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So easy to lose focus

Well I am back -  yet again after falling off the waggon-  losing focus and indulging in all my bad habbits -  big portions, chocolate, crisps, pastries, cakes, fried foods......

So today back to being good, back to portion control, grilling, baking and less snacking!
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Well done you, it is not important how many times you fall off the important part is how many times you get up and get back on,
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Way to go!!! I've just started my 1st weight loss attempt in a year....so I know it is going to be difficult and I commend you on your persistence.  Keep up the good work and I think I'm going to try to join a group that I can be held accountable to so I don't slip up that much. Is there one on here?  
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I have a group on here  -  and have sent you an invite :)

Thanks Elaine x
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The fact that you got back on track is to be applauded! You are so right that its too easy to loose focus, and it does happen.

This past week I have been painting rooms with the kids (their rooms) and I find that getting to other exercise just is not happening. Also, since we've been so focused on getting these rooms done the meal's have slipped as well and I find myself going back to easy, but less-healthy, meals that leave me with the munchies later in the evening... so yup, it is waaay to easy to loose focus!
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I've wondered where you went.  I'm glad you are back and motivated again.  I agree with everyone else.  The important thing is not that you lost track, but that you are back to doing the healthy things again.  

Welcome back and please let us know how we can help.
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A Labotomy I think is the only help that would work consistently lol -  a lobotomy that didnt take out any frontal lobes but removed my hippothalmus maybe -  and left me with no cravings???

I dont eat cause I am hungry -  I dont eat for fuel - I eat for comfort and cause I actually like the feeling of being alittle over full -  I eat cause I crave sweet stuff -  I eat cause I am addicted to the hand to mouth action on a evening when I am not multi tasking other than TV/computer/junk food!
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Now that you know the causes, maybe we can help you find ways around them?  

Have you ever had your thyroid tested?  These things often go hand in hand with hypothyroidism.
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Yeah my levels are all fine - the cause is my mind, my self control, how I feel about myself.
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A couple of red flags came up for me.

Levels are "fine" and craving sugar....

Have you checked out some adrenal issues causing these cravings?
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I come from a family of sweet tooths -  I have always liked chocolate and ice cream - when I diet hard my sugar levels drop and I get migrains...so I have learned to diet and include small treats which keep my sugar levels in normal range.
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Have you tried eating more complex carbs, which take longer to break down in your system than sugary treats?  

With sugary treats, the sugar goes straight to the blood and your blood sugar spikes, then the bottom drops out and your sugar levels get really low, so you need more sugar to bring them back up.  

If you stick with complex carbs that take longer to break down, you get a more even keel on your blood sugar instead of the spikes.

Even "good" fats and protein will help prevent those spikes.
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lol Barb its all mind over matter -  I am weak minded lol

I will beat it and be sensible (most of the time)
Thanks for the advice x
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I think you are too hard on yourself; it's not always an issue of mind over matter; sometimes there really are extenuating circumstances/medical issues and we just don't want to go there.  

I don't believe for one minute that you are weak minded.   LOL
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