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Looking for a way to lose weight fast.

Several of my friends told me that weight loss products LIPOVON is very efficient. Anyone heard anything? Thank you.
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I don't recommend weight loss aids such as that, because they usually don't work, but even if they do, the weight is usually regained as soon as the weight loss aid is discontinued.

It's also not healthy to lose weight quickly.  Making lifestyle changes you can stick with is much better.
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Losing weight fast means gaining it back faster.  Healthy, sustainable weight loss is 1-2 pounds per week.  I know, this isn't as fast as anyone would like it to be, but every little bit makes a difference.  Myself, I prefer the hula hooping diet!  Eat healthy, hoop a lot :)
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Diets are no more useful than a dietary supplement, which quickly breaks down fats. I used Lipovon year ago and lost 6 kg per month., Then do not get them recovered. Try it, it is not harmful. Good luck.
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Orlistat is good too if you are considering the medication side of losing the weight. My sister used it to help lose weight. She didn't go to her GP though as she had tried to lose weight before so was a bit self conscious as it hadn't worked. I think by not putting herself through that she felt more in control and sorted it on her own. She used a place called the online clinic, they gave her free consultation and then sorted her a prescription. :)  
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Thanks for the advice!
I tried all sorts of diets, but to no avail because I have a problem with metabolism.
Find a solution for this with this product.
Good luck.
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I read the discussion and see that there are two poles, one is for the use of such products, others are not, that's okay. I personally go to the gym when I have time but I've been wearing products.
For me the man himself must choose what to do.
Good luck!
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