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Pre Menstrual Fluid Retention

I always gain a bit during ovulation and about 3-5 days before my period starts. this time I have dieted well -  increased my activity and still put on weight for the last 4 days (I am due on on Friday) I have lost inches round my neck, hips, calf, thighs, upper and lower arms but put 1" on round my bust and 3.5" round my abdomen area.... so I know it is fluid and expect to see a big drop Sunday -  Monday.

Does anyone else have such extreme fluctuations of weight through their cycle?

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Hi, yeah i put on between 2 and 5 kilos every cycle which hangs until i finish my period. If i'm extermely fussy about what i eat, the weight usually comes straight off again but if i have a big weekend or pig out i usually keep those few extra kilos and have to work on getting them off again. It sometimes feel like a never ending battle.
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Thank you for replying I was starting to think Iw as the only one who suffered with this extreme wight fluctuation through fluid retention -  most people I speak to gain maybe a pound and only for a day or two.....

This month has been a bad one for me and the weight is not wanting to fall off again - though I did loose half a pound of it today.... and yep feels like a never ending battle right now.
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