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Lean Cuisine Microwave Lunches

A week ago I started going to a Diet Dr and was put on Adipex (phentermine) and a B12 shot per week.  I don't want to depend on the pill but instead to use it to help reduce my food intake and make a lifetime change to keep the weight off for good.  My goal is to loose a little over 40 pounds.  

Will it be okay to eat Lean Cuisine microwave for lunch as long as I keep my calories under the 1200 that the doctor recommended me?
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I know you have seen a 'diet doctor' but if you are wanting to make lifestyle changes that you can stick to -  why are you going as low as 1200 calories a day? that is not something you would be able to sustain- and means as soon as you come off the pills and lose the weight you hope to you will jsut put it back on as soon as you eat more realistically.

I think you will find your body will go into starvation mode and will cling on to fluid and glycogen meaning the weight wont come off fast and wont stay off....

If you only need to lose 40lbs the way to do it is through sensible eating and exerices and like you said lifestyle changes that you can continue for a life time not the duration of weight loss.
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Agree with Whatawoman on the calories being too low and would urge you to provide your height, weight, age and exercise level and would be happy to look up the calories needed to maintain your weight.  From that, you should create a calorie deficit of approximately 500 calories a day to lose 1 pound a week.  To safely lose weight, for a lifetime, you should not lose more than 1-1.5 pounds per week.  Slowly and safely.  We didn't put it on overnight and it shouldn't come off that way.  

Starvation mode will also make you tired, slow your metabolism and burn lean muscle mass rather than fat stores because it hangs on to them to in an effort to preserve life.  

Will help you with motivation and support either way, but from one who has tried most every diet out there ... the only way I was ever successful was to stop "dieting" and change me eating habits for life.  Can't begin to tell you how much better I feel and YOU CAN DO THIS ... truly!!!  

We're here to help ... (((Hugs)))
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The trouble with LC and other prepackaged microwave meals is that they tend to have a lot of sodium, and not much food content.

As the others have mentioned, 1200 cals a day is probably too low for you.  Yes, you will lose some weight.  And yes, it will come right back when you return to eating in a healthy, normal way.

Far better to start a healthy, safe program with balanced meals and exercise.  There are many great programs to choose from.  Find one that speaks to your heart, that you feel you will be able to live with forever.  

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yeah you want to stay away from eating those frozen meals too much, they are packed with sodium, even the "low sodium" ones still have loads.
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Hi everyone and thank you for your help.  I guess that is the reason that the Doctor told me not to eat ANY microwave foods at all and to start packing my healthy lunch everyday to work which I find hard to do, lol.  The 1200 calories a day is what he recommended me to eat everyday according to my age, height etc..

Here is desciption:
I am 5'1' - 38 yrs old and weighed 176.6 on my first dr visit-they also found 33.5% body fat and considered me to be obese and at risk of diabetes, and other health complications...
Before-I used to be no more than 120 pounds all my life until 4 years ago, even after having 4 kiddos.  I used to exercise on a regular basis and hardly ever ate breads or cokes (just b/c I didn't like them).  A little over 4 years I was given several depression pills due to my 7 yr old son passing away, and gained the weight. I stoped exercising completely and my metabolism was gone.  I took the pills for a little over a year.

I now eat lots of fruits, vegetables, salads, chicken, fish and drink allot of water but do give me a break on the weekends.  I started exercising every other day for 20-25 minutes except for the weekends.  I cut the breads and reg sugar because that's how I used to eat before.  My goal is weigh 130-135 pounds.
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Don't forget your whole grains, healthy oils, and dairy products.

Eventually you will want to increase your exercising, also.

Weight Watcher's has an excellent on-line program. (you don't have to go to weekly meetings or weigh-ins) Just something you might want to consider.

Good luck!
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