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Hi, I am on a couple other forums but, ran across this one and wanted to see what it's all about.  So, I thought I'd introduce myself and I guess give you my stats???
27 yrs old, 158, 5'4
I'm taking a "burn and sculpt" class at the local YMCA 3/week. I would like to lose at least 15 pounds b4 I have another kid.  I'm a mother of 2 girls, the youngest is 9 months.
Looking for support and hearing others success stories!!!
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Warmest welcome to MedHelp, the WL&D community and thank you so very much for introducing yourself and sharing some personal information.  May I suggest that you consider adding the weight and exercise trackers and begin recording your weight, measurements and exercise sessions as this will provide you with a wonderful record of where you are and where you are going!  It provides wonderful feedback, gives you a visual graph of your progress and tends to work like the "star chart" many of us used as children that motivates our efforts.

Congratulations on taking the "burn and sculpt" class and committing to 3 x a week workouts.  That is an powerful step forward in achieving your goals!  

How truly blessed you are to have two little girls!  What have established a wonderful goal of losing 15 pounds and your reward of having another child is just the best.  Got to stay healthy and active with those little ones!  :)

You can find much support, encouragement and motivation from the caring members of this community ... they are wonderful!  Just shout out any questions you may have and they'll share their knowledge, tips and successes with you.

Personally, I have approximately 40 pounds to go and have lost approximately 150 pounds.  Perhaps my new goal is to lose 40 pounds before the birth of your 3rd child .. ???   Take care and hope you participate in the community on a regular basis.  

Very best wishes .. and perhaps you will consider sharing what you are learning in your "burn and sculpt" class???
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