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Need help! Exercise and diet and still can't lose weight !

I'm new to the site and not sure if I'm posting this in the correct place but I was hoping anyone could help me.

My issue is that despite working out (I go to a fitness bootcamp 5 days a week that is an hour and 15 minutes long where we run 2 miles, do weight training, cardio circuits, etc ) and I try to stay active other than that (walking, jogging on weekends, swimming) and watching what I eat carefully (keeping a journal of what I eat) I cannot seem to lose weight! I've been doing this for quite some time now as well. For some information on me (I'm not sure what would be relevant so I'm just going to put it all) I am 5'3, 21 years old, weigh 130. My goal weight is around 115. My measurements as I know them are 36ish-25ish-35ish. My bicep is around 9. My body fat is around 22%. I try to eat small amounts during the day instead of large meals in an attempt to keep my metabolism up.

If anyone could help I'd be extremely grateful! Any questions I'd be happy to ask! I'm sort of at the end of my rope here ):
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Anyone that is having a difficult time loosing weight may want to check on things such as their sugar levels and most important, thyroid.
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First off, you aren't overweight, unless you  have a small frame and even then,  you wouldn't have much to lose.

Here's a bit of a height/weight chart that I copied for your height:  

Height                      Small Frame       Medium Frame    Large Frame
  5'3"                             111-124              121-135              131-147

Getting down to 115, would make you underweight, again, unless you have a small frame, then, you'd be almost "borderline".  

Optimal body fat for your age group is 20-28%, so at 22%, you're right where you should be with that as well.  

You have a lot muscle from all the working out, which could make you appear overweight.  Maybe you're doing the wrong types/intensity of exercise?  You should be giving your body a rest sometimes, and not trying to both cardio and strength training daily. You also need to be switching up your routine - not doing the same thing every day, because your body gets used to it and it's no  longer a challenge and doesn't actually work your muscles.

You should also vary your calorie intake, as well, for the same reason.

Beyond that - yes, get your blood sugar and thyroid levels tested.
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Thank you both for your answers. I will try to get my thyroid and blood sugar levels checked as soon as possible. It's a bit difficult for me to get to a doctor when I'm away at school.

I believe I am a small frame, if I remember correctly a good test of that is if you can overlap your fingers around your wrist? If so, that would make me a small frame.

I should also clarify on the working out since I reread my post and I didn't. At this fitness bootcamp we do different things every day. For examples, Thursdays are our cardio day were we run the 2 miles, and do cardio circuit training. Mondays we work on upper body. Other days Abs, other days lower body in general, etc. Although no matter what everyday we do run a mile but sometimes it is split up instead of all at once.

People don't say I look overweight but then again I'm not sure they would. This is just my personal opinion.

Thank you both for the advice I'll try to put into practice asap.
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My sister was in the same situation. She tried everything there was to lose weight, from exercise to food intake restriction; but to no avail. Her self-esteem was so low she didn't want to go out and socialize. Then, one of her friends suggested that she use HCG diet drops. With proper exercise, food intake, my sister gradually shed some of her unwanted pounds.

Society can really put a pressure on us sometimes, especially on our appearance. And, if it's something to do with health issue, then, that would really be a cause of concern.
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Anyone heard of this- hcg diet drops ?
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Hey, I looked into them and my boyfriend stated that he'd rather I not do them as they would put my calories at below 500 for the diet to work
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Oh, different people get different bodily reactions on different things. What worked for my sister doesn't necessarily have to worked for the next person. It's always best to follow the diet that is fitted to one's health and body :)
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I know the feeling, I go to the gym 5 out of 7 days, an also play squash, I also watch my calorie intake, and am still not loosing anything, I am now being told that I'm not eating enough..... If u start something that works please let me know and I will try it, as I am 30yrs old, and 5ft 2ins weighing 15.2 stone and my bmi is 38....
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I am new to this forum and found very interesting. I feel that i may get some help and advice from this.I am 32 and 5ft 8in with 176 lb. I want ot reduce my weight and my goal is to reduce atleast 22 lbs in 2-3 months. I already started  dieting . No sweets, no fired items , no juicesor sodas. I am also doing regular cardio and strenght training excercise for 30-45 min. Is this enough for me to lose weight or do I have to do something extra and pay more attention to my diet? Please advice
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