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Question of the Month - April 2013

This month’s question is:  What are your favorite weight loss exercises?  Do you exercise on a daily basis?  How many minutes/day?  Do you work out at home or go to a gym? Alone or with a partner?

We see all types of questions on the forum asking for ideas on exercise.  There is such a wide variety and we all know that we have to pick those exercises that we enjoy and will stick with.  We also know that it’s important to combine aerobics with strength training.

There are no right or wrong answers; simply what you find most enjoyable for exercise.
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There are a lot of things I like to do, but unfortunately, some of them aren’t practical for my circumstances.  

I’ve always loved to walk, so that’s my # 1 “go to” exercise.  I have a “winter neighbor” who is here from Oct – Apr, so I have a walking partner all winter.  During the summer, since it gets so hot here (and my husband doesn’t like me walking alone), I often resort to the treadmill.  

My second favorite is yoga.  Yoga is very relaxing and because it centers on breathing, balance, stretching and core strength, it’s good for everyone.  There are yoga workouts for every level of activity, including yoga for seniors and chair yoga for those who can’t stand or balance well.

This winter, I’ve added a couple new activities.  One is line dancing.  I began classes a few weeks ago and though the class is only one day/week, the instructor gives me step sheets and music, so I can practice at home.  

The other I’m adding is zumba.  I know we’ve had members who have lost quite a bit of weight doing zumba; I was never really familiar with it until the nurse at my doctor’s office, who is guiding my weight loss efforts, suggested it, so I started researching and decided that it looked like fun.

As far as a gym?  Many years ago, I bought an annual membership to a gym; a friend and I went, faithfully, 3 times/week for about 3 months, then because we both had infants and jobs, it pretty much fell by the wayside, so ended up being a waste of money. Didn’t try that again.

A few years ago, I joined Curves and I think that would have been good, except they kept changing locations and didn’t notify members (or at least me).  I’d stop and workout on my way home from work, but then, they changed their hours, closing for lunch for 2 hours, so I’d get there before their lunch break was over.  That was about the time I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism and I was so sick and so tired all the time, I couldn’t wait around for them to reopen, especially, since they were often late getting back from their lunch. Then came the day that I arrived only a few minutes before they were to reopen from lunch, it was pouring down rain and the person inside refused to unlock the door and let me (and another person) get in out of the rain.  I never went back.

So much for my “structured” exercise……. Everything I do now, is based on what I like to do and when I have time to do it. I do need to set my mind to being a bit  more structured, because it’s too easy to let something more interesting (less strenuous) take the place of my workout.

Motivation, anyone?
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A little levity here- how about the exercise of stepping onto the bathroom scale and seeing I've lost a little weight?
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LOL and hooray for you!  
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I enjoy seeing it happen from time to time.  My favorite exercise is walking around the house to music.  
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This so like me and besides I never had to worry about weigh loss before now.  I have hypothyroidism and I understand about being so tried.   I am trying now to get in  routine to exercise since my doc said it will help with weigh loss.  I gain it like over night now I have to learn something new and keep with it.  I like to walk and want to do yoga.  

Did you go to a class to do yoga or from tapes?   Please advise. Thanks.  
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I, too, gain weight over night...... how does this happen?

The first thing you have to do, with hypothyroidism is to make sure your thyroid levels are adequate "for you" - not just "in range" on the lab reports. That's one of the biggest chores that many hypos have.

You also  have to look at insulin resistance, PCOS, etc because they, too, will cause you to gain/be unable to lose weight.

I don't go to classes for yoga...... I've learned to do it from DVD or Wii. My favorite yoga dvd is "Biggest Loser; Yoga for Weight Loss"...... It really does work; shame on me for not keeping up with it; I didn't vary activity enough, so I got bored with it........ I'm going back to it now, though.

Have you had vitamin B12 levels tested to make sure you aren't deficient?  B12 deficiency can make you SO tired.... I used to "nap" while sitting at red lights; I'd pray for the light to stay red longer so I could rest...... how scary is that?
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