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Are you are using MEDHELP'S NEW FOOD DIARY?  

If you're new, we'd LOVE to hear from you and extend a WARM WELCOME to the WL&D Community!  If you're a regular here .. help us reach out and welcome some new members and geez .. aren't we excited to have THE FOOD DIARY??????  JuMpInG UP and down and UP and down with ExCiTeMeNt!!!!


In this community, you'll find we are a very supportive and caring group of people who are just like you, and understand how your weight can affect every aspect your life. We understand you may be shy to make that first post ..it's ok we were all there once, too!  But keep in mind that no question is too big or too small; we are eager to help and believe the information provided here could be most beneficial to you in changing your lifestyle.

Sunshine wishes ...

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yaah! the food diary FINALLY arrives... I just signed up for it.
703362 tn?1427769928
Definitely.....already got it going.  ; )  I am definitely very excited about the new food journal.  I think that it is a very important tool in weight loss and am looking forward to utilizing the information that I glean from its use.  Hooray!  Food Journals are here!  
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I think the food diary is fantastic! I like the way it calculates the calories for you. Lol just wish it contained more Aussie grocery items, I have to keep entering all the data myself :p Still the best one I have seen online to date :)
483733 tn?1326802046
Love it and appreciate your input and influence in making this happen Ranae!  Back to keeping myself honest and really helps.
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Elaine1961 and steve1954 cant get food tracker to work, is anyone else in the uk having problems
428506 tn?1296560999
I don't have the excuse of it not working, I'm just a big coward.  But I'm thinking about using it.  (I need to approach this with baby steps.)
886304 tn?1256095504
Wait wait wait!!!! its here??????? AHHHH!!! How do I get to it? I neeeeed it!!!! I must have it!!!!!! Well I will find it eventually! I am still getting to know this site!
886304 tn?1256095504
I found it, and I am using it! :)
649848 tn?1534637300
I'm using it, but having problems finding foods that I "know" should be there - like "raw, vine ripened tomatoes" - I must not have entered the right thing to get it.  When I entered "tomato", it came up with all the canned varieties, raw orange and raw yellow, but nothing that resembled "fresh raw red vine ripened".

Also I couldn't find "sirloin steak" - I can't possibly be the only one that eats sirloin steak.  I found plenty of "round", "chuck", "T-bone", "porterhouse" - where's my sirloin??  

Dinner rolls?? You got it - couldn't find THAT either........

What am I doing wrong - am I not categorizing things properly or what????? Help..I really want this to work for me......
483733 tn?1326802046
Yes, I see that some things aren't there.  You can add them to  your foods or you might want to put in suggestions for additions.
703362 tn?1427769928
I have experienced the same thing Barb.....but as I go I just enter the things that I am eating into the "My Foods" section and I believe that before long, not only will more foods be added to the default listings, but that I will also have most of my typically eaten foods saved as well.  I like the 'notes' portion as well because if something deviates from what is listed a bit or if I want to make a note to myself about something that I have gleaned from keeping the journal....that's my little place to do that.  
703362 tn?1427769928
I also noted that the shorter and more general a term regarding food is, the more different things will pop up.....such as "taco" will yield me more results than I would get with "steak taco" and then I select the one that most closely resembles what I have had, especially with places that I am not certain of the true nutritional contents, like some smaller Mexican restaurants in town....just as long as the food is comparable in my case.  

Trudie!  I love how you have incorporated even the spices into your Food Tracker.  On items made at home, I shall attempt to do the same.  
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