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Welcome to our LIVE Chat.  This is where we can ask questions, get answers and share information on weight loss, dieting, family, work and build our community and deepen our friendships.  Remember we're all in this together!

Thanks for coming .. so very glad you're here.  This reinforces your desire to succeed and your commitment to you and your teammates.  Way to go!!

Now, who wants to start us off????  

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Hi Ranae & Others!

Here's one:  Has anyone felt the need to start taking supplements?  Now that I eat less, I worry more about not getting all my vit/minerals!
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I was a very good girl when preparing for Hallowe'en.  We only had 2 kids last year so I bought 6 full size chocolate bars so I'd not have leftovers to get into.  Wouldn't you know that 6 kids came to the door.  My husband had my rush back to the store to get some candy.  I got a bag of small chocolate bars.  Well, we had a little red wine with dinner tonight so the will power is low, no more kids since and we've devoured most of that bag.  Bad, bad, bad...
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I take a good multi-vitamin every day.
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Have to share with you that I've been trapping wild animals who have located themselves in the crawl space of my home.  A friendly ground hog dug a hole and now this warm space is thought of as a wildlife mansion!  

Two raccoons, a ground hog and a possum (yesterday) later, they have safely been relocated to a wooded area by a lake, away from the road, about 40 minutes from here ... LOLLL .. it's never dull.

Munching on some popcorn and drinking some mango flavored cardamon spiced tea .. how about you?  

How's your day been?
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I take a multi-vitamin just to help make sure I meet my nutritional needs.  Only other supplement is Vitamin C when I feel a cold coming on.  How about you?
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I'm on EST, and the kids here are just getting started!  I bought lots of candy, but this is my 2nd year here and I gave everything out last year!
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I've been taking b12, but am thinking of adding a multi-vitamin.  Esp. with the cold (temperature and bug) coming up!
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Hey, that's an idea for another Q:  How to not overeat on those days when you are sick and in bed?  Sometimes if I'm sick I'm not hungry, but usually I am.  And it's so tempting if you're laid up.
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Red wine and chocolate, a nice combination ... now you just need to plan on doing a couple of extra workouts this week .. and ... realize you've indulged enough and not eat the rest .. lolll  

Glad you shared .. it happens to everyone.  What we seem to learn as we progress on this journey .. is that we can indulge now and then as long as we get back on track.  And .. we can also learn to implement portion control .. like 1 small candy bar and a small glass ... and then you can do that again in a week ... intuitive eating.

Glad you shared .. it happens to everyone.
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It's been a boring day.  It's been very slow at my company and since I work from home I've been exhausted trying to keep myself busy.  This is tough as boredom provides me with excuses to neglect my diet.  If I'm busy it is much easier.
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When sick and laid up .. try to have some chicken noodle soup put back as you can eat lots of it .. good on the calories and great for the cold.  Applesauce is another one and perhaps some whole wheat toast.  Perhaps some SF jello?  
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Working from home must make eating well more difficult.  Any tips for how you make it work?
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