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My Mum says I'm to skinny and need to maintain a weight but I disagree how can I lose more weight??? Plus could me losing weight be connected to my period being 3 weeks late??? Even if I'm not under weight???

My Mum told me this morning that Im getting to skinny and that I need to maintain a weight but I don't agree with her I need to lose 17lbs!!!! But the thing is I had lost 4lbs in 3 days 2 weeks ago and since then I have gained it all back I feel like a failure!!!! I am 5 foot 10 and 150lbs :( I want to be 132 because that's the lowest I can go for my hight. But really I don't care if have to go a few pounds or as many as needed to have a flat stumic. How can I lose weight if my Mum trys to make me eat more??? Right now I usualy eat half a plate for dinner I wish I could eat as little as I did last week a small peace of chicken about the size of my palm and a hot dog and sadly a pop!!!! I am also doing a exersise every other night to tone everything up and build mussel!!!!

And also since last night when I turned just my torso around I got a sharp pain in the left side of my stumic it only lasted a second but it came backtoday whyle I was bathing for a few minutes off and on could that be connected to meosing weight???
Plus my period is 3 weeks late could that be caused by losing weight??? Even though I'm not under weight???
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That pain I have felt before. It might just be constipation, and eating more fiber will help, may I say that hot dogs are one of the worst things for you? They're fine once in awhile but more than one a week is too many. Well seeing that your droping weight fast can cause periods to be lost. It's might not be that and missing a period ussaly dosent mean anything. Although if you don't get it again then you have lost it. Don't feel bad about that. I've lost mine and I've been eating more for about 2 months and I still hVent had it. Today I thought I was getting cramps, and I was so happy that I might have my period (lol same time hating it for now exactly being prepared) but the. I relized I was just hungry. :( it should come back but it will take awhile to regain it. Dint be concerned, and the pain in your stomach is mostly not from the loose.
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130 sounds low for a 5'10 female, Bran Bran. Although suggested weight charts list 132-173 as an acceptable weight for a female your height, the lower end of this range is only for a person with small bone structure; someone with average bone structure should weight somewhere in the middle (just where you are) and someone with big bone structure should be closer to the upper end. I would strongly suggest that you ask your Mom to bring you to your doctor or a nutritionist. That way, if Mom is right, you'll have advice from an expert. But if you are right and you could afford to lose a few pounds, the specialist would be able to reassure your Mom of this so your Mom wouldn't nag you so much. I must say, however, that eating only half a plate---and especially the skimpy menu you listed for last week is NOT healthy. Do you mean that you ate a piece of chicken, hot dog and pop every day last week or was that ALL you had last week? If it is the former, it is not a sufficient diet in terms of nutrition or calories. If it is the latter, I think it would be a red flag raising the possibility of an eating disorder.

If you are underweight or exercise excessively, your periods can stop. The body needs a certain amount of fat and nutrition to make hormones that cause your period. You don't mention your age or whether you are sexually active. If you are sexually active, it is important to go to your doctor and have a test to ensure you are not pregnant.

As for your stomach & back pain. It is likely a muscle pull from your exercise routine, especially if you're doing sit-ups/crunches or twisting movements from the waist. As Libbey said, bowel issues can also cause belly & back pain as can urinary tract infections. In a young woman, however, a common cause of belly or back pain is ovarian cysts. If there is any chance you could be pregnant, an ectopic pregnancy (where the baby starts to form in your Fallopian tube instead of the womb) could cause these pains, too, though they are usually somewhat severe. Eventually an ectopic pregnancy will cause the tube to burst causing severe pain and bleeding; this can be lifethreatening. If there is any chance of you being pregnant, you MUST see your doctor immediately.

I strongly urge you to see your doctor, Bran. Even if there is no chance of pregnancy and the pain is just a muscle pull, it's important for you to determine your proper weight and learn healthy ways to achieve it. I don't want you to feel like a failure. Life is short and I want you to achieve happiness and pride in yourself. Good luck.
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I am 16 a female and am not sexualy active I am virgen and waiting for marrige. So pregnancy is not at all possible.

And no the hot dog and peace of chicken was only one night and it was leftovers from the past 2 nights. I eat 2 meals every day and starting on Tuesday when I have to get earlyer for school I will be eating 3 meals again. Just right now by time I wake up it's 11 or noon so there's no point in having a brekfest and a lunch.  

