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Hi there, I have just joined this community.  I have about 4 or 5 stones to lose and have joined a Slimming World group near to where I live.  Is anybody else doing Slimming World?  I only joined the group on Monday morning, but I did follow the same diet last year and lost just over 2 stones.  I didn't keep it up though and have put the weight back on :o(  Hope everyone's doing good and having a good week.  Take care x
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Well..i kinda of looked at the slimming world website and to my knowledge it worlks like a weight watchers right?

Anyways just to let you know that which ever program we follow, it is important to make self determination and to learn as much possible on healthy living.I think it is this wealth of knowledge we gain and implement in our lifestyle that is going to keep off the weight for the rest of our lives.

If you stay in touch with the group, am sure will find  additional support and motivation here. Please feel free to reach out to others if you have any questions.

Good luck : )
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Hiya, not sure if I have already sent u a message - I have no idea what I'm doing on here!  Thanks for your message, I think Slimming world is much better than weight watchers.  With slimming world you dont have to count any calories or points or anything.  I eat mainly spuds, pasta and rice which fits in perfectly with SW green choice.  There are literally countless things to eat that you can have freely with no counting etc.  The only things you have to weigh are cereals and cheese etc,  They have a treat thingy called syns, I use those mainly for a drink!  I like cider but I have changed for martini and diet lemonade, I can have 4 big glasses for one glass of cider!  :0)  

Have you got weight your trying to lose to?  I agree with the self determination and healty living philosophy; I dont think its helpful to view this as a 'diet'.  I have done that and failed countless times!  I need to undergo a whole perspective about healthy eating and activity.  I have spina bifida so I cant walk very far, but I have bought some gym equipment to use at home.  I hope thats gonna make the difference!  

Hope you're having a good week, and thanks again for the encouragement.  Good luck and kind regards :o)
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I am glad to know that you are not following a diet and focussing on healtyh living.
With exercise and motivation in your arsenal, i think you are on the right track here.

I have no weight to lose and have been slim for most of my life.Having said that I have helped many people reach their weight loss goals by simply provding motivation and support.

Glad you are on the right track and just keep aiming for the stars!

God Luck :)
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Welcome, welcome, welcome to the Weight Loss & Dieting Community ~ we're so glad you are here!  See that you're using the tracker and you're doing very well!!  YEAH YOUUUU!!!  

Hope you will consider being an active participant in the community as our journeys are better when shared with like minded, caring people traveling the same path to health and fitness.  It's a great way to ask questions, share information, make friends and provide motivation, encouragement and hugs.

Sunshine wishes ~
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