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Questions on green tea

Hi everyone. I am 24 years old and female. I have been looking for healthy ways to lose some weight. I am an active person. I work out everyday and I eat pretty much right. Well one day I saw one of my friends drinking green tea without sugar. I thought the idea was great because I am always cold and so this way I would be drinking water without the calories, without being cold and with a little bit of green tea taste. The thing is that I have been noticing a  bit of a weight loss since I'm drinking it. I cannot even say that exercising has helped because I have not exercised in 2 weeks due to final exams, work, lack of time in general. My question is Has anyone here experienced weight loss out of drinking hot green tea? It also suppresses my appetite and so during lunch hours I'm not hungry at all. I still eat my lunch though. I only drink one cup of tea every day. I'm not going through depression or anything of such sort. Is it possible that I've lost weight thanks to green tea in the morning? (It's not a significant loss but still..it's a loss) Also, is it true cold water is better when it comes to weight loss? I drink a gallon of cold water everyday and believe me it is not easy because my office is cold so it seems to me as though I am in Antarctica. Any answers/comments will be highly appreciated. To all of you trying to lose weight just keep it up!!! Good Luck

Have an awesome day y'all!!!
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Sweet tea has been advertised as being a natural weight-loss supplement. I never drink it often enough to know whether or not it's true, but it just may be working for you! Congrats!
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Well thank you for your post. You may be absolutely right. Perhaps green tea is working for me. I have been reading your posts. You lost 2 pounds. Congratulations to you, too. I know it is an effort to be where you want to be at. I go through the same thing and that is the reason that I make huge sacrifices like getting up at 5:00 am to work out and fighting temptation at work, school and home. It is very hard mostly when you are the type of person who loves food, like me and that is why you have my respect as well as live4fitness. Have a nice day.
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Aww, thanks! I've been making the big sacrifices, too! I have always struggled to stay thin. I've actually lost 19.5 lbs total since I started watching my calorie intake back in January. I can't wake up early to exercise!!! I highly admire you for doing that!!! I like to work-out in the evenings, but I admit I do get lazy when I know I have to work out right after work! LOL.
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Oh well you've lost almost 20 pounds and that is great. Congrats!! :)

Look I get lazy before and after work, unbelievable but true. I am not a morning person and whenever I work out in the afternoon my stomach bloats and I start to get upset and cannot concentrate and just stop lol. Therefore I have decided to work out in the morning on an empty stomach. I've had great results this way. I understand your struggle since we are on the same boat.
It is very hard to keep myself where I'm at because I was once overweight although it wasn't for a long time but for 8 months or so (but still...it's tough).

Anyways, I am still drinking my green tea so I'll keep you updated on my progress. Right now I'm at 136 lbs and I'm 5'3. I would like to lose  6 pounds but it is really hard. It has also been hard to get to this point so I will not give up now. Best wishes to you. Keep it up.

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Green tea is a wonderful drink - has many documented benifits. one of them being weight loss. I started drinking green tea two years ago now I dont drink anything but green tea. over the last two years with out dieting (just cutting out ****) i have lost over three stone.

I really belive that the green tea has been a significant part of this weight loss google green tea and weight loss to see what studies have been done. once you get used to it you will enjoy it as it is  very refreashing drink but i think to get the benifits from it you need to drink more then onecup a day. Scientist say between 5 - 10 cups a day.

Its wonderful
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Well it's good that you've lost so much weight out of drinking green tea. I know it suppresses appetite and it's got lots of antioxidants which are good for accelerating your metabolism.

I honestly do not drink it to lose weight although I would love to get such results. I've realized the more I want to lose weight the less results I get so I've decided not to think about it and just go with the flow, if I lose it than fine and if I don't oh well it's not the end of the world. Like I said before I just drink it to keep my body warm since I'm always cold. I don't know maybe I'll follow your advise and start drinking  5-10 cups a day to see what happens.Thank you for your post, it was very helpful and I really appreciate it. Congratulations for finding the one thing that actually helps you achieve your goal. Have a nice day.  
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