And I deffently do not over exersise I will admit I am very lazy. Well it's not that I'm lazy more that there's nothing to do here and when I'm at home I usualy go to my to avoid everyone. So I don't get yelled at. Though when I am out with friends I am usualy the hyper one if given the chance.

A normal meal at my house consists of some sort of meat a veggie and patatos or side kicks or perogies. Though we haven't had side kicks In

I only eat half a plate because I'm full and don't want to stretch my stumic and I know my family eats alot more than most people so I eat half a plate whyle everyone else in my house has a full plate and often seconds.  

And I don't plan on seeing my doctor because obvisly my Mum dosent agree with me trying to lose weight and there is somthing else I know I really need to see a doctor about but I won't tell my Mum about that because I'm almost positive she won't care or shell be mad!

And I can't see my eclxersise plan causing the pain though I guess it's possible. All I do in my exersise wich I do everyother night skipping Sundays is
First step
lay on my back breath in and whyle I breath out imagion myself pushing the top of my stumic to my belly button. I do this for 2 minutes and add 10 on every day I do it (not 10 minutes 10 breathing out thingys)

second step
Stand up and go down on one knee as if I were to be proposing to someone. Though I don't go completly down on my knee just enouph untill I feel the stretch the lower I got it works the but mussels the higher it works my thighs. Oh and I hold possition fo 10seconds and do this for 2 minutes and add more of these on after every week!

Third step
Get on my hands and knees. Put one leg out strait and lift it as high as I can and hold for 10 seconds then switch legs. I do 10 of these on each leg.

Forth step
Do the same as the last step but don't straiten leg  

That's my exersise plan. Though in October or novemeber the swim team will start up again at my school and I will join it again. I have been on the swim team for the past 2 years.  

I am moat deffently not under weight and I don't over exersise do I don't know why my period is 3 weeks late. I have had it befor this was just after having my period for a year were It was 2 months late  

I'm gonna say I think I'm a medium sized bone structer.
I just hate my stumic and want a flat stumic if you were to go and read my journal on here you will better understand why I want to lose weight.
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Hi Bran_Bran, you're still trying to lose that tummy, huh?  

I think we've been through this before, but not eating isn't going to make your stomach flat; in fact, a well known symptom of malnutrition is a protruding tummy - just think of pictures of children you see from other countries who are starving and how their tummies stick out.

Not eating enough or not getting the right nutrients can cause your periods to be late or nonexistent. It can also cause stabbing pains.  

For someone your height with medium build, you are about the perfect weight.  I think you should be proud of yourself for being able to maintain your weight.

If you want to be healthier, why not try eating the meat and doubling up on those veggies at meal time (provided they aren't bathed in bacon grease or cream sauces).   and passing on the potatoes, unless they are baked.  Also ask your mum if you can have a variety of fruits and maybe some raw veggies (carrots, celery, lettuce, etc), as they will give you fiber and needed nutrients.  Make sure you get at least 3 servings of dairy - preferably low/no fat, but if the rest of the family drinks "regular" milk, just cut back on fat someplace else.  

Whatever you do, don't stop eating.

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No I recize to stop eating. I dod for 2 days at the begging of the summer and after the first day it dident bother me at all the only reason I stoped was because o read somwere on the I ternet that it slows down your Matabelizm so I would just gain weight in the long run!!!!  

We get 1% milk os that good???

And I tryed dobling on veggies but I got in trouble because there wasent enouph left for everyone else. I love veggies they are my favorit food well second cavorit pasta os my favorit with lots of chees and tomato sause (with no meat unless it's speggetie, lasonia or weaner pasta bake)

but I don't have pasta often.
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1% milk is great -- drink up, girl, you will get lots of calcium, protein, vitamin B12 and not a lot of fat.........

Happy to hear that you love the veggies.  Maybe mum could cook a bit more so you can eat your fill of them and still leave some for the rest of the family?  

Okay - I'll tell you a secret, but you have to promise not to tell anyone else......okay?
Here I go -- pasta is one of my favorite foods...... I love macaroni (goulash, mac and cheese, etc), egg noodles (with cream of chicken soup and browned ground beef), spaghetti, with meat sauce........

Well, I know your mum is doing the cooking, so you might ask if she could get whole grain instead of "regular" pasta (I use whole grain pasta all the time and like it even better); if that isn't an option, try loading up on sauce - tomato sauce is very good for you and has relatively low calories - just make sure you leave enough for the rest of the family...........LOL         You can also use cheese for some of your daily dairy servings.  Maybe mum could go to low fat cheeses?  

