diary?  Any questions?

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Hmmm .. maybe the morning time is not a good time for members???  We're experimenting with some different dates and times to see what works for the WL&D members.  

Feedback as to WHAT WORKS FOR YOU .. is most appreciated.  Post on this link ANYTIME, even after the Chat .. I'll be checking.

Did you see what I LEARNED from using my Food Diary???  Have you had a chance to use it and learned anything yet???

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La laa la laaaa ... ***Talking to Self*** ... uh oh .. ;)

OK .. so will **Think Out Loud** ... perhaps an exercise challenge today .. a little motivation post .. a success story to give us hope ... a post about body image ..

That should keep me busy .. want to see anything else?????  
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HI!  You still here?  I worked out for an hour-and-a-half today.  I did a 45-minute step class that went right into a 45-minute body-sculpt (strength-training) class.  I'm pooped!
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Yeppers .. am here .. just reading your post on Social re 4th of July.  YEAHHHH for you and the Exercise!!!  Is it as hot there as here????
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Did you put it on your exercise tracker yet???  I'm going to be making an exercise post (or you could .. lol) and CHALLENGE everyone to do SOMETHING today and get those exercise trackers going.  

I need a drill sergeant!  ;)
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Oh!  I'll go update my tracker, GENERAL!  Sir, YES, SIR!

Be right back!
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Okay, you've gotta know that YOU caused my heart to skip a beat yesterday.  When you said that "our Skailark has flown the nest."  I thought he...., well, I thought.  I can't actually type here what I thought, but I almost DIED!  Well, that's what I thought about him!  I said, OMGOSH!  Then, you said he took a little vacation or whatever you said.  SEE?  I was so upset, I don't even know what you said after that!

ISN'T THAT TOO FUNNY??????????????
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LOLLLL .. you really are full of Sunshine!!!   So how do you like the Food Journal .. and absolutely LOVED the thread of all of you regarding the food journal.  What a way to be a TEAM!!!
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That is TOOO Funny!!!   Skailark has been planning a trip home for a while .. but had it scheduled for the 29th .. then ... ***suspense building*** ...
579258 tn?1250652943
he said he wasn't gonna go .. and then he was .. and finally ... ***drum roll***
579258 tn?1250652943
we met to chat and he said, I'm flying out in the MORNING!!!!  Talk about HEART STOPPING!!!!  He moved it up 2 weeks!!!!  He didn't even tell them he was coming home and completely shocked them!!!  

I've talked to him once since he's been home .. he arrived safe and sound .. and I could hear his sister laughing.  
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