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Question for those who weigh daily

Do you find there is any pattern to your weight loss.

I tried to find a pattern in mine as there is no rhyme or reason to the days I lose weight or stay the same...After I started the gym I expected to see a weigh loss and it didn't come - the day I did the gym and water aerobics I thought I would see a weight loss and the two days since I have stayed the same....

I have lost some weight on days: 2 - 6 - 7 - 11 - 14 - 19 - 20 So tehre is no obvious pattern....Im not worried as at least it is coming off all beit slowly.... but I was wondering if anyone had noticed a pattern in their own weight loss.
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I haven't noticed.  I do know that if I eat extra calories that usually shows up not on the next day but the day after though.  On days I expect I should be less and I'm not I just assume I am retaining water or else timing of a bowel movement (sorry TMI).
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My body is trying hard to hang on to my fat lol -  but I am determined to win this time...

I am very figure orientated so love doing annalysis but I cant make any pattern out of when  lose or when I stay the same lol.
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Have not seen a pattern other than if I consistently watch the calories and stay within limits .. I will lose about one pound a week.  If I throw in the exercise and periodically "kick it up", another pound or two will drop periodically.  

Believe there are so many factors that affect this .. like the saltiness of the foods you are eating, the muscle mass you are building, water retention, that time of month, the time of day, what you are weighing in.  

The key is .. you are LOSING and this IS Your Year!!!  
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I am soooo focused and determined I have just baked with Elizabeth. We made a triple layer chocolate cake -  snadwiched with chocolate butter cream -  white mint iceing on top decorated with chocolate buttons and smarties -  and I wont even touch a bit-  it si a thank you gift for a friend who is watching her tomorrow so I can go and see David -  Elizabeth has been really poorly and isn't up to it.

If you want to see it it is in this photo album :)

(hope the addy shows up.....)
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And yep THIS IS MY year -  and I am grabbing it with bothhands lol
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Got_To_Do_It, I weight every day, too.  I have NOT noticed any pattern, except things just like Ranae said (saltiness in foods, extra weight-training, extra cardio, etc.).  

BUT, I only write down my weight loss in my own book once/month along with measurements.  ONLY BECAUSE of the Sunday weigh-in, do I post weekly.  AND, I've been surprised that I've lost ANYTHING for the weekly weigh-ins!  I can go a long time without losing, and then WHAM.  

That's why I only write it down for the month - it looks better if there's a 4.5lb loss then!

Keep up that incredible willpower!  I'll take that cake off your hands!!!
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I like your idea and understand why you do it but I am sooo much about numbers and stats and I need daily goals -  I cant even cope jsut doing it weekly -  I need the routine:

Out of bed
Weigh in
blood pressure check
glass of water
Start the day

lol -  I am becoming a creature of habbit.
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Whatever works for you!!!  I weight every day - and studies are actually proving that it's a GOOD thing to do this.  You can catch an upward trend FAST.  I do NOT panic when there are a few pounds (BIG LIE!!!), IF I know WHY they are there.  I DO try to get them off B4 the next weigh-in.

There has been SOME comfort food this week, but LOTS of STRESS!  HUBBY had a terrible wreck - rolled his company truck.  I got a voice mail from his cell phone, NOT HIS VOICE!  It was a paramedic!  (Hubby appears to be okay - neck pain, and boss pain.  FUNNY, BOTH PAIN ARE IN THE NECK!!!)

Let's see how SUNDAY goes......
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ooh glad your hubby seems okay -  that must have been very worrying...

I weigh every day but Thursday is my weekly weigh in day... it is coming off slow but coming off and thats all I worry about -  :)
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Don't you love it when the scale is cooperating???

I like the scale right now.  Can't say how I'll feel next month - or Sunday!!!
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Nope, I don't see a pattern either so hubby and I weigh-in on Saturdays! It stresses me out to not see the scale move... or I'll see it go up and down all throughout a day (which is normal) and that stresses me out.

So... we stick with once a week and chart it!
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Well I almost fell off the scale this morning -  I lost 1.2lb this morning.... after being stuck for a while.... I am soooooooooooo happy -  I was working really hard on the eating and the exercise so I was dissapointed to not be seeing results very quickly... so today I am a happy bunny :)
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