Okay - I'm sort of teasing you about leaving some for the family, but trying to make a point also.  You can eat a lot of those things and not necessarily gain weight.  In some instances, you will have to cut your portions, but in others, you don't have to.  

Do you understand what I'm getting at?  Don't stop eating; just do some research and learn the best options to keep you healthy.  I know your mum thinks you are too skinny, but I bet if you talk to her, she would understand and maybe try to help you with this.  
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Rather than just running after weight purely, pls get your body composition analysis done so that you know how much of your bodyweight is fats?

Only after which I think you should design a further strategy or plan.

Do let me know.

Parth adhyaru
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What is a body composition analysis???

And ya I get what your getting at

Hey why don't you check out my journal on here and you can see why losing weight is so important to me!
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Oh and were tight on money right now because my Mum is putting all her money aside for my sister to get braces and a sergy after on her mouth then braces again so we don't have money to get more veggies. We couldent even get all new school supplies this year. Which is fine with me just means I get to be more artsy to make things more exiting I just say that because my Mum has always gotten us completly new school supplies so we can't get more veggies sadly :(
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You don't need a body composition analysis.  Based on your current weight and height, your body mass index (BMI) is approximately 21.5, which is perfect for you.  

I understand about money being tight.  It's awesome that you are handy with art work so you can "remake" some of last years items.  Actually, that's a great thing to do anyway, because it's wasteful to just get rid of perfectly good items.  Do you help your sister perk up her things too?  

Well, it seems like there is a specific budget for food, which there is nothing wrong with.  Many of us have to be careful about what we buy.  Maybe you can just cut your portions of the things that aren't real good for you.  

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My sisters using one big zip up binder so the way I'm decorating my binders wouldent work for her but she is planning on decorating it. Ya I have deffently be cutting poprtions. But I feel discusting because the last 2 nights I was stupid and had a snack. It was only left over toss salad from dinner but still I dident need it!!!!
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As long as it was full of high fat/high calorie cheese or dressing, a tossed salad is considered a "free" food. It's FULL of vitamins and GOOD for you! Don't be so hard on yourself, Bran. Maybe your body felt it needed the extra nutrition.

I think it's great that you're artistic, too. My Mom was a talented artist and Dad was a great cartoonist, but I didn't inherit any of their talent! I think art is a great way to express yourself! And music, too. Everyone's taste in music is different---some might like one time, others a different type---but just being able to sing (or play) your own song is a tremendous talent! So, don't worry about who likes or dislikes your music; just enjoy making it! I like quotes that help me say things I think but can't find the words for. Here are a few of my favorite music quotes:

“Music is what feelings sound like.”
“Those who danced were thought to be quite insane by those who could not hear the music.” (Angela Monet)
"“Music expresses that which cannot be put into words and cannot remain silent." (Victor Hugo)

Maybe some people don't enjoy your music, Bran_Bran...but maybe they just don't hear it as you do!

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I meant as long as it was NOT filled with fatty stuff! Oops! We all make mistakes now & then, LOL.
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It's not "stupid" to have a snack in the evening.  Eating healthy snacks is a good way to get vitamins and minerals.  A tossed salad is a great snack - much better than a candy bar.  Eating a light snack in the evening is a good way to keep yourself from getting so hungry by morning.  

I agree with skydivediva -- I think it's awesome that you are artistic and can sing.  My mother used to tell me that I "couldn't carry a tune in a bushel basket with the lid on it" --- lol.  It used to make me feel bad, but then I learned there were other things I could do better, so I just sing to myself, when I'm mowing the lawn or something and no one can hear me.
"Sing like no one can hear you"
"Dance like no one is watching"

Your binders sound like fun; and when you are finished, you will have something that no one else has.  Have you started school yet for this year?

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No I start on Tuesday grade 11

on the binders I have things like

let's not and say we did

- why study when you could dance like a maniac

- I suck at studying
(with a one of those red circles with lonesome threw them over top of a peace of paper lol)

and the other has a qoute I wrote in memory of my brother and on the back qotes by C.S.Lewis

and yes I want to sing so very much it is my all time dream! I dint want to don anything else in my life but sing. And I do have my reasons one being obvisly it's fun and somthing I'm good at but more importantly  I want to help people and be a role model! And I know just how much lyrics can help someone threw a rouph time plus people need someone to look up to who is not perfect! Who has their own problems so that when they go threw them they can help other people with the same problem get threw it!!!!

