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PCOS & HCG Shots - Is it safe?

HI! I am about to start a weightloss program that gives you the HCG shots along with an appetite suppresant to help you lose weight.  Years ago I was diagnosed with PCOS and had missed periods.  In 2007 I had the lapband surgery and lose weight. When the weight came off my period went back to normal and I get it now every 28 days. I still have about 50 lbs left to lose and have lost 60 lbs with the lapband but these last 50lbs have been a struggle.  I was told by my gyn after I lost the weight that my pcos was very minimal barely any signs of it. Do you think its safe to go on the weightloss program with the HCG shots now that I am all better?  One of the questions the program ask is if you currently have PCOS, I answered No because I dont have the issues I used to have with it. I know if I answer yes, they will not let me in the program and I am so desperate to lose this weight. So many of my friends have had great results and I just want the same for me.  I thought of letting my primary care physcian know about this so she can help me monitor my hormones & ovaries while on the program as a back up...What do you think and recommend?

Desperate for your advice,

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HCG and the restrictive 500 calorie diet are not good for you.  Your body needs so many calories to live on; if you don't provide them, you can cause more trouble than your weight issue.

You might do some research into Dr James Beckerman, who is one of the doctors, here on MH.  He's got several journals and blogs about simple ways to lose weight.  They all make sense.
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Hi I posted and article on my blog about hCG yesterday. Not sure if I'm allowed to give you the link but I'll give it a go. It talks about why it supposed to work but also why research says it doesn't. I've also talked about the side effects. After the research I did for my post I wouldn't use hCG but its a personal preference. Anyway hope my post helps to explain a few things. Good luck with you weight loss. The post can be found at http://www.susanmathias.net/?p=1026
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