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Losing Weight--Need Help!!

I'm a 21 year old woman. I do at least an hour and a half of cardio everyday at least 6 days a week. I have been in the same routine for a few years so that might be a factor. My workout includes the eliptical on high resistance, occassionally the treadmill and sometimes weight training for my arms. I have not been able to lose anymore wieght and am wondering what I should be doing differently. I have been trying to loose around 30 pounds for a while now and have not been able to lose any weight. Any suggestions would be helpful.

thank you!
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It sounds like you have hit a wall and need to change things up. When you do something routinely your body can get use to it and will stop showing results. Maybe you should try working out every other day. One day focus on just the upper body and then the next time focus on lower body. Also, using wieghts or resistance bands will increase your metabolism. Make sure you are drinking lots of water each day to....very important.

What is your diet? Make sure that you do not go over 2 fruit servings a day. Fruit contains sugars, good sugars, but sugars nonetheless. I learned that after gaining weight. Thought that I was doing right by eating lots fruits and veggies. You can eat endless amounts of greens but limited amounts of yellows. One more tip, sip on ice water throughout your day. It will increase your blood flow which raises your metabolism.
Anyway, hope this helps!
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I agree that once your body gets used to the same routine, you will have a hard time losing weight.  You need to change it around regularly to keep your body "off guard" so your exercising will again be challenging.

Your diet is very important as well.  I don't necessarily agree with the only 2 servings of fruit.  I will say that it's much better to eat whole fruit than to drink fruit juice because with the whole fruit, you get the benefit of the fiber and vitamins and minerals that often "hide" just below (or even in) the skin or peeling.  When you drink juice, you get the calories but not the other benefits.

You could aim for higher protein and complex carbs, as that will fill you up more quickly and help you stay fuller long.  Also make sure you an adequate number of low/no fat dairy and some "good" fats, such as those found in avocados, nuts, olive oil, etc.  

And don't forget to change things around -- both exercise and food.

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i usto be pretty big when i was really young. then at 15 i lost all my weight.. then i gained it all back when i had my first kid. then i lost it again and gained it again when i got preggo with my 2 then lost it all and then some. now im loseing it all agin after my 3rd kid...so as you can tell loseing lots of weight in a sort  time is the norm for me lol..ive got it down really good now... so this is what i do: most people can eat 5 to 6 meals aday.. i can not.. when i eat i want to eat.. so i eat 3 to 2 meals a day.. not small meals not big meals. just the normal meal size.. i am hungry about 1 hr befor i get and 1 hr befor i go to bed.. this only last about 2 weeks then my body gets usto it ans im not hungry at all.. well unlease i miss one of my normal meals... ok with work outs.. dont just spend one time a day working out..you can but it well take longer to lose the weight plus you do what you are doing. where you cant lose any more..so i work out for about 15 to 20 min every morning.. mostly floor stuff. leg lifts push ups cruches. ok then around noon i do a hr long work out video.. pick one thats hard because your not usto it but easy to do at the same time.. make sure your heart rate gos up and your sweating when your done with it.. a funny work our video well make you want to do it every day.. then i run around 4.. not alot. i have 3 kids so i cant just go out side and run so i run in the house. i go from one end to the other ...since imjust now starting to do this again i only run for 5 min then walk 5 min...and repeat. know i run 5 min and walk 5 min 3 times ...then befor i go to bed i do another 15 to 20 min work out on the floor... it sounds like alot. but really im spending just alittle more time on working out then you like 30 min.. i just brake it up..this way my body is allways working threw out the day... and if it seems like myweight is slowing down i just do alittle more.. i push my self more.....im started 4 days ago at 190lbs im now 181lbs and in lease then 90 day i will be 130lbs. and if i think my body look better smaller then i well lose more weight. not to much .. you still want to be healthy.... i also drink pop and eat corndogs and tacos and all that great stuff. just not  a whole lot of it.. i love food to much to give it up...this really works for me.. i hope this helps
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