I know I'm not perfect and I have my problems and I am pritty much positive that I am going threw deppression so I could help other deppressed people or other people who are uncomfortable with their weight. I feel it is my duty to help people!

And the toss salad had some chees in it and we were out of ranch and three cheese ranch so I had French dressing is that bad??? I really do just want to have a flat stumic but at the same time I don't want to obsess over it! So what should I do???
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No, it is not bad. As long as you don't overdo, cheese has protien and our bodies need some fat to make hormones and other necessary things in our body. The trick is eating everything in moderation and focusing most on lean protiens, whole grains and veggies.

I think you are right not to obsess over your stomach. I recently saw some movie stars and was surprised to see that even they had a bit of a tummy bulge! As a teenager, your body is still changing all the time. All you can do is follow some of the good advice you've gotten here and try to eat reasonable amounts of healthy foods and fit some exercise into your day. And you sound like a kind person; I think you need to be more kind to YOURSELF and not judge yourself so harshly.

I'm glad that you're pretty certain you are going to throw depression. I think you are right---once you are healthy, you can be a role model for others. Someday you could save lives because you could counsel or serve as an example to others with depression and you would truly understand their feelings.

You ask "what should I do?" I don't know the full answer. As I said before, I think you should talk to your parents and/or your youth minister and find a doctor/counselor who can help you. I think you have to be as kind and non-judgmental towards yourself as you are towards others and as you want others to be towards you. I think you have to look at the things you DO have and CAN do---your art, music, writing---rather than always focusing on what you think you don't have (a flat stomach or certain numbers on a scale). Do you have a journal where you write songs?

What if Nick Vujicic only focused on the fact he has no arms or legs? He has a gorgeous smile. He has a beautiful, caring heart. He understands pain and sadness and disappointment and reaches out to others in a way that a "perfect" person couldn't. We all have positive things about us, Bran_Bran...and we all have some negative things too. We are not perfect---but we don't have to be! Sometimes our imperfections are what give others the courage to approach us. Sometimes others can see us, imperfect as we are, accomplishing great things and think, "Well, she's not perfect, but look at what she can do! Maybe I can, too!" Here's another Nick Vujicic link; I hope you'll be able to reach it. Like Nick says in some of his videos: "It is a lie to think you are not good enough!" and "Never give up!"  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v4uG2kSdd-4  

I believe that you are strong. I believe that you will be a role model to others someday.
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I even started writting my 6th song today well 7th but one of them only jas one verse I couldent finish it because at this moment I don't relate to it yet so when I do I will finish the song.
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Yes I do have to learn to be kind to myself. And ya I was watching the Tyra show and one of the girls was incredibly skinny yet had a little bulge mabey I just need to exersise and tone up those mussels but still I will feel like a failure if I don't reach my goal if I give up!!!!
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Skydivediva gave you some incredible thoughts.  

I have found so many times during my life time that *I* am my own worst enemy.  I am much harsher with myself than I would ever think of being with another human being.  I expect more of myself than I do others, but also realize that I'm human and I can't always get it right.

It sounds like you have a lot going for you -- your talents sound incredible.  I wish I could sing, I wish I could dance; alas, I have no voice for singing and no rhythm for dancing, but sometimes, I do both anyway, because I know that I have other, just as important talents.

I've no doubt that one day, you will counsel others who don't like themselves for whatever reason.  Take pride in who you are and what you can accomplish, not what you look like.  

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Yes I have always said since 2007 that you are your own worst enemy. A girl told me this in grade 7 when I showed her a picture I drew I said the arms ar to long she said your your own wors critasizer so now I tell everyone that and they just role their eyes.
And ya I guess somtimes I just feel like I don't lime myself and I can't fix myself so I might aswell fix my body but I explain that I'm my journal on here.  
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I'm sure there's nothing to fix about yourself, other than the way you see yourself.  

I don't think you'd be so hard on me, so you shouldn't be hard on yourself either.  It's hard work learning to love yourself, but if you don't love yourself, you can't really and truly love anyone else either.

Only you know what's really inside you.  
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Hi Bran_Bran,

How are you today? I'm doing okay. I'm in the US, near Boston, and it's been very hot over the past week. We finally got some cooler weather yesterday and today & I'm happy for it. Autumn is my favorite season. I love the colored leaves, the crisp air, how cozy it feels when I snuggle in a sweater or under a quilt and have tea or hot chocolate. Do you have a favorite season?

