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I am trying to find some interested individuals to join me in an attempt to set up a regular but fun, inexpensive activity schedule in my area aimmed at losing weight and being healthy.  I really need the buddy support system, and unfortunately for me all my friends are either not interested in starting or are already in phenomenal shape (and not interested in slowing the pace for someone like me)!  For anyone who is interested I'm a fifth year social work student (to be graduated this year), who is married with two boys (ages 3 and 4) and I will have a LOT of free day time hours in January.  I am off the whole month of December and would like to get started losing some of my 'baby' weight and get my blood pressure down.  Want to join me?  Men or women can contact me here!
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Girl stick with us, it is a very supportive community.

I am focused on balanced diet and exercise. We post often our goals for exercise and there is the tracker to check out too.

I have two children also, 10 and 4. I have hypothyroidism and malabsorbtion problems that make me fight off ten to fifteen pounds often. I get it off to only wake several days later with it back.

If you need an online exercise buddy Im here for you.

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That's a great idea!  I didn't know if there were that many people living in Newfoundland.......Seriously speaking, I think it's a good thing to have someone to be accountable to with this weight thing.  Sometimes I'll just crack open a couple of beers and just ruin my daily plan.  You've given me a great idea.  Thanks
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