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Some encouragement for those who dont want to run cause the 'jiggle'

I didnt want to run or work out in public because of the jiggle factor. I started walking, then started running when I didnt see anyone. Then I though, No, if anyone glares or comments on my size, fat or the way it jiggles, Im going to say, "would you rather see a fat person running or a fat person doing nothing about being fat?" I know Id rather see a 500lb person running no matter how much jiggling is going on!

Keep the workouts up!!
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There you go - you got the right idea.  Keep at it....  
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Good for you!  I know that when I exercise, I have to have the mindset that I don't care what I look like to other people.  This is for ME and no one else!
When I hit the gym or head outside for a walk, it is usually in the morning after rolling out of bed.  I am also a sweater - I start within 3-5 minutes into a workout.  By the end of the workout, I am literally drenched.  I don't care if people think it's gross or have an opinion on the fact that my hair looks like a rooster!

Keep at it - remember that this is for YOU and no one else!
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I was always so embarrassed by the jiggle as well, and then I took on the same mind set.....gyms are NOT SUPPOSED  to be for TINY people to come judge fat people. I am working on my weight, and WHO CARES if my stomach takes on a mind of its own when I run??? Keep up the good work and good attitudes ladies!
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I think if I was younger I would be more self-conscious, but when I work out I really let it fly and don't give a hoot!  It take a lot more energy for a heavy person to do the same exercise as a non-heavy person.  I think it commands respect and not ridicule, and if some smart tush looks at me cross-eyed, that's their problem!  

I wear my sports bra, t-shirt, and pants (not shorts, to avoid the dreaded "chub rub") so it's not like I'm indecent.  Anything jiggling visible to the observer through my garb is a testament of how hard I'm working to get my body to move.

I'm also a sweater.  I bring a towel with me when I go to use the apartment complex cardio machines, and in addition to soaking my shirt through, I make sweat puddles below the arm rail on the stairmaster.  (I wipe machines off when I'm done with paper towel, and use my cloth towel to wipe my face during my workout.)

I'm not a member of a real gym, but hope to join one once I'm back to full time at work as health permits, fingers crossed for before end of year!
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I, too, used to be very self-conscious about my appearances when exercising in public. Generally when I go out to a park or something, I tend to just block out everything and don't take notice of anyone else, so I don't need to entertain the idea of anyone taking notice of me. I find that working out more tends to build more confidence, and this is especially true at the gym. You're there for a reason, just like everyone else.
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Thats the attitude! Well I was working so hard  on working out, I couldnt help but weigh myself today. STAYED teh same. Oh well, I was running uphill so that built up some muscle. Im still staying with running cu I love it. Ive been wanting to go all day but its too freakin hot.
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Well, I am currently at a stand still. I worked out with a personal trainer on Monday, and SHE KICKED MY BUTT! Today I can finally sit on a toilet without wanting to scream because my thighs hurt so bad lol my legs are KILLING me, so I have no hit the gym since Monday! Which I know is bad, and I should, but it just hurts lol
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I so understand what you mean.  I am currently not working in a gym, but have moved outside now that the weather is warm.  I live in the kind of city where you look around and there are fit and trim people everywhere....supposedly a very healthy and trim city, and then of course....there is me.  Haha!  I know that I am not alone, but it can feel that way looking around at all of the long distance cyclists, runners, etc., all over town.  Man do those cyclists have some legs!  Up and down so many hills, no wonder.  ; )  I do the exercise for me and me alone.  I put on my MP3 player with my head phones and go into my own little world.  Sometimes I pretend that I am alone there.  LOL.  I have decided that perhaps people do not stare anywhere near as much as I believe them too....I think that it is just me thinking that.  In fact, the last time that I thought I was getting the 'gross stare down' walking at the lake, turned out that the lady just really thought that my doggie was cute and wanted to pet him.  ; )  I was pleasantly surprised.  Aside from that though....I'm with wonko, this exercise stuff is all about ME.  It's for me and the health of my body and I am going to let it all fly.  If there is anyone hanging out in my proximity that perhaps might think it gross or whatever.....please do look in the other direction.  P.S. When I am able, I run anyway...jiggle and all.
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