So, you mentioned that you decorated the back of your binder with some C. S. Lewis quotes. I'm "quote-crazy!!" I LOVE quotes! What are your favorite C. S. Lewis quotes and why are they your favorites? Do you have other poets or authors you enjoy? How about your favorite songs or musicians? I thought it was very insightful when you said that you haven't finished one of your songs because you weren't "relating to it yet". Songs are living things, I think, and living things change. Songs have to be written at a certain time, when you are experiencing certain feelings or events, so that they capture those feelings or events and make them come alive.

I actually was thinking about a couple of C. S. Lewis quotes that I think apply to some of the things you are struggling with. One of them says "We are what we believe we are." You've said in some of your posts, Bran_Bran, that you are "worthless" and that not having a flat stomach makes you feel that you are a "failure". If you think those things about yourself for too long, that is what you will become. BUT---it's not too late! Why do I say that? Because Mr. Lewis ALSO says, "You are never too old to set a new goal or to dream a new dream." So, what we---YOU---have to do is think of some other things that you can believe about yourself so that you can set and reach new goals and dreams. Could you do me a favor? Could you write to me and tell me a few other things that you believe about yourself? Positive things. For example, if I were describing you, instead of saying "Bran_Barn is a failure" or "Bran_Bran is worthless", I would say: Bran_Bran is someone who cares about other people and wants to use her experiences to help them." Or, I might say "Bran_Bran is a creative person who can make art and music." When you write again, could you give me three sentences saying "I am...." and ending with positive things about yourself? If you can't think of any positive things on your own right now, maybe you could tell me some of the things you think the friends you mentioned in an earlier post find likeable about you.

I know you said that you feel like you must have a flat stomach and be a certain weight "because it's all I can fix about myself". IMHO, I don't think that's true. First, I don't think you need to be "fixed"...you already sound pretty cool to me. Second, there ARE other things you can improve about yourself that have nothing to do with weight, muscles or stomachs. You can "fix" the way you think about yourself. It WON'T be easy, I know! But you mentioned having been very critical of yourself since Grade 7...and now you're in Grade 11. Anyone who's tough enough to survive that long while being so hard on themselves is tough enough to do the HARD WORK of beginning to see themselves more accurately and treat themselves more kindly.

You are focusing so much on your stomach, Bran_Bran. And believe me---I understand why!!! There's a lot of pressure on women to look beautiful and have perfect figures. I still feel that pressure myself, but I remember it being even stronger when I was a teenager. BUT...is a perfect figure everything? Do all of your friends have perfect figures? And if they do, what would happen if one got sick and ended up having a permanently bloated or saggy belly because of it? Would you think, "Well, she's no good anymore, I'll cross her off my friend list 'cause she doesn't have a perfectly flat belly!"? Something tells me that you wouldn't. I think that you are smart and kind enough to realize that it's not a flat tummy that makes a person good or kind or friendly or fun or smart or interesting or all the other things we look for in friends. It's what's INSIDE that counts! Your thoughts and intentions, your heart, and your soul. C. S. Lewis says "You don't HAVE a soul; you ARE a soul. You HAVE a body." I think he means that your SOUL, what's inside and part of you is what makes you you, not your body. Elizabeth Kubler-Ross says it another way. This is paraphrased, not an exact quote, but she says something like: "People are like a stained glass windows. They all sparkle and shine when the sun is out, but when it is dark their true beauty only shows if there is a light within." YOU have a light within that makes you special and beautiful, Bran_Bran. You are going through some tough things right now, but you have to work at letting your inner light shine!

I'm assuming that you are from the UK from the way you spell "Mum"; in the US we usually spell it "Mom". I had an English pen pal for a while and we had fun comparing some of the words that each of our countries used for the same thing. I've read that the UK has pretty gardens. Are there any pretty gardens where you are? We have a few here, some very pretty, but they don't compare to the "English Country Gardens" I've seen in magazine photos. I was out for a walk last week and went by a garden that had all white flowers. It was obvious that the gardner took good care of it, but I found it kind of boring and thought how much prettier it would be if there was a splash of pale yellow here and a bunch of lavender and pink over there. It made me think about people. How boring would it be if we were ALL blondes or brunettes or redheads or raven-haired. Or all short or all tall. Or all "perfectly" figured with flat tummies. How boring that would be!

Whew! Well, I didn't mean to write an entire book here! Sorry! I know you have school work and friends to attend to, so I'll shut up---finally! I do hope you'll write again, though, and tell me some positive things about you that I don't know yet. Have a great week at school, Bran!
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Actualy I live in Canada but I am Hal brittish and I call my Mum, Mum and my step mom Antie mommy. I just spell it Mum because I want to embrace my brittish side lol. I've never been to England or even outside the of Canada lol.

1.) I am a kind caring person
2.) I LOVE to complement people
3.) I try to build people up and NOT tear them down

- I beleve in Christianity as I beleve in the sun not only because I see it, but by it I see everything else- C.S.Lewis

- When they have learned to love their neighbours as themselves, they will be allowed to love them selves as their neighbours. - C.S.Lewis

- We must lay befor him what is in us, not what ought to be in us- C.S.Lewis

- Maricals are a retelling in small letters of the very same story wich is written across the whole world in letters to big for some of us to see- C.S.Lewis

- We all want progress, but if your on the wrong road, progress means doing an about- turn and walking back to the right road; in that case the man who turns back the soonest is the most progressive - C.S.Lewis    

- I think God wants us to love him more, not love others less C.S.Lewis

- A little lie is like a little pregnacy, it dosent take long befor everyone knows- C.S.Lewis

- Your place heaven will seem to be made for you alone, because you were made for it- C.S.Lewis

- Christains don't think God will love us because were good, but that God will make us good because he loves us- C.S.Lewis 

And ya if we were all blond that would be boring. I am a red head and I LOVE it!!!!

My favorit band right since grade 9 is Skillet and I have always LOVED Toby Keiths music since as far as I can remember when I heard "wanna talk about me" lol
Here's a list of relateble music that has helped menover the last year

Relateble music
Forgive me - Group one crew 
Alice - Avril Laviegn
I'm just a kid - simple plan
Welcome to my life - Simple plan
How could this happen to me- Simple plan 
Grow up- Simple plan
Supermodel- Superchick 
Monster- Skillet
Hero- Skillet
Lucy- Skillet  
Never surender-Skillet
Don't wake me- Skillet
Awake and alive- Skillet
It's not me it's you- skillet
Beleve- skillet
Falling in the black- Skillet
Those nights- Skillet
The last night- Skillet
Looking for angels- Skillet
The older I get- skillet
Somtimes- Skillet
Comatose- Skillet
Forgiven- Skillet
One day to late- Skillet
Rebirthing- Skillet
Say goodbye- Skillet
Should've when you could've- Skillet
Whispers in the dark- Skillet
Yours to hold- Skillet
Better than drugs- Skillet    
Don't you know that your beautiful- Seabird
According to you- Orianthi
Origanal girl- Mellisa Oneil
All to my self- Marianas Trench
Beside you- Marianas Trench  
Jesus take the wheel- Carie Underwood 
Say anything (Else)- Cartel
I beleive- Nikki Yanofsky
21 Guns- Green Day
Perfect- Headly
Never to late- Headly
Hang on- Plumb
Cut- Plumb
The climb- Miley Cyrus
Witch doctor- Alven & the chipmunks
Rock what ya got- Superchick
Supermodel- Superchick
I belong to you- Superchick
One girl revelution- Superchick
Stand in the rain Superchick
Hero remix- Superchick
Mirror- Barlow girl
Tell me somthing I don't know- Seleana Gomez
Naterly- Selena Gomez   

(57 songs)

Sorry I dident right yesterday I was wincing my iPod and it took like 24 hours dumb backing up crap lol

I think I got everything you asked lol sorry if I missed anything. And don't worry I LOVE long comments more to read lol
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Oh and in grade 7 I dident brat up on myself maby a little for not being popular lol but it was in grade 8 when things started going down hill when a girl took my only friend away from me. If I had a million dollars came on the radio and she had a few people at the back of the bus singing with her
"if I had a million dollars I'd buy you liposuction, a new wardrobe and on and on. At the time I just thought your one to speak but over time her words sunk in and tore me down. Then grade 9 was great and sonwas summer until my brother was hit by a truck and killed that brought back all the self hatred and made it a million times worse than in grade 8. And so since then it's just been getting worse though the last few days have been pretty good I have a couple times were I felt really down for a couple hours but at least it's bitasting 24/7 I still get down really easily but  it's just been bearible the last few days.

Sorry just felt like explaining lol
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