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Morning vs Evening workouts

I am a bit confused about working out in the morning or evening is much more worth to do or not. I have been doing abs workout early in the morning (just for 5-8mins) cause I have to go to work and prepare my lunch box right after workout done. Now I am wondering if I should do my evening workout eg. Cardio-12mins, exercise using elliptical machine-20mins or butt workouts-5mins-8mins. I admit I feel so lazy and just tired after work and I always ended in the kitchen for dinner around 5.45-6pm. And I will go to bed by 10pm as I have to wake up at 4.30-5am. I wish to hear anyone's advise regarding my workout routine! Thanks!
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My only suggestion is to go with what motivates you more. If you're too tired at night your energy and enthusiasm may lack, if that is the case than maybe do morning. Everyone is different, I'm a morning workout person and feel I get the most out of my workouts in the morning and it sure starts my day off with a positive attitude as well as gives me energy throughout the day........ Oddly enough my wife is the exact opposite, she likes evening workouts so it depends mostly on when you're most motivated. Just my opinion, hope it helps  :) keep up the good work!
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Thanks Nali74
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