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Standing and Exercise Tracker

I spent 4.5 hours yesterday exploring a trade show.  I walked (slowly) and stood for that whole time.  How would you apply this to the exercise tracker?  What are your thoughts on standing and burning calories?
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I never stand still anymore -  I step side to side to keep on the move and then I can count it as walking... lol

I look a  fool, did it for 20 mins in the school playground last week -  but I dont care -  standing still for long  hurts my knees and spine and does not burn much in the way of calories (well no more than lyig or sitting). By just stepping side to side I burn calories, elivate pressure from my knees and spine and stop the balls of my feet hurting....

For me the trackers are for me -  so it does not matter how I use them as long as they make sense to me-  for instance I do crunches and stretches and a few arm exercises every day -  I put them on my weight tracker as Yoga and pilates-  of course strictly speaking they arent either but I know what they mean and know when the block is missing what I have not done..... hope this makes sense.
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Personally, I am trying to get a better handle on the exercise tracker and could use your help.

If you are doing exercises that you do not know where or how to categorize them, would you please shout it out?  At a minimum, trying to get the little blue question marks to provide the common everyday language for the exercises we do in helps of categorizing our activity correctly.  It really is important that we put them in the right category so we can get an accurate count of the calories burned.

FYI - crunches go under calisthenics.  

Trudie - Unfortunately, I wouldn't count walking slowly and standing most of the time as exercise.  While it was doing some activity, it would not have raised your heart rate much and, therefore, most likely did not provide a lot of cardio component.  It might count for 100-200 calories overall .. by counting very slow walking.

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I respectfully disagree Ranae -  I am using the weight tracker only and it does not work out calories burned -  for that I use a different site...

It is MOST IMPORTANT that we do what works for US individually and what we are comfortable with - I log my exercise on the weight tracker because I can see at a galnce what I have done or not done and how it has effected my weight.....

While I respect and understand the need to impliment changes on the trackers....MY wasy is working for ME... lol
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Morning Helen -

My apologies .. wasn't trying to say you were doing anything wrong in the manner in which you use the exercise tracker.  However, this came up last week and some direction was sought from MedHelp and I was advised that crunches fall under the heading of calisthenics.  Was just wanting to share this information with you and our community members.

Here is a list of exercises that would fall under the category of calisthenics.

The primary calisthenic exercises are:

    * Sit-ups

    * Crunches

    * Push-ups

    * Pull-ups

    * Squats

    * Calf-raises

    * Dips

Hope that helps clarify my earlier post.  

We are trying to work with MedHelp to use the tracker here to accurately record and calculate our exercise.  

Very best wishes for your continued success.  ((Hugs))
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Calisthenics do not show up under exercise on teh weight tracker.... maybe they could add it then???

Sorry if I sounded sharp.... was multi tasking while typing and running out of steam on all tasks lol.

((hugs right back at you))) lol
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No problem, Helen .. the written (typed) word does not always include the inflection of our voices and certainly does not convey the many tasks we are multi-tasking to try and get everything done.  I am doing laundry as we speak!  LOLL

When you go to the exercise tracker, select the "more chart" option and you will find a category of "calisthenics".  Took me playing with the tracker a bit and always selecting the "more" options to see all that MedHelp has developed!

Let me check with MedHelp and see what connection is intended between the weight trackers exercise categories and the exercise tracker categories.  Will pass on your request to add the calisthenics category to the weight tracker.  

As MedHelp has dedicated themselves to providing us with more and more tools to support our weight loss efforts, I believe we'll see the various tools working together to give us a total picture of our health.

Best wishes .. and thanks for the feedback.  It's how we work together as a TEAM to make the best tools available.
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I dont want to start using the exercise tracker as well -  Im happy with the weight tracker -  and like that I can show what I have done exercise wise...so having calestheics on there would be great :) x
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I do use both the exercise and weight tracker, as well as a few others that apply to my particular health section.  I love being able to track one thing at a time....exercise with exercise tracker, weight with weight tracker, asthma with asthma tracker, etc.  I too have noticed that sometimes the actual headings of the types of exercises in the exercise tracker may not fit.  What I have done is to track as best possible with the given options, as well as the option 'other' and always do the journal portion of the tracker with each entry as well.  This journal portion gives me the opportunity to list things in greater detail for myself or anyone else that wishes to view my tracker and help to hold me accountable.....not today plz.....haven't filled it in in a little while and my exercise tracker misses me.  ; )  
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Standing DOES qualify as exercise (as opposed to sitting in one place).  Standing uses muscles that are not used in sitting.  Additionally, strolling would also qualify.  Strolling could be entered on the exercise tracker as walking - this is where a pedometer comes in because every step counts and adds to your walking distance for the day!!  

I have a physically demanding job that, in any given day, might include climbing ladders, pulling or pushing on wrenches (or other tools) and all types of movements and generally utilizes a lot of muscles (sometimes I even find muscles I didn't know existed.  LOL). I personally include all of this activity, along with periods of standing still in the "General Exertion" category in the exercise tracker.  

It all counts - even sitting at your desk fidgeting counts as exercise and should not be discounted.  
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I'm looking for the article, but just this week I read an article that said everyone should incorporate 1 hour [more] of standing in their day to burn more calories.  I'm looking for it, but to no avail so far...

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This was the 2nd place I had read it:  http://www.mayoclinic.com/health/office-exercise/SM00115, but I had actually read somewhere about incorporating 1 hour more standing into your day...still looking.
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Thanks everyone.  The general exertion sounds good but will not put the whole 4.5 hours, maybe 90 minutes.  For someone who is not used to being on her feet it was exercise to me.  I was very tired at the end but did enjoy myself.
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