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Hi there,  
I've just signed up for this, and am really keen to find some 'weight losing buddies', so we can help motivate each other and share tips on nutrition and exercise.

My goal is to lose 10-12 kg (I think that's about 25-30lbs.... not sure), to lose one dress size (NZ sizes), and to be able to actually SWIM 300m non-stop in next seasons triathlon. (I did two mini-triathlons last season, but had to walk most of the swimming part....). As for the dress size, my biggest problem areas are my thighs and my upper arms, so any tips on how to best tone up these areas would be much appreciated.

Also, I'm sure lots of you have Wii Fit (and Fit Plus). How is this working for you in terms of exercise? Is it worth the money???

Keep in touch!
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Welcome, Honeybumble! We have a nice crew here so I'm sure you'll make friends & gain motivation. I have much more weight to lose (60 lbs.) than you do (and yes, 10-12 kg=22 to 26.4 lbs), but we're all in it together.

Weight training is great for toning the arms: bicep curls, tricep kickbacks, rows. You can google them online to find videos of the exercises if you're not familiar with proper form, etc.. One site, for example, is: http://www.bodybuilding.com/ . (Don't be intimidated that the models are muscle bound! Just use it to make sure your form is good. You sound like you are pretty active, but for those of us who aren't, I like the "Absolute Beginner's Workout by Zuzana ( http://www.bodyrock.tv/2009/08/10/workout-routine-for-absolute-beginners/ ) which is a 6 part online workout you can watch on your computer. Zuzana does all of the reps with the viewer and goes slowly so it's like having a workout buddy. (Don't be fooled; Zuzana is very fit; google her name & burpees or bootcamp for her more aggressive---ie. potentially fatal---workouts.) One of the best exercises for the upper body (and lower body AND cardio) of course, is swimming which fits in well with your triathlon plans. I don't have a Wii, but when I visited a friend recently, her kids were doing it and it looked like a blast! When finances permit, I may get one, too, so I'll be curious to others' replies to your inquiry re: whether it is useful.

Good luck with reaching your goals, and again, welcome!
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Welcome, Honeybumble! I have lost 35 pounds since January and most of that was via the Wii Fit Plus and the Wii Active Personal Trainer. I LOVE the Wii Fit Plus because it is fun, you get points for completing the workout accurately and the next time you go on you are challenging yourself to either beat your own score or beat the score of another player! For example, one of my favourite games is the Rhythm Parade and you have to step to the rhythm and also "hit" targets with your arms (using the controller and the nunchuk) so you get  points for keeping it all coordinated! The game also keeps track of your BMI, weight-loss, and also your centre of balance (COB). I really enjoy it a lot. I find that the Wii Fit Plus will often remind you to not workout past your limits, reminds you to take breaks when you workout past 30 minutes and reminds you to drink water.

We also have the Wii Active Personal Trainer which has much more intense workouts and the "trainer" in this game tries to keep pushing you. Often, especially when I was just starting out with this game, I would get messages that I was running too slow and be told that the game was calculating my optimum speed to get results. At first I found this really annoying (almost upsetting) since I was still working on getting up to speed and I was already very aware that I was out of shape! But, it was very rewarding when I finally was able to not have those messages pop up any more! And to be honest, this game tends to only do that for the running segments and there is a lot more to this game then just running -- such as baseball, tennis, rollerblading, various lunges, bicep curls, etc, etc. There really is a lot to this game and even has many (20 or so) 30-day challenges which I haven't even gotten to yet!

And, I am also really loving this forum since everyone is very nice, encouraging, full of helpful information and just all around great! :D

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Hi Honeybumble. Welcome. I don't post much but stopped by just to see the posts happening. I am pretty much on thyroid but always looking for weight info to keep myself in shape.

Recently after a horrible episode of hypothyroidism for years I managed to get that undercontrol and the weight gained was the hardest to get off.

But the happy ending was I lost 55 pounds in less than a year and feel great.

Good Luck.
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