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Losing weight without doing much?

I'm new here btw.. The name is Cynthia :)   Anywho, here is a little background for you. I was in a relationship for a long time. Almost 5 years. I'll be 22 soon. In high school I always weighed between 120-130. I was engaged for 3 of the 5 years. (Young for that huh?) During that time, I gained weight. Which at first wasn't that much. But it got so out of control and I didn't know I even ate that often. I was so stressed out and sometimes I wouldn't eat at all. I got out of that situation and started losing weight. So from April to now I've lost 44 pounds without exercising. I eat normal meals. Still have my mountain dews and things. How did I manage to lose weight like that? And how can I get the remaining 33 pounds off? I already have a little excess skin and stretch marks. I want to start getting into shape. I weigh 147 right now and I'm 5'2''. Is it okay to lose 44 pounds in that amount of time? I'm not sure I've never looked it up. Thanks for reading :)
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If you are wondering I gained 77 pounds over the past year and a half. I got all the way up to 191.0.... For some maybe it's not that much but for someone with my height, it's not very good. And I need to make a correction... I want to lose 25 more pounds. Not 33. lol
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Hi, congratulations on the weight lose so far,
Losing that amount in that time is ok. recommended is 1-2 lbs a week.
Whenever we change our eating habits our weight will change, for better or worse,
Now you seem to have the eating under control, you will need to start introducing some exercise,you say you havent done any, but being young you more than likley have without realizing it, just walking for an hour a day helps with the weight lose.
I use exercise to help with the excess skin, and to tone up, I personally go to a gym, but there are lots of videos out there to help with this,.
your weight lose is realistic someone your height you should be around 123lbs,
keep up the good work, and let us know if we can help
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Thank you :)
I'm not intending to be some skinny mini. I'd rather be at a healthy weight and one that I am comfortable with. I have been watching kids the past month. I've lost 6 pounds from that. Today I got out in the yard and ran around with my little cousins and I suppose that too can count as exercise. I am a big time stress person. I worry about the types of exercises that will cause me to be exhausted. But I think if I really want to be at my healthy weight I need to do something that will keep me motivated and keep at it :)
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Congratulations on the weight loss so far.  I wish I could lose weight like that.........lol

Getting outside and running with the children is most certainly exercise, even if not a "formal" way to lose weight.  Elaine is right -- you don't necessarily have to go to a gym for exercise.  There are a lot of videos that you can get online, or dvd's you can buy.  The trick is pick things that you enjoy doing so you will stick with them.  

It's generally figured that exercise will actually give you more energy, rather than make you exhausted.  If you find yourself being overly tired after you get exercise, you may have exercised too strenuously or you could have a medical issue that's causing the exhaustion, in which case, you should check with your doctor.  

It sounds like you have pretty realistic goals in mind as far as weight loss.  You said "I am a big time stress person" -- stress can be very hard on your body (I'm an expert on that...........lol) and you should try to work on lowering your stress levels, as it can affect your health when you get older.  My favorite type of exercise is yoga, because it helps lower stress levels AND it's good exercise.  It concentrates on breathing and balance; the movements (poses or postures) are very deliberate and the concentration is mostly on form - doing it correctly -- rather than intensity.  You might want to look into that.  You can do a web search for yoga videos, which you can watch for free or check out your local library to see if you can borrow dvd's so you can try it out before buying anything.  Yoga really doesn't require any equipment; a yoga (or exercise) mat is helpful, but carpeting will suffice as well.  

Hope you will stick around and let us know about your progress.  We are happy to help in any way.  

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Yoga sounds interesting. I've always thought about trying that but not really sure where to start. I'm feeling better about myself and working at a better healthy version of me. Ideally, I wanted to start "thinking" of children after I am 24-25. Definitely not trying to make that anytime soon. I want to be a fit mother and learn good ways to treat my body so that I can pass those on down to my children some day. I apparently think a lot into the future and what I want lol....

I do intend on sticking around. Their seems to be a lot of nice people here :)
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You sound like my kind of girl........

Of course, we are all nice people --- obviously, I'm the nicest -------- oh, did I really say that??? Just kidding ------------  you will make friends here very easily.......

Yoga --- how about doing a search for yoga -- you should be able to come up with a lot of web sites from which you can watch videos -- make note of the ones you like, so you can go back --- or you can check out your local library to see what's available for "beginner's yoga" and do a test drive...... if neither of those pan out for you, let me know because I'm sure I can find something that will pique your interest.......

Welcome aboard...........life is made of dreams, so keep dreaming